Exclusive Video Interview: The Orville: New Horizon's Peter Macon & Chad Coleman

Peter Macon and Chad ColemanEarlier in the month, the third season of Seth MacFarlane’s dramedy The Orville: New Horizons premiered on Hulu. Earlier in the season, SciFi Vision spoke exclusively with cast members Peter Macon, who plays Lieutenant Commander Bortus, and Chad Coleman who plays Klyden, Bortus’s mate, about working on the epic space adventure and what’s to come for their characters. “Without giving anything specific away,” teased Macon, “I will say that the journey of Klyden and Bortus and Topa (Blesson Yates) deepens. There's, there's still a lot to mine. I think that the seeds that we planted, whether they're seeds of discord or seeds of growth, will come into fruition. We will definitely see what happens to them. So, I think that that'll be deeply gratifying to our fans, because I was just playing the role, playing a part, [and] I was really gratified with the journey. So, look out for that for sure.”

Peter Macon and Chad Coleman“Everything that's been laid out, no stone goes unturned,” Coleman told SciFi Vision. “There's a specificity in all of that. In the first two [seasons], you can begin to try to ruminate if you like. Now, the mind of Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the team is definitely not going to make it easy for you to deal with this shell game, but what you're going to get is a hell of a thrill ride. And with a clear understanding of having marinated in those first two years and been given some extra time because of COVID circumstances and things of that nature, we're getting it right. We're getting it right; we've calibrated, and everybody's dancing on four cylinders. It's some exciting stuff. And as I said before, season three should get us [season] five.”

For more, including working with makeup effects, watch the full video interview below and check out an all-new episode of The Orville: New Horizons, tomorrow on Hulu.

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