Wynonna Earp - When You Call My Name - 3.02 Review and Recap

Wynonna EarpFollowing the review is a detailed recap of the episode, including quotes. Note that there are many spoilers for episode 3.02 in both.

I was told recently in an interview by Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holliday, that this week’s episode was one everyone would be talking about for a long time to come. Boy he was not kidding!

The main storyline through the episode was fairly dark for the show, considering a revenant (Dimitri Vantis) is running around in the woods caging up and eating humans. Stealing their voices was an interesting addition, though it’s never really clear why or how he has the power, other than he’s a revenant.

I also find his ramblings about the forest moving interesting. He sounds nuts, but the hunter that talks to Nicole (Katherine Barrell) also mentions the trails being off, so it makes me wonder if it’s something to do with Bulshar (Jean Marchand) having risen and that we may see more of this later.

Wynonna EarpIt was also nice to see more of Megan Follows as Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano)’s mother, and they did it in a way to give us more backstory on their relationship.

I got a kick out of Wynonna and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) basically playing charades in the episode; it was quite funny.

Another humorous moment I was entertained by was Wynonna tricking the revenant and subsequently being hung upside down. There were some great lines there as well, both the one about the Property Brothers, and her commenting to Nicole and Doc that she was just taking her “me time.”

Of course, there are also a bunch of other excellent lines in the episode, which I picked the best of to include in the recap below. My favorites though were the ones about Harry Potter (as I’m a fan) and Scrofano’s line about the pain in her arm being worse than giving birth on the eight ball.

I liked the conversation between Doc and Dolls (Shamier Anderson), the former finally talking a bit about his feelings and why he has been so angry. Going to Hell was obviously a traumatic experience, though I don’t believe for one second that is the only reason he is helping the Earps. He is scared of his mortality though, which is understandable, and I hope that he and Wynonna at some point soon have their long overdue conversation.

When the main revenant of the episode was dead, it definitely was worrisome that something else was coming. Dolls’ conversation with Jeremy (Varun Saranga) early in the episode gave a slight clue, but it was of course his words to Waverly about Wynonna needing her that showed the most foreshadowing of his death to come.

For a villain, Lord Bondicus (Kevin Davey) was interesting, even though we didn’t get a lot about him. I did think his ability was pretty cool. After the two Harry Potter references earlier in the episode, it definitely reminded me of apparition (a form of teleportation in the Harry Potter franchise). The pieces he broke into though, kind of looked like bats to me, which would make sense anyway, considering the last episode was about vampires. That’s just my take on it though.

As an aside, I was happy they finally gave confirmation of which man was Bulshar (Jean Marchand). I thought last week’s episode was a bit confusing as to which of the two men definitely was the demon, because it was never said outright (although I had looked it up on IMDB).

It was a fun moment when Dolls breathed fire at him, but obviously worrisome, knowing he was unstable. I really didn’t expect him to die though, and I was in tears by the end. Shamier and the other actors as well did an awesome job with that scene. I was especially affected by Rozon when he was screaming at him to wake up.

Scrofano and Provost-Chalkley were also quite affective. I loved how Wynonna refused to leave Doll’s side, and that Waverly was right there with her, holding her. I also appreciated how the writers wove Michelle into the scene, having her speak some of the lines that would have actually been Waverly’s. It’s just too bad that she wasn’t really around for Wynonna and her sister in real life.

The only small nitpick I have is that the hunter asked for Nicole’s help in finding his son, and they never returned to that, so it was obviously just something to move the plot along.

All in all, the episode was really enjoyable, and highly emotional. I am really sad about Dolls; he was a really important part of the show, and Shamier of course is a terrific actor and an important part of the show as well. He will be missed.


The episode picks up right after the cliffhanger from last week, with Wynonna having crashed the truck and Waverly being pulled out of the wreckage by someone, screaming for them to get her sister as well.

