The "Awake" Advertiser Project

Fans of Awake help with ratings and getting the word it out about the great new series in whatever ways they can. I recently found out about The Awake Advertiser Project on Twitter. In edition to trying to get the show trending with #Awake, take some time to send the advertiser your thanks!

via @awakefancentral:

Last week our Awake Advertiser was the Campbell's Soup Company and we got a great response for our first week of this project. Hopefully, we can grow from last week of the project and get to be known.

The Awake Advertiser Project is a project to let advertisers, NBC, fans, and the rest of the world know about the fan dedication of Awake. Every week during the episode (Thursdays on NBC at 10/9c) we tweet a certain advertiser and thank them for advertising on the show.

This week's advertiser is Chevrolet. If you paid really close attention to the episode, you would have seen that Chevrolet paid for product placement in the show. When an advertiser pays for product placement, they deserve a LOT of appreciation.

So tonight, get on to Twitter and tweet @Chevrolet thanking them for advertising on Awake and how it has improved your opinion of them. Be sure that when you are tweeting them, use the hashtag #AwakeAdvertiser, and do NOT just retweet a tweet to them. Writing your own tweet to them does MUCH more!

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