The Stars and Creators of SyFy's New Series 'Haven'

The new series of Haven will be joining the Syfy lineup this Friday. The new show, created by Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, is based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid. Ernst and Dunn, who previously worked together on King’s Dead Zone, also serve as executive producers on the show and together penned the pilot.

Emily Rose, who is probably best known for her roles on television’s Jericho and ER, plays FBI agent Audrey Parker, who arrives in the town of Haven, Maine to solve a murder. The town, however, is not as expected and turns out to be the center of a group of people with supernatural abilities. Lucas Bryant, who has appeared in shows such as Queer as Folk and Dollhouse, plays the local cop Nathan Wuornos, who later becomes Parker’s partner.

Ernst, Dunn, Rose, and Bryant recently spoke in a press conference with the online media about the new series on Syfy.

Originally published at Media Blvd. on 9 July 2010.

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