Spotlight: NYCC 2015 - Hunters Press Room + Exclusive Photos

HuntersOn Thursday, October 8th, the first press room at New York Comic Con I attended was for Hunters on Syfy, which premieres in April of 2016. Following are videos with the cast and crew, as well as highlights from the interviews, and of course photographs. Information about the series can be found at the end.

Syfy Press Room

Executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Natalie Chaidez
Star Britne Oldford (Regan)
Alien Hunter
author Whitley Strieber
Prosthetics Supervisor Justin Dix

Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber      Highlights:

  *  On Strieber's amount of
     involvement in the series,
     which he did not have with
     some of his other projects

  *  On Alien Hunter: The White
, the next installment
     in his novel series, which will
     be out in April of 2016

  *  On the probability of eventual
      cross-pollination of the
      television series and book

  *  On the short story tie-in
      edition he is writing for Syfy
      that goes back to Flynn as a

  *  On the look of the series and
      the budget

  *  On some of his other novels
      and experiences

  *  On writing fiction and
      exploring Flynn

Britney Oldford, Natalie Chaidez, and Gale Anne Hurd

Natalie Chaidez, Britne Oldford, & Gale Anne Hurd      Highlights:
  *  Hunters is a show about
      aliens and beings called
      hunters and an underground
      world that will be unfolded
      over season one.

  *  The show is an allegory for
      social issues and explores
      terrorism - their agenda and
      goal is the secret of the

  *  Hurd on the idea of being
      touched by something and
      your life changing
      irrevocably - can you
      maintain your humanity? Is
      there a possibility that an
      alien species may have more
      humanity than humans?

  *  The show has many strong
      females both in front of and
      behind the camera.

  *  The book is a jumping off
      point for the series.

  *  Hurd on reading Strieber's novels and bringing on Chaidez

  *  Chaidez on accepting the job and the exciting challenge of taking on aliens

  *  Oldford on auditioning and playing a hunter and what that means

  *  Oldford on the demands of the role, both emotional and physical

Justin Dix

Justin Dix      Highlights:

  *  Dix on the grittiness of the
      look; they don't shy away
      from gore and scares

  *  On using practical effects and
      pulling every trick

  *  On being able to emulate
      some of the effects he grew
      up with

  *  On making the effects unique
      and testing themselves;
      they've been let off the leash

  *  On creating the look of how
      human alien hybrids are
      disguised as hunters; what
      the alien physiology is like
      within humans

  *  On his old school inspiration


From the Press Release:

Series Synopsis - When the wife of a Baltimore FBI agent disappears, the search to find her leads to a secret government unit dedicated to hunting terrorists. The terrorists, however, are unlike any others, and might not even be of this world.

The series stars Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek) as Flynn, the headstrong Baltimore FBI agent with a dark past trying to piece together the disappearance of his wife. Britne Oldford (American Horror Story) will play Regan, who is one of the government's most valuable operatives and may be keeping secrets of her own. Julian McMahon portrays McCarthy, an unhinged junky and Hunter cell leader.

Hunters is inspired by Whitley Strieber's best-selling novel, Alien Hunter.

The 13-part series from Universal Cable Productions will premiere on Syfy in April 2016.

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