Meanwhile, Wynonna wakes up further down the cliff from where the truck ended up. “God I hate hangovers.”

Wynonna screams for her sister. She hallucinates her mother yelling at her not to fall asleep. She knows she is only in her mind and that she is going into shock. Her mother tells her not to waste her energy yelling and to remember what she taught her camping. She needs to stay calm and assess the situation. It’s not about being strong; it’s about being smart. She realizes it’s only about 15-20 feet up. She can make it.

She tries to start climbing up the rock face, but her arm is hurt badly. She quips, “Shit hurts worse than when I pushed a baby from my hoohah on top of an eight ball.”

Her mother tells her that so will Waverly being dead.

Wynonna EarpWynonna pops her arm back into place and screams.

Back to Waverly, it turns out that it’s better that her “rescuer” ignored her about her sister, as it is not someone intent on rescuing her at all. The revenant has her tied, hanging by her wrists in his cabin.

He says that the other woman he took, who was bigger than Waverly, tried to fake sleep too. He tells her that the car crash wasn’t an accident, but a trap. He sounds crazy, telling her that the forest is changing, the trees moving. All the animals are gone and his traps have been empty, so apparently he’s moved on to humans. It’s unclear if possibly things are changing because of Bulshar being back.

He touches her throat. Trying to stay calm, Waverly asks where the other girl he kidnapped is, maybe she can help them.

Creepily the girl’s voice comes from him and he says that she is still there - parts of her anyway. There is a severed arm laying there.

Meanwhile, Wynonna sees Peacemaker, but she can’t take it with her and climb. She’s scared, but her mother keeps talking to her. It’s not the fall that will kill her, but the fear. She starts to climb.

Waverly’s phone beeps with a message from Nicole, wondering where she is. Waverly says people will come looking for her. He doesn’t like people in his woods.

The phone rings. Waverly says to let her go, and she’ll make sure no one bothers him, to just give her the phone.

The revenant somehow sucks out her voice and talks to Nicole as Waverly, saying she is okay. Nicole screams in silence.

Wynonna makes it to the top of the cliff and starts off, but her mother says she can’t just run into the woods. She’s injured. Wynonna says she won’t leave Waverly behind and refuses to believe she could not be alive. Her mother tells her that she can’t pass out and freeze to death if she wants to help her.

Rule number three take inventory - from under the truck Wynonna finds her coat - and whiskey. She takes a swig.

Michelle: You really are your father’s daughter.
Wynonna: Whiskey from Dad, crazy from Mom. Wynonna Earp story on sale now.

She also grabs a tire iron.

He mother says she will say it for her, “What if it’s Bulshar?” Wynonna says that she had said it’s the fear that kills you, but her mother adds that sometimes it’s a demon.

Time to go.

Back at the bar, Dolls and Nicole are in the basement with Jeremy (Varun Saranga) as he works on Doll’s drugs. She tells them that Waverly basically hung up on her. Dolls says not to take it personally, that Wynonna had some big news to drop. Nicole questions that after Wynonna hid that she was pregnant for months, what other secrets could she have?

Jeremy has run a simulation, there’s about an 81.52% chance that all the victims of the Cult of Bulshar (from last week's episode) died within seconds of each other, not simultaneously. Dolls realizes that means they are dealing with a demon who can move really fast.

Jeremy: Like light-speed beam me up Scotty Death Eater kind of fast.

Dolls thinks that a demon’s been offering sacrifices to Bulshar as fealty. Jeremy says there’s no way of knowing if the sacrifices will stop.

Nicole heads to the homestead to look for Nicole.

Something is going on with Dolls, possibly his meds, but he doesn’t want to talk about it with Jeremy. He heads out after Doc, ignoring Jeremy's protests.

Wynonna EarpDolls: If we have a demon that apparates or disapparates we’re going to need all wands on deck, right?

Jeremy’s happy he got his reference. Boss of the year.

