DVD Review: "Bones" Season 7

BonesSeason six of Bones left the audience with quite a shocker, which revealed that Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) was pregnant with Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)'s child. Up until this point, a big part of the show was about the sexual tension between them, and it was never known to the audience that the two were a couple. Season seven deals with the aftermath of Brennan's reveal as well as her pregnancy and Christine's birth. The season also deals with them moving in together, and their compromises on providing for their child (Brennan is rich and wants to give the baby everything, which causes some disagreements).

BonesI wanted to take a moment to address what the writers did with the relationship between Booth and Brennan. It was revealed in an interview with Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan that SciFi Vision took part in that Brennan was suddenly pregnant, because Deschanel was (which is also why the season is only 13 episodes). While I can appreciate the reasoning behind the choice, and do have to applaud the writers for not getting overly saccharine, I was disappointed with the decision. Not by the fact that Brennan becomes pregnant, but rather because the audience in my opinion missed the most important part - the culmination of all the tension the two shared. I should clarify that I'm not just talking literally about the two sleeping together, but the fact that no one even had a clue that they were actually dating. The tension and flirting was a big part of the show, and I for one would have liked to at least seen the two dating a bit. That being said, I know there are going to be people who are against them even being a couple and think it will ruin the show. I have to disagree with that; however, because at its heart, in my opinion, Bones is just as much about the stories and cases as it is about the characters' love lives, and at least judging by the seventh season, I believe the show will survive and not be adversely affected.

The other big part of the season is the arc with serial killer Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds). The creepy hacker is quite a threat against Brennan as it seems that there is no stopping him because he's getting away with the perfect crime. I should also mention not to expect a closed case on Pelant either, as it continues into the eighth season.

Bones is not a highly serialized show and most of the episodes are standalone if they aren't connected with the main story arc. One of these, however, was the highlight of the season for me: "The Suit on the Set." It is the 100th episode of the show and they wanted to make it unique and special, which they did. For a long time now, there has been talk on the show of turning one of Brennan's books into a movie, and in this episode, it actually happens, with Bones of Contention, which features all of our favorite characters. If you are a casual viewer, you may not enjoy this episode as much, but if you are a fan, it should appeal to you immensely, at least it did to me.

I would almost go so far as to call the episode a parody of the series. The actors that play the movie versions of Booth and Brennan (Jordan Belfi and Ashley Jones, respectively), are over the top, quirky, and just fun to watch, as they poke fun at the real characters. There are also of course injokes galore, such as the crew of the film, many of who are named after the real crew of the show, such as Hanson Stephens (named after executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan), who is the victim of the week.

Those aren't the only gems, however, as the season is filled with other great episodes, culminating with a cliffhanger in the Pelant storyline, which sets up season eight. After seven years, Bones is still going strong.

Special Features:
There aren't many bonus features on the DVD set, but what is there is done well. I reviewed the blu-ray version, but it appears that both have the same bonus content.

Disc One - The first disc contains only one deleted scene, from "The Memories in the Shallow Grave," which is with squintern Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry) and Brennan discussing the skull cap and then a comical moment of a pregnant Brennan slipping and getting stuck.

Disc Two - Disc two has no bonus features.

Disc Three - The third disc has the best special features. The first is "Creating The Suit on Set," which is a behind the scenes look of the episode where Brennan's book is turned into a movie. Stephen Nathan, some other crew, and a few of the cast, including guest stars, talk about filming the episode. Much of the feature is dealing with how they changed the set so that it resembled the Jeffersonian, yet was different. They also talk about how fun it was playing around with the characters, and how many of the guest characters were named after real people on the production team.

The next feature is "Bone of Contention - On the Red Carpet," which is supposed to take place at the premiere of Brennan's film. The scene was cute and funny, but I was disappointed because the only attendees shown were Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne), and it would have been nice to see the other characters' reactions to the film as well.

Also on the third disc has a deleted scene for "The Past in the Present," which is Booth and Brennan talking about Pelant and his crimes.

There is also a gag reel, which is a great one. It includes the usual swearing and flubbed lines, but also some funny behind the scenes moments, such as Boreanaz tebowing, the actors dancing around at different points, and Booth leaping out of the moving car while Brennan is in labor.

Last is the commentary for the episode "The Past in the Present," the seventh season finale. Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton talk a lot about Boreanaz directing, a discussion about changing the opening credits and theme for season eight, and among many other things, even joking about Ryan O'Neal's hair. All in all, it is an enjoyable commentary.

The packaging of the blu-ray set that I reviewed is pretty standard. It's not a thicker case which is a good thing. The list of both episodes and special features is on the inside of the jacket so you can tell what's on each disc easily which is something that is important in my opinion. The DVDs themselves, however, do not list anything other than tell the number of the disc.

The other thing that I want to mention is I found out accidentally that the blu-ray discs remember your position, even if you take them out, which they don't always do on a Playstation 3.

On the whole, the disc set for season 7 of Bones is great, and I definitely think it's worth buying for your collection, though I'm not sure the set is worth it to buy just for the bonus features alone, unless you are a super fan.

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