Wynonna Earp: Blood Red and Going Down Post Mortem

Wynonna EarpWynonna Earp 3.01 – “Blood Red and Going Down”
Wynonna Earp is back! The wait is over!

The new season begins with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) outside the Pussy Willows. Waverly is worried about Wynonna and Doc since they had give away Alice, their baby.

Wynonna is more determined than she ever was before. I guess she will be fine out there. One thing is for sure; Wynonna is going to be drunk, super drunk. The moment of truth, at the Pussy Willows, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) is wasted, riding on a bull. Oh, god I've missed this so much. We just started, and I am having so much fun. Wynonna has the freedom to drink, act a fool as much as she wants, as she is no longer pregnant.

Wynonna EarpThe music chosen for that scene was right on the spot: “That was the Whisky” by Antigone Rising. I can’t think of any other song to express Wynonna in the situation.
Wynonna needs to learn not only how to hold her drink, but also how to stay out of trouble. This time it’s with revenants.

Wynonna knows how to kick some ass, but she could use some help. One of them jokes that all it took was a pregnancy to break her. Never ever insult a woman who has been pregnant, it will come back to you like a boomerang.

Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is in disguise, there to help her, as they both follow the rest of the revenants who escape.

Meanwhile, Waverly and Nicole are waiting on the roof of a building, in case Wynonna is in any danger. They have an opportunity and Waverly shoots one of the revenants with her rifle, neutralizing him. These two can’t help but tease each other, flirting with each other, even about Waverly’s shooting.

Wynonna makes sure Nicole and Waverly are still focusing on the mission, not only on one another, when she almost gets beat by a revenant, right behind her. Don’t worry though, Dolls is right there and saw him coming and stops him. Damn he’s got some skills! His moves were very impressive.

The rest of the team joins in to help Wynonna with the revenants when Jeremy (Varun Saranga) surprises one of them by smashing a picture on the revenant's face. Check out his little mustache!

Doc (Tim Rozon) helps him by throwing a knife at the revenant right before he can attack Jeremy back.

Defeating them, Wynonna tries to get some information about Bulshar from the revenant before she shoots him back to Hell, getting nothing.

One thing is for sure; our team are back in the game! They will be ready when the time comes, and more revenants will come. The Ghost River Triangle is safe, at least for now.
On the road into town, Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) is in the car with Officer Lonnie (Chris Casson) checking for people speeding when suddenly they see a bus coming down the road.

Wynonna EarpFive people get out followed by purple fog, and Nedley wants to know why they are there at the Ghost River Triangle. A female, a vampire, puts her hand on his cheek and puts him under some kind of spell.

Now they have no problem crossing freely into town as he invites them into Purgatory.

Watching Lawson perform in a very different way was so awesome. Especially when he said to the bitten man on the ground, “Buck up Lonnie. You’re gonna miss the party.” That is one of my favorite lines in the episode.
There are some Wayhaught moments when we see Nicole and Waverly wake up in the morning in Waverly’s room together. We get a little reminder of what happened with this couple during season two (Nicole had a wife and Waverly had kissed Rosita (Tamara Duarte)), as they mention these events as nightmares from their past. Waverly tells Nicole it was a real nightmare for her when they were fighting.

Their relationship in season three is now looking to be stable, with their communication more calm and being more open with each other.

They are kissing when Waverly hears Wynonna in the barn still sparring with Doc. She wants to make sure Wynonna is okay.

Waverly sees the barn doors are open and wonders if they were out there all night. Nicole is not a fan of seeing Waverly leave when they finally find some time to be alone, but she understands.

Waverly leaves, and Nicole gets a call from Sheriff Nedley.
Out in the barn, Doc and Wynonna are sparring. We get some comedic bits from them, such as Wynonna telling him, “You fight like a 180 year old.” Doc corrects her that he is 166. She replies, “Then move like it Grandma!”

Doc hurry ups and tries to stab her with his knife, but she is quicker than him and sees his moves and turns him around and grabs his knife, pinning it to his throat. They are so close to each other, having a moment. Even though they are physically close to each other in this scene, they are still miles away from each other.

