Exclusive: Louis Puech Scigliuzzi & Eriq Ebouaney Talk The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonTonight, AMC aired the penultimate episode of season one of the newest of the spinoff series, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. In the episode, (Norman Reedus) and Laurent (Louis Puech Scigliuzzi) travel to the nest and Genet (Anne Charrier) moves forward with her plans. Flashbacks reveal how Daryl arrived in Paris, and Daryl connects with someone from home.

Louis Puech Scigliuzzi and Eriq Ebouaney (Fallou) recently spoke with SciFi Vision about working on the series, including their favorite scenes, what it was like meeting walkers, how the series has changed them, and much more.

Read the full transcript below and watch the season finale of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon next Sunday on AMC and AMC+.

SCIFI VISION:   Let's start with you, Louis. I know, you haven't seen the other shows, but usually, when there're kids or teens on the shows, they've become very hardened, because of the apocalypse; they've kind of had to be, but your character has been very sheltered. Up until recently, he’s been kind of naive. So, can you sort of talk a bit about how he has changed in that way over the course of the series, now that he's out in the apocalypse and seeing what it's really like?

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonLOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   I think he's starting to get more used to, you know, being more confident about it. It's starting to be a daily routine for him, you know, get some food, survive, and just make it through.

SCIFI VISION:   Do you think that he's changed now that he knows some of the things that Isabelle hid from him?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   Yes, definitely.

SCIFI VISION:   Eriq, can you talk about what it is about your character that you had the easiest time connecting with and what you had the hardest time connecting with?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   I mean, the hardest time for me was all the fighting scenes, because I'm supposed to be very sporty and stuff like that, but I think sometimes I'm too lazy…I don't know; they always want me to run, to fight, and all those things, and that was the hardest part for me, because I need to be in shape. But the funniest one is being with [Norman] and Louis and all the the actors and to [have] all those moments with them, all those scenes with them, you know, and surrounded by my community or the rooftop and at the Demimonde.

SCIFI VISION:   Is there a part of him though, like character-wise, of his personality, that you connected with easily?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   I’m patient and I love people.

SCIFI VISION:   All right. Louis, what did you have a hard time connecting with, with your character? Like, what part of him is different from you?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   Probably the part where he's very naive. Everything people tell him he believes. Yeah, I had a hard time with that, I think.

SCIFI VISION:   And how do you feel about the action stuff, Louis? I assume you probably had a lot of fun with it.

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   Oh, yeah. I like it. Yeah, I like a lot.

SCIFI VISION:   Have you done that kind of stuff before?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   Yeah, I did. I had to do some training, actually, for like, three hours. I had to try and like stab a plastic guy called Bob. I mean, that's what we called him. We [did that] for like, four hours, and I was so tired at the end. I think I went to bed at like, six. I was knackered. I didn't even eat; I just went to bed when I came home.

SCIFI VISION:   But fun tired though, right?


SCIFI VISION:   For either of you, did you have like a favorite stunt type thing that you did during the show? A fight or something like that, that was kind of that physical part of it?


SCIFI VISION:   What about you Eriq, does anything stick out for you physically that you did? Even though you were tired, that you enjoyed?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   I had to fight. I had to fight, but I wish I could have been able to stab the walkers in the head. I’m looking forward to stab[bing] one of them!

SCIFI VISION:   So, let me ask you then, what did you think when you first saw the walkers and their their makeup, for both of you? I know you didn't necessarily fight them but a lot, but how did you react when you first saw them on the set?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   Disgusting.

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:  Really, I thought they looked so awesome. I mean, you know, it's kind of new, it's scary, but sometimes they just take that mask off, and it's like, “Oh, hi, my name is [whatever].” And you just have a chat with them. Then, they put their mask on, and they're not the same person. But I mean, I liked it the first time I saw a walker.

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   I couldn't stand them, even sitting next to them. It was so scary.

SCIFI VISION:  They are kind of gross. [laughs]

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   It was good to be in character, you know?

