Interview: Chicago Med's Jessy Schram on What Season 8 Brings for Hannah

Chicago MedAre you ready, Chicago fans? Tonight’s the night you’ve been waiting for!  All three shows - Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD – air their season premieres beginning at 8/7c on NBC. To celebrate the triple whammy, cast from the three shows sat down yesterday for a series of rapid-fire interview panels.

SciFi Vision asked Chicago Med stars Nick Gehlfuss (Dr. Will Halstead) and Jessy Schram (Dr. Hannah Asher) about the season-ending fire at Will’s apartment building. The new episode is ominously titled “How Do You Begin to Count the Losses.” Is everyone OK, and will the incident affect former addict Hannah’s recovery?

When we left her, Hannah “is in a really healthy mindset,” Schram reminded us, “and is doing the work to be in a recovered space.”  However, there will be ramifications – avoiding spoilers, both Gehlfuss and Schram referred to post-fire “complications” for Hannah. And when it comes to complications, said Schram, “what’s going to be hard for Hannah is that her past is always catching up with her.”

We’ve seen the episode and we think the fire takes Hannah’s story in an interesting direction. Watch our conversation in the video below and don’t miss Chicago Med’s season eight premiere tonight at 8/7c on NBC!

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