Jeremy looks at Doll's meds while the camera pans to show a picture of the symbol from the massacre. The scene changes and we see the same symbol on a tree in the woods where Wynonna is walking.

Wynonna talks about her mother taking her into the woods on her birthday when she wanted to go to a Hanson concert. She would have enjoyed it and listened if she knew she’d be gone days later. Michelle tells her she did listen: she got herself off the cliff.

Wynonna questions why she took only her. She says that she came into the world kicking like she did and she wanted to make sure she could survive, but being the heir has made her soft, depending on her friends. Wynonna trust them, but as her mother points out it’s been hours and they are nowhere to be seen. She tells her that if you rely on someone else to protect you and be there, you’re dead.

Wynonna says that she knows it’s all on her, it always was. When her mother had her “episodes” everyone thought she was the crazy one, a bad seed from eight years old, but Waverly needed her mother; so did she.

Her mother asks, “And Alice doesn’t?” Wynonna replies, “Don’t you dare.”

She tells Wynonna that she’s the same as her and that’s what scares her. Wynonna says her mother abandoned them.

Wynonna hears something and turns. When she turns back, her mother is gone.

Dolls finds Doc upstairs at the bar. Dolls tells him they’re regrouping at BBD in an hour.

He knows Doc has been upset, but Doc tells him that Alice is safe. He’s angry because the fight has been fixed between the living and the dying. When the Iron Witch made a wish and made Wynonna disappear, he went to Hell, the same place Wynonna sends her demons. He is angry and worried that even with new good deeds he will still end up there. They don’t tell you that turning into the hero turns you into a killer - they are murderers, both of them, destined for the dark.

Dolls says that they are not the same, because he doesn’t need the threat of damnation to fight for the right side. He tells Doc it’s going to be all right and then leaves.

Nicole is stopped by a man who says he got separated from his son in the woods, the trails are messed up. He’d still be lost if he hadn’t seen the wreck and followed it back up to the road. She makes him show her, recognizing the description of the truck.

Another girl’s voice is yelling from inside the cabin and a man is outside trying to help. He comes into the cabin and sees Waverly, but it’s a trap: he is decapitated.

The revenant comes back and puts Waverly in a cage. He’s hoping her sister comes for her; he wants to see what Wynonna’s throat looks like split wide open.

Back at the bar, Doc comes down to the basement. He tells Jeremy that he’s been spending a lot of time down there.

Jeremy: Thought I could take those tiny umbrellas you have. It’s my time to host craft night.
Doc: Jeremy one of the things that I greatly admire about you...
Jeremy: Like my mustache?
Doc: Is that you are a truly awful liar. Craft night is Thursdays.

Doc takes Jeremy’s journal and starts to read, learning that Dolls is having problems with his drugs. Jeremy tells him he’s having side effects. Doc gets angry, saying that they’ve seen what happens when he devolves, but Jeremy cuts him off asking why he immediately assumes the worst about a person. Doc replies that maybe it’s because he’s experienced some shit lately. Jeremy tells him that although he lost his immortality, he’s a virile and handsome man for his age and has many years to look forward to.

Doc gets a text from Nicole, saying that Wynonna and Waverly are in trouble. A hunter found their wrecked truck, and there’s no sign of them.

Jeremy gives him an earpiece, saying that it will get better reception than a cell.

Doc: You call Dolls, and you tell him we need him
Jeremy: Aye, aye, Captain.
Doc: Don’t tell him I said that.

Wynonna EarpEventually Wynonna makes it to the cabin and finds Waverly. She is able to use charades to get Wynonna to understand the place is booby trapped and gets her to jump in the correct places to not get hurt.

Wynonna questions why she can’t talk: “Is this some kind of crazy Little Mermaid shit?”

They hear the revenant returning, so Wynonna hides upstairs.

He talks about fear having the best smell in the world, but he doesn’t find Wynonna. He leaves to check his trap line.

