Exclusive Video: Jack Kenny on the Warehouse 13 Set Talks About the Pyka Kiss

Warehouse 13The executive producer of Warehouse 13 Jack Kenny talked to SciFi Vision during a set visit last August. While talking about the finale, he specifically talked about the kiss between Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly). "It's not as you'd expect it would be, and it's you know, it's inevitable, yet still surprising I think. I think it's both inevitable and surprising, and I think it's lovely and warm, and I think it's incredibly satisfying in a way that isn't schmaltzy or overwrought or expected; it's just very satisfying. You go "Awe. Of course, of course. Now it's right; now everything is right."

"And yet their relationship doesn't really change. They maintain their same sort of attitude about each other - it's very Beatrice and Benedict. It's Tracy and Hepburn. It's all the great old couples through all of time who you know should end up together and despite the fact that...I think it's very satisfying. I think the fans will be pleased and satisfied, yet still surprised by it, because it's surprising."

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