Exclusive Video Interview: Now & Then Cast Yazpik, Cardona, de Tavira, Verdú, & Villamil

Now & ThenThe latest ep of Now and Then was huge! Episode five, titled “Face to Face,” finally delivered some big developments in the blackmail plot – we learned what Daniela did and why, who else is in on the scheme, and who’s got the money. Meanwhile, Sofia continues to ruin Marcos’ life, and poor Pedro has way bigger problems than blackmail.

Last month, SciFi Vision spoke with costars Manolo Cardona, who plays Marcos, and José María Yazpik, who plays Pedro, about their characters’ seemingly perfect lives.

“It's pretty sad when you're not living the life that you plan to,” said Yazpik. Pedro “loves his family but he wishes he could be doing something else, or he could be living another life. So, that's probably the worst scenario in which he is living right now. But it's complex, because he's happy as well; he's just not fulfilled. Which happens to many people. So, we'll just have to wait and see the decisions that Pedro will take in the future.”

With just three episodes to go, Pedro’s relationship with Ana is coming into focus. In the first half of the season, it seemed Ana had set aside her own political aspirations to play the role of supportive wife. This week, we get a closer look at her role in Pedro’s career and her willingness to make the sacrifices he can’t. SciFi Vision asked Marina de Tavira about her approach to playing Ana.

“Sometimes you work with characters [through] what they are doing, and with her it's what she's not doing,” the Oscar nominee (for 2018’s Roma) explained. “Everything was about what didn't happen, the broken dreams. That's the way I worked with the young actress that plays young Ana, like all she's lost – the joy, the laughter, the dreams. They're still there; she still has the dreams, but they're broken now. What was more important for me with this character? What she didn't do, what she couldn't fulfill. She's built on that.”

Finally, we spoke with Soledal Villamil and Maribel Verdú, who play Daniela and Sofia, respectively. Speaking largely in Spanish, they discussed their characters' motivations and how they worked with the actors who played the younger versions of themselves.  

Watch all three interviews below and catch new episodes of Now and Then Fridays on Apple TV+.

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