Arriving at the crash, Doc sees the nails on the ground that ripped the truck tires and says that it was no accident.

He looks at the tracks on the ground and says that one of their girls was dragged into the woods, and the other was moving on her own.

Nicole starts worrying that it could be the demon from the massacre.

Jeremy contacts Doc. He pinged the girls’ phones and didn’t get anything, but the satellites show two outbuildings, one to the north, one to the west. Doc says they need to follow Wynonna to the north. Nicole questions that whatever took Waverly could have went the other way.

Doc: You don’t trust Wynonna’s instincts?
Nicole: I helped her kill a revenant she had sex with.

Rephrasing it, he asks if she trusts Wynonna’s instincts about Waverly.

Meanwhile, Wynonna tries to get the cage open with the tire iron but can’t.

Waverly holds up the prison pass and mouths the question of why Wynonna didn’t tell her about their mother. Wynonna says that their mother was messed up and Waverly was tiny. She knows she’s a big girl now: “Now you’re a grown woman with the figure of a tiny amazon, I get it,” but she wanted to make sure that she wanted to go there before she brought her sister into it.

Wynonna says that she can’t fight the revenant in the cabin, but she can get a jump on him outside. “I swear on my favorite boy band I’m gonna kill him and then I’m gonna mmm-bop right back”

Dolls comes back to the basement to see Jeremy and questions that Nicole isn’t back yet with the sisters. Jeremy hedges that he was going to call him. He knew he would ignore his warnings and go blazing in anyway. Dolls lets him know it’s not his call to make. You don’t get to hesitate because of what might happen.

Jeremy tells him it’s okay if he doesn’t think about himself, but he should think about the others and warn them. Dolls ignores him and takes the drugs from him.

Wynonna meets up with the revenant outside, calling him a “meat dick stick.” She taunts him: “Real cozy...cabin of horrors you got there, Revenant. The Property Brothers know about you?”

He tells her that no one knows about him or his land. She knocks his gun out of his hand with her tire iron. He tells Wynonna he will eat her first. She questions what is up with demons eating people lately, like Mama Olive, the Widows, and Bulshar. She sees his reaction to the name and questions if he’s a fan of his. The revenant freaks out, saying that he is buried and gone and Bulshar can’t find him again. She breaks it to him that Bulshar has risen, and then runs off.

There is a yell in the distance from Wynonna like she is hurt. He follows the sound, and she begs him to help her out. There is a hole in the ground that he set as a trap.

The revenant leans over the hole and she shows up outside of it, yelling before kicking him in, “Tricks, they’re not just for kids.”

The revenant has been impaled on spikes down in the hole. A recorder is playing Wynonna’s screams for help. Waverly’s voice floats out of his body and through the air.

Back at the cabin, Waverly yells to Wynonna that she got her voice back and asks what happened. She replies nonchalantly, “Oh, he’s basically dead.”

Suddenly there is a whipping sound and Wynonna is pulled up in the air and hung upside down, just as Doc and Nicole show up to rescue her.

Wynonna EarpWynonna: Nicole. Nice boots. Oh, Doc, those are great jeans. Are those new?
Nicole: Where’s Waverly?
Wynonna: Waverly’s good; she’s good. I killed the bad guy, as you do, and now I’m just, you know, doing some thinking and having some me time.
Doc: You about done?

Doc cuts her down.

Bulshar and Lord Bondicus watch from the woods.

The three head back to the truck. Dolls is there and asks Wynonna if she’s okay.

Wynonna: Nothing a hot bath in a bottle of whiskey won’t cure.
Dolls: Don’t you mean “and a bottle of whiskey?”
Wynonna: Ask me in five minutes.

Waverly is being comforted by Nicole, but leaves to talk to Wynonna, saying, “I get my voice back and suddenly you’ve lost yours?”

She tells Waverly that she really did mean what she said, that she was sorry about not telling her about their mother. Waverly asks her how long she’s known, and she eventually admits the whole time. She only went back to see her when Bulshar rose, because their mother knows things about him.