SCIFI VISION:   Yeah, I'm sure I'm sure it helped with with that part of it. So, speaking of your characters, we don't get a whole lot of backstory so far, maybe a little bit more for Laurent, but of either of them…Was there stuff for the two of you that you were given from the writers to help you better develop the characters, or were you sort of making a lot of it up in your head so that you could play them? Whichever one of you wants to go first.

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   Come on, Louis.

SCIFI VISION:   Louis, what about you? Did the writers give you extra stuff about the character? Or is there anything that you were sort of having to create on your own?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   I guess the writers helped a lot with the part of Laurent and how he deals with things. Yeah, I think yeah the writers helped.


ERIQ EBOUANEY:   Yeah, I mean, David, the showrunner, gave us some notes about our characters, and especially mine, he told me that he was a former artist who became a resistance [fighter] and the leader of that community, and it was quite helpful for me to be sensitive but at the same time fierce and a warrior at the same time, the yin and the yang of the character.

SCIFI VISION:   I know I asked you before about the the physical part of it, but just in general, what's been your favorite scene that you've gotten to film, for each of you, throughout the whole season?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   Mine was the Demimonde, that nightclub that's, you know, totally mad and with all the drags and all the bad guys and the beautiful ladies and all those people surrounding it and trying to have fun at that era…during the post apocalyptic world. Having these kinds of clubs for me was like, “Whoa, fantastic.” The location was so beautiful. I just loved being in that scene with the singer and everything there.

SCIFI VISION:   What about you, Louis?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   My favorite scene was possibly the one where I think it was at the Eiffel Tower. That was such a great scene getting surrounded by all these walkers. And then [Daryl] and Isabelle coming to save me. I think that was my favorite scene, because the set was incredible.

SCIFI VISION:   That was the next thing I was going to ask you both of you: what parts of the set really stuck out to you? What were your kind of favorite parts of the set itself? Whether it was a location or a set?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   I would say the Eiffel Tower, and I don’t know, I think the catacombs.

SCIFI VISION:   And Eriq, you said you'd like the club?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   Yeah, I love the club. I love the arena as well. The arena, I think it is episode five, with Daryl fighting, surrounded by the all those hungry ones really crazy trying to bite them and stuff like that. Yeah. With the speech of Genet. With all those extras, it was pretty intense. Very intense.

SCIFI VISION:   Yeah, there was a lot going on there. Now I want to ask you both the silly question I always ask everybody. If there was a real zombie apocalypse, how do you think you would do? Would survive it? And if you could take somebody from the show with you, who would you take with you to help you?

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonERIQ EBOUANEY:   I would take Codron (Romain Levi) and Daryl and maybe Laurent as well, because you might make them escape. [laughs]

SCIFI VISION:   Do you think that you'd be a good fighter though, in real life? Do you think that you would be able to make it?


SCIFI VISION:   All right, what about you, Louis?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   I would be honestly so freaked out. I don't think I would fight them well, and I’d possibly take Daryl. Yeah, Daryl or Codron and maybe Isabelle, actually, yeah.

SCIFI VISION:   What have you guys learned about yourselves after the experience of working on the show? What ways has shows changed you?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   I think the show made me a little bit more mature. I was going to school every day like a regular kid, and now, you know, sometimes I just wake up at, I don't know, six in the morning, and I go to work, and I think that that changed my mind a lot.

SCIFI VISION:   What about you? Is there anything you kind of learned about yourself or a way the experience changed you?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   I mean, the main thing that the experience changed is the way I'm perceived, because the fan base is so enormous and huge. I mean, they keep sending me messages all over the place and I have to handle that. I need to be patient, too. Yeah.

SCIFI VISION:   Have you dealt a lot with the fans, Louis? What kind of reaction have you gotten?

LOUIS PUECH SCIGLIUZZI:   Yeah, [it] was positive. I haven't really seen negative things. I mean, a whole bunch of people. I had to switch off my notifications on Instagram, because I don't know, like, if I post something or anything, it just keeps on beeping like 500 times…The fans, they liked the show, and they appreciate what we all do.

SCIFI VISION:   What can you to say about what we can expect from the finale without actually spoiling anything? What can fans look forward to?

ERIQ EBOUANEY:   Oh, wait and see; you'll be blown away.

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