After a minute Waverly is standing the front of them. She is worried about Wynonna’s health, and questions that they have been training all night. She says, “Even superheroes need sleep.” I love that line so much! It brings me back to season two when she said that “heroes always win.” Yet again I adore the writers.

Wynonna EarpDoc leaves and Wynonna shares with Waverly what is really bothering her. It is not only about Bulshar, but also about the fact that Doc will not touch her unless they are training or talk to her unless he’s angry. Waverly tells her that he may need some time, which we know is the one thing they both do not have right now.

Nicole enters with a worried look on her face; something is happening, and they need all hands on deck.
The Earps go back to the Pussy Willows again. Waverly remembers the time they were there with their mother.

Sheriff Nedley meets them outside, and he seems odd and like he’s not thinking clearly. He mentions Nicole is inside.

There are multiple bodies on the floor. Waverly and Wynonna get briefed on what Nicole knows so far. From her perspective they all died simultaneously. Wynonna thinks that maybe someone is sending them a message by doing that.

They look for any clue to solve what happened to the victims. Waverly mentions she’s never seen something like that before. Nicole confesses that she has. When she first heard the name Bulshar she remembered something. She mentioned it to Dolls and he gave her files about massacres dealing with the Cult of Bulshar. She learned from the Black Badge Division files that it first happened in the 1920s. They have been tracking the massacres for quite time.

They obviously now assume it is connected to Bulshar, i.e. Sheriff Clootie, who cursed the Earp family. He was entombed until he was set free last season by Bobo Del Ray (Michael Eklund) and the Gardners. He is back again more powerful than ever and he's about to change everything for the Earp family.

There is a shadow of someone moving that Wynonna goes to check out.

Nicole is terrified when she sees one of the victims: they have a big carving on their back that looks like a symbol of something.

Wynonna keeps searching everywhere in bar. She is prepared for anything that shows up, saying, “Revenants? Demons? Horny flock of Jason Mamoas? Come out come out wherever you are!”

Suddenly she sees a man that could possibly be Bulshar. Wynonna goes after him.  
Next we see Waverly waiting for Nicole to come out of the restroom as she thinks about everything that has happened lately: Doc not talking to Wynonna, even her girlfriend Nicole had a panic attack. Waverly is worried for the future to come, yet she still needs to find answers to her part of the story, to discover if she is part of the Earp family.

As she is checking on Nicole, she is surprised by a female vampire, Petra. She jumps, and then laughs about it, saying, “You made me pee a little. Least I’m in the right place for it.” It was a funny line. The writers of the show know how to entertain their viewers.

Wynonna EarpRight after Petra touches Waverly, she falls under her spell, thinking that she is very beautiful.

A minute later, Nicole comes out of the restroom stall with a sly, mischievous smile on her face, also under her spell.

Still at the Pussy Willows, Wynonna continues searching for the man, when she finds his bloody handprint on a sign for a celebration of the Rodeo Queen, Michelle Gibson (her mother’s maiden name).

Meanwhile, Doc wakes up in his bar from a nightmare and screams “Hellfire!” making everyone at the bar laugh. Tim Rozon is so adorable and charming in that scene. That was a really good moment.

He hears something breaking in the basement and goes to see what is happening down there, armed with his gun. He sees Jeremy. He is working on Doll’s drugs. He turns around and we notice his mustache again, which looks like he might be trying to look like his idol.

Suddenly there is that purple fog again, coming down the stairs, that Jeremy says it is a “kinda sexy fog.”

Someone is in there, but it’s hard to see. One vampire grabs Doc, and another comes out of the fog, putting Jeremy under his spell.

Wynonna goes to visit her mother in prison. Things are going bad with Bulshar and the new case. Wynonna needs to get any information she can about him, and her mother talked about him and the Earp curse before.

Welcoming the new actress and character to our show (Megan Follows), I have to say from my very first impression I loved her. Her insaneness is calm, yet hidden, until something burns deep inside her that reveals her rage.

