Dark Matter Cast & EP Participating in AMA Tonight, Plus Join the Twitter Storm to Help Save the Show

Tonight at 7pm EDT/4pm EDT, creator/executive producer of Dark Matter, Joseph Mallozzi, along with cast members Melissa O'Neil, who plays Two, Anthony Lemke, who plays Three, Alex Mallari Jr., who plays Four, Jodelle Ferland, who plays Five, and Zoie Palmer, who plays The Android, will be joining in an AMA on Reddit, where fans can submit questions.

Following the AMA, fans will be gathering for a tweet storm at 9pm EDT/6pm EDT to help promote and hopefully save the show. To join in, follow @DarkMatterFTL on Twitter for the secret hashtag to be used only during that time.

Reducing the use of the hashtag only until it's time helps to make it trend. Also, make sure you only use that single hashtag for it to count. Phrasing is also analyzed so you should still use "Dark Matter," but without the hashtag.

Another tip is to retweet without using the quote feature, as when you do that, Twitter only looks at the content of your own tweet. Just use the actual retweet action; doing it this way, retweets count the same as tweets!

Lastly, your Twitter account must be public for it to work.

Of course, adding media such as static images or GIFs is a good idea to get others to notice your tweets, but it does not affect the trends.

@DarkMatterFTL recently posted a bunch of GIFs from @Thogar for fans to use.

@DarkMatterFTL has also asked fans only to point the @ to @Netflix instead of Syfy at this time and suggests that you turn location on in your tweets.

In addition, as a special treat, Mallozi will release outtakes from the show on Twitter once the hashtag trends, as well as once every fifteen minutes as the trend continues.

There is also a petition you can sign to help save Dark Matter!

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