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Exclusive Video Interview: Stars Barnes & Rodriquez on the Return of Fantasy Island

Kiara Barnes & John Gabriel RodriquezTonight, Fantasy Island finally returns to FOX for its second season. Last May, SciFi Vision spoke with stars Kiara Barnes, who plays Ruby, and John Gabriel Rodriquez, who plays Javier, about what fans could expect for their characters in season two.

“For my character, you're going to see the relationship between he and Roarke (Roselyn Sanchez) develop,” teased Rodriquez. “We ended last season on kind of a what if, and we're going to see that relationship just really grow. There's also, as a tease, a new character that comes to the island and to Javier's life, and it's extremely impactful, and it impacts all the relationships on the island.”

“For me, we pick up to see Ruby's relationship with Dr. Gina (Gabriela Z. Hernandez),” Barnes told SciFi Vision. “It's interesting, because I feel like Ruby, at the end of last season, was like, ‘I got this. Everything's figured out. I could do this super easy.’ Then, the next season starts, [and] it's whole new life lessons coming forward, and she quickly finds out that she does not have it all figured out and what the 20s really is. For her to relive this again, and being her truest self, reliving this age again, of course, it's going to be completely different than what she had previously lived.”

For more from the two, watch the full interview below, and be sure to tune into an all-new episode, tonight on FOX.

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