Exclusive: Dewshane Williams on the Set of Defiance

Dewshane WilliamsLast August SciFi Vision visited the set of Syfy's Defiance to learn about the upcoming second season. At the time, the cast was only into the second week of filming, and was working on the first three episodes of season two. Dewshane Williams, who plays the character of Tommy, took time out of his day to sit down with the site at the NeedWant for an exclusive interview.

Dewshane WilliamsAt the beginning of the season, all the characters are in different places. "In the second season of Defiance, Nolan (Grant Bowler) is no longer the lawkeeper, so there are a lot of changes. We're going to open up the world to Los Angeles, so you get to see what that's like. And because Nolan has left the town, that allows for some up and coming talent to fill the void. It's a lot of fun because everything's changed; everything is completely switched from the first season, which is great."

What will be Tommy's new role in the town? "I'll say that fans will be happy I think with Tommy's new position. It's very fitting; I think so; I think he deserves it."

All of the changes going on will affect characters' interpersonal relationships. "[Nolan] cares about his daughter, which is a good thing. But I find that because of the difference in character, Tommy's able to learn a lot from Nolan, and he picked up a lot from Nolan in the first season, however there were a lot of things that he felt Nolan could improve on himself as a character which kind of in the second season you really get to see Tommy coming into his own and confronting Nolan with some of these issues he has, which is really nice.

Dewshane Williams"...I think the fans of the first season are going to be extremely surprised with the changes that happen. There's a shift of power; because of that shift, there is some unexpected tension, so we're going to see a lot of tension between Tommy and Nolan in the second season for reasons that we will reveal later. But I'm excited; I'm really excited."

The actor also teased a bit about Tommy's relationship with Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). "We just shot a really nice scene, and I will say that they evolve together in a way that I wasn't expecting, but there are also things that are holding them back in a way. There's major conflict in the second season that's preventing them from getting to their own place."

There are some new characters this season and Williams did get to work with some of them. "We've got some new players coming on Defiance, and Tommy does get to do a lot of work with these new individuals, which is nice."

There was a lot that the actor was looking forward to in season two, especially the writing. "Everything. The script. I'm telling you, I'm not just saying this because I'm a part of this; every script we get is unpredictable, fresh, and really fun for the actors to get into."

Dewshane WilliamsWilliams' favorite part about working on the series is being challenged every day. "Personally just because the bar is so high, trying to push that bar further, every day, every episode, every season. My biggest thing is how can we make the second season, how can I help to make the second season better than the first."

Fans will get to see some more of Tommy's backstory soon. "In the first season Tommy was this ripe young fellow. In the second season we get to see him mature a little bit more. Second season takes place some odd months in the future, and since then a lot of stuff as you guys know, has happened. So I feel like we'll be exploring what makes him tick more so this season than last season. I'm excited to go there. I haven't gotten some of those scripts, but I heard they're really nice."

What would Williams like to see for Tommy? "I'd like to see Tommy become the man that he knows he can be."

Dewshane WilliamsAlthough Tommy doesn't speak the Votan languages in the series, he hopes he gets to in the future. "I hope so. At this point, because Tommy's a human, he communicates with a lot of humans. He does have a little bit of background in the Votan languages, but as of now I don't speak it as much."

The set of Defiance is quite large and impressive. It was hard for the actor to choose a favorite part. "That's really hard, but I will say, I really like the NeedWant, where we are now, but I also like of course the law keeper's office, because I do a lot of work in there. And then just the back lot, it's just so massive, it's actually a little village back there...Just walking through the hollows and just observing the small details that we have on the set."

To hear more of our interview with Dewshane Williams, check out the exclusive video from the set of Defiance below.

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