Wynonna leaves her mother after finding out that mother is hearing voices that tell her things about Bulshar.

Doc was kidnaped by a female vampire who has brought him onto a stripper bus. The two seem to know each other. She is a part of Doc's past. She was looking for him to give him an offer to join them and become one of them. All he needs to do is to convince her that he is really Doc Holliday, the most famous gunfighter in the west.
Back at the prison, Wynonna has been updated on her mother’s condition by the doctor. It seems like she has not visited her for a while, since she never heard her talk about hearing voices. She wants to know if she is really crazy or just has been given too much medication that may be affecting her rationality.

Wynonna EarpDolls shows up and helps her get her mother’s medical files, which the Doctor only wanted to give to Gus.

Dolls and Wynonna are in the car checking out the files. Wynonna realized Dolls knew about her mother, because he had been following her. Nevertheless, he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Wynonna does not know why her mother ended up in prison.

Dolls tries to say what is in his heart but he ends up silent again. He gets out of the car.

Right after he leaves, he comes across Petra. She touches him.
Back on the stripper bus, Doc is begging that he does not want this. The woman talks about them waiting for Bulshar to take his power back, but it’s apparent they are somewhat scared of him. He says he and his team aren’t going anywhere. In the right moment he says her name, “Contessa,” remembering who she is.
When Wynonna is back home, she goes out to the barn when she sees purple fog coming out. A vampire shows up out of nowhere and attacks her. She runs back into the house to tell Waverly, Jeremy, and Nicole.

They come out dressed up and acting different under the vampires’ spells. I liked seeing Nicole, my favorite character, evil. We’ve never seen her like that.

She breaks a bottle on Wynonna's head to knock her out. They say they’ve been told by Petra not to hurt her. They will deliver her.
It’s party time! All of the vampires have gotten together to celebrate, bringing their glamoured humans with them.

Sheriff Nedley and Jeremy laugh about when they will be turned into vampires. The way Sheriff Nedley describes how Jeremy is going to be was so funny, “You, son are going to be delicious.”

Meanwhile, Nicole and Waverly walk in looking as stylish as the vampires. Waverly compliments Nicole on her outfit.

They are together, but Nicole says if they tear them apart at lease it’s hot European vampires.

Waverly says she doesn’t like the idea of Nicole getting eaten by a vampire. Nicole calms her down by saying that she’s never been a victim, but a survivor.

Wynonna EarpJeremy comes by to see them. He is looking for Wynonna. He's waving to the vampire that glamoured him, Ebbe, who he told he knew her. He says he thinks they’re getting to first base tonight.
Dolls finds Wynonna in the Gardner's basement inside a coffin. He has not been affected by the vampire's spell. Dolls explains to Wynonna about the vampires glamouring people.

He has a special vampire killing kit from his time at Black Badge Division. Now it’s finally time to use it.

They also make some more stakes from the wooden chairs they find. They are going to make one Hell of an entrance. All they need to do is kill the vampires that glamoured each of their friends, and then they will come back to their senses.

Back at the party, the vampires are separating the original families of the town into the VIP area, who they will give to Bulshar. Waverly is worried since she isn’t really an Earp. The vampire says that they will eat those left.

Wynonna comes in through the window saying, “I’ll tell you what you can eat, a dick!” That punch line is going to be another of my favorite lines of the show, with the last one being “Crazy chick with a big ass gun.” Well, probably only until the writers come with another masterpiece.

Wynonna asks Waverly who her favorite vampire is, and as expected she tells her Petra. Dolls shoots a stake through her, and Nicole and Waverly come back to their senses.

Nicole throws Wynonna Peacemaker. Let the fight begin!

The more the merrier, as everyone becomes a part of the fight, even Nedley.

Nicole is taken under control again by another female vampire during the battle, but who the hell does she think she is touching Nicole when Waverly is around? Waverly yells, “That’s my girlfriend, you bloodsucking bