Exclusive: Midnight, Texas Season Two Set Visit - Cast Photos - 9/12/18

Midnight, Texas Cast Photos - Day OneOnce again this year, SciFi Vision was lucky enough to be invited to a press day for Midnight, Texas. During the event, many photos were taken for the site, including photos of the actors during the round table interviews. Below is a gallery of all of the cast photos from day one of the event. Please give the page a chance to load, as there are a lot of photos. All photos copyright © SciFi Vision. Check out the gallery after the jump. Stay tuned for photos from day two.

Midnight, Texas Cast Interview Photos - 9/12/18
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Be sure to check out our other coverage from the event coming soon, as well as pictures of the set from day two and photos of the cast and crew.

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