Waverly is upset she kept her from her mother, but Wynonna tells her that she asked her never to tell Waverly where she was.

Waverly runs over to Dolls to get a ride home, too upset to talk to her sister. She asks him how she could keep that from her. He says, “It’s hard to tell people the truth if you know it will devastate them.”

Nicole hooks a rope up to the truck to repel down the side of the cliff to get Peacemaker, even though Wynonna and Doc protest. Nicole has experience, and she also says that Doc can’t even look over the edge. He admits that heights give him the “weezies.” She says she’ll be back before they can say “Redheads do it better.”

Waverly is still holding onto Dolls when he starts groaning. He needs his drugs. His eyes are orange. Waverly knows something is wrong. He tells her that Wynonna is going to need her more than ever. She freaks out.

Meanwhile, Nicole, who is already partway down the cliff face yells that something is happening with the rope.

They look back and Bondicus has cut it. Wynonna runs and grabs it before Nicole can fall.

Doc goes after Bondicus, but the demon breaks up into pieces, kind of like he disapparated.

Wynonna yells for Dolls help. Nicole reaches for Peacemaker, but can’t quite grab it.

Doc continues to try to get the demon, but he keeps disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. He knocks Doc out.

Dolls shoots him point blank, but to no effect. He tells Dolls that he can’t be killed with mortal weapons.

Jeremy is calling through the ear piece. Waverly finds it in the pocket of Doc’s coat she’s wearing. She talks to Jeremy, freaking out. He tells her that whatever BBD has done to Dolls it has made him unstable. Waverly asks how.

Meanwhile, Dolls and Bondicus are circling each other.

Wynonna struggles to hold up Nicole. Nicole tells her that she is going to have to let go or they both will go over the edge, but of course Wynonna refuses.

Bondicus says to Dolls that the earth thirsts for blood and someone must die. He asks if it will be one or two (looking to Wynonna and Nicole), or three (as Waverly hobbles over to help Wynonna).

Dolls’ eyes glow orange again, and he grabs the demon and shoots fire at him from his mouth, toasting him. A ball of fire surrounds both of them.

Wynonna is able to pull Nicole up with Waverly’s help. Bulshar (the man in the hat we saw from last week) claps from above.

Wynonna yells, “You brought your lapdog to a dragon fight, asshole!”

She aims Peacemaker at him, but stops when she hears Doc yell to her. She turns towards her friends for a second, but when she turns back, Bulshar is gone.

She goes over to them, asking what happened, as she was about to shoot him.

Dolls is on the ground. Doc says that he collapsed and isn’t breathing. Nicole says he has no pulse. She calls the paramedics. Doc screams at Dolls to not give up on them. Wynonna cries that he needs his drugs, but Waverly tells her he doesn’t. Doc keeps yelling at Dolls to wake up as Nicole tries to revive him.

Wynonna asks Waverly why he’s not waking up. She tells Wynonna that he is gone.

Wynonna EarpAn indeterminate amount of time later, Wynonna is still sitting on the ground with Dolls’ body. Waverly comes over, telling her that Nedley and the coroner are coming, but Wynonna refuses to leave. Dolls hates the woods and she won’t leave him there. Waverly agrees and hugs her sister as they cry.

Wynonna says that they couldn’t stop the demon and Dolls took him on and saved them. She questions how it is okay, him just lying there. Waverly tries to comfort her. Wynonna says that maybe it’s a mistake and he will wake up; he is a dragon.

Their mother shows up to Wynonna again. Wynonna tells her that it’s not fair, and she can’t do this without him. Michelle says that he’s at peace now, and she and Waverly say together that there is no more pain. Waverly talking now alone: “there are no more drugs.” Wynonna adds, “no more demons.”

Michelle tells her that she has to let him go now.

Wynonna holds his hands and cries as Waverly holds her.

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