Exclusive Video Interview: Quantum Leap’s Nanrisa Lee Heads to the Imaging Chamber

Nanrisa LeeIn tonight’s all-new episode of Quantum Leap, “Ben Song for the Defense,” when Ben (Raymond Lee) leaps into a public defender and needs help keeping an innocent teen out of prison for a murder he didn’t commit, it’s Jenn (Nanrisa Lee), not Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who helps him from the imaging chamber because of her legal expertise.

Earlier today, Lee spoke with SciFi Vision about filming the episode and and this surprising turn. The actress herself was surprised only a few episodes prior when she found out she would be assisting Ben on the leap. “They gave me a little bit of a heads up a couple episodes prior, but just in a really sort of vague like, ‘what do you think,’ way, and it was more centered around the credentials as to why I would go in. So, I thought, ‘Yeah, it's probably going to happen,’ but I didn't know in what capacity and then when I got the script…It was just really exciting. I think Romy Lore who wrote the episode did just such a great job, especially since we’d never met before, just sort of finding Jen's humor and her isms and really helping to build that dynamic between Jen and Ben, because you've not seen that before.” 

Nanrisa LeeBeing a hologram of course meant that Lee couldn’t interact with the environment and had to be careful not to bump into anything or anyone. “I definitely have newfound respect for Caitlin,” she told SciFi Vision. “…It was having to avoid bumping into people, which normally isn't an issue. You can't lean on anything when you're a hologram. You can't lean; you can't sit…And just in terms of blocking and stuff, some of those scenes move quite quickly…but it was fun. I think any opportunity to do something new that I haven't done [is] always fun.” 

For more from the actress, including creating Jenn’s backstory in her mind, what time she would love to see Jenn travel to if she could, what fans should look out for moving forward, and much more, watch the full interview below, and be sure to catch the episode, tonight on NBC.

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