Exclusive Video Interview: Deborah Pratt on Directing Quantum Leap, a Possible Feature Film for the Series, & More

Deborah PrattTonight, NBC premieres an all-new episode of Quantum Leap with “Family Style.” In the episode, Ben (Raymond Lee) leaps into the daughter of an Indian family who’s struggling to pay back a debt. With the help of Addison (Caitlin Bassett), he must work to stop their family restaurant from burning down, while also helping the mother of the family connect with her daughters. In doing so, it may even help him to heal. Meanwhile, Magic (Ernie Hudson) and Jenn (Nanrissa Lee) share with Ian (Mason Alexander) what they discovered about the leaper, who must come to terms with it.

Tonight’s episode was directed by Deborah Pratt, who is not only an executive producer on the series, but was co-creator, an executive producer, and head writer on the original Quantum Leap as well, having written twenty-five of the episodes. She was also the original voice of Ziggy. Recently, Pratt spoke with SciFi Vision about directing an episode of Quantum Leap season, which she has wanted to do since the original series and was finally able to achieve.

Watch the full interview below to hear what it was about the script that she connected with, how she balanced pulling from the original series while keeping it fresh, how she created the feeling of 2013, the possibility of a Quantum Leap film, and more. Be sure to check out the episode, tonight on NBC. 

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