"Mercury Men" and Eric Balfour of "Haven" at Comic-Con

The Mercury Men, the upcoming Syfy web series, will be screening at Comic-Con, with appearances by Curt Wootton and Chris Preksta, as well Syfy's Eureka and Haven, with a special appearance by Eric Balfour. Be sure to add this to your itinerary!

9:00-11:00 Syfy Screening: Eureka, Haven, and Mercury Men— Imagine Greater with fellow fans during an advanced preview screening of the next all-new episode of Eureka, followed by a special presentation of an all-new Haven. And be sure to stick around for the exclusive premiere of the new digital series The Mercury Men. Introductions by Eric Balfour (Duke, Haven). Room 6A

Stay tuned to SciFi Vision for exclusive interviews for The Mercury Men, coming soon.

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