Exclusive Video Interview: Creator David Weil on the Final Season of Hunters, Now Streaming

HuntersHunters returns today to Prime Video for the second and final season. In season two, the Hunters come together to hunt down a hiding Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, through flashbacks, secrets are revealed about Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino)’s past.

During a recent press day, SciFi Vision spoke with creator David Weil about how far the ending veered from his initial plans. “I didn't have a clear vision in mind for the ending,” revealed Weil. “I knew sort of what I wanted, and obviously, when people watch the series, they'll see a very, I think, clear conclusion to the show. But the question of the show is really one of justice or revenge. So, one of the great sort of conflicts in writing was, what do I want to express? What is the thesis of the show, ultimately, and ultimately, to me, I think the path of justice, won out. So, you definitely see that in the ending.”

“It also felt like after the end of season one, in beginning to write season two, and because of the pandemic, having such a long period to write, I discovered a lot in that process,” he continued. “It felt like, I always knew that finding Hitler [and] bringing him to justice was going to be the conclusion of the series, but what became very apparent and clear to me was that that was going to arrive a lot sooner than I expected…I didn't want to prolong that catharsis.”

During the interview, Weil also spoke with the site about how this season will differ from last, which character he is most like, and what he learned about himself from working on the show. Watch the full interview below, and be sure to catch the final season of Hunters, now available to stream on Prime Video.

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