Exclusive: Jeff Astrof Talks Season Two of Shining Vale

Shining ValeTonight, Shining Vale returns for an all-new episode of season two. The series follows the Phelps, a dysfunctional family that has moved into a Victorian mansion in Connecticut hoping to escape their problems, only to find out that it might be haunted. In the second season, after her insurance runs out, Pat (Courtney Cox) is released from the psychiatric hospital and returns home to try to put her life and family back together, but nothing is the same. Her children don’t need her anymore, her husband (Greg Kinnear) doesn’t remember who she is, and her neighbor Ruth looks just like Rosemary (Mira Sorvino), the demon she believes possessed her in season one. Can Pat hold it together while unraveling more mysteries of the house’s dark past?

Recently, co-creator, showrunner, and writer, Jeff Astrof, spoke with SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about what fans can expect in season two, striking a balance with the unique tone of the show, how the children are affected by everything going on, and more.

Watch the full interview below, and check out new episodes weekly on Starz, the Starz app, and all Starz streaming and on-demand platforms.

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