The Official 'Lost' Epilogue - 'New Man in Charge'

I'm sure if you are a Lost fan and were on the internet yesterday, you probably have already heard about the official 12 minute Lost epilogue, New Man in Charge, that will be on the upcoming season six DVDs (and the complete collection). If you were lucky you saw it, but if you are like most people (myself included) you missed the fun. Unfortunately it seems all websites showing the video have been sent cease and decist letters from Disney and forget about youtube (believe me, I tried). If you don't want to wait for the DVD release, however, you can read details about the scenes at different websites, including Dark UFO, which also includes screenshots of the clips. On the site they have separated it so you can read about the clips without looking at the photos if you prefer. After discussing the video with the lucky ones, it seems like there are some questions answered, but they are not necessarily the questions you might be hoping for, but cool none the less. Jezebel, who also hosted the clips at some point yesterday, still has up an official clip of the epilogue that was approved by ABC. It's not the whole epilogue, but cool none the less. The season six DVD set (and Blu-ray) will be available to purchase on August 24th, and according to Amazon, the complete collection will be available the same day.

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