Exclusive Video Interview: Jackie Sorkin Talks Candified: Home for the Holidays

Jackie SorkinCandified: Home for the Holidays premieres today on Hulu. Across four episodes, Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin and her team of artists take on the challenge of designing a life-size house, including both the exterior and interior, made entirely out of candy, all in time for the holidays.

According to Sorkin, her love for candy started as a child. “Really, things transitioned for me when I first watched the movie Willy Wonka,” said the artist in an exclusive interview with Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision. “I was so taken with the movie, the creativity, the Oompa Loompas, Willy Wonka himself, Charlie. I identified with Charlie, the kid that didn't have a lot, who had a big dream. He just kept going and believing and good things happened to him. He wasn't perfect, but in the end, he got the whole chocolate factory. I think that as corny as that sometimes is, I feel like that came true for me.”

Jackie Sorkin“Candy is the thing I love the most,” added Sorkin. “As a creative child, I mean, candy, for me, was the thing I loved eating; I loved sneaking. I loved finding all the quarters to go buy it at the corner store…for me, candy is endless as far as the opportunities go to create with it. There're so many options, colors, shapes, textures.”

During the interview, Sorkin also talked about her favorite candy to eat and to create with, some of the challenges the team faced with the project, and more. Be sure to watch the full video interview below and watch the series on Hulu.

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