Exclusive Video Interview: Merritt Wever on her Role in New AppleTV+ Series Roar

Merritt WeverOn Friday, AppleTV+ dropped its new anthology series, Roar. Based on Cecelia Ahearn’s collection of short stories, this offbeat series tells the stories of eight women – mothers, daughters, wives and sisters - navigating love, marriage, motherhood and even murder.

Apple TV+ calls the stories “darkly comic feminist fables,” which perfectly describes episode eight, “The Woman Who Was Fed by a Duck.” Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie) stars as Elisa, a single woman who spends most days sitting beside a duck pond, studying for her med school entrance exam. She’s stuck in a bit of a rut until she meets a talking duck who might (or might not) be just what she’s looking for.  

Merritt WeverWhen SciFi Vision caught up with Wever at the Roar press junket, our first question was about the title. Fed by a duck?

“I made sense of it for myself,” she said, “by saying this is a woman who meets the duck and is fed by the duck and thinks that she's being fed something good for her, given something sustainable or sustaining – and then slowly realizes over the course of the episode that she's being fed something very, very bad for her, and ultimately learns how to feed herself.”

We also asked Wever what other messages she took away from this story, and we couldn’t resist asking what it was like working with a live duck. Our chat contains mild spoilers, so be sure to watch the episode before clicking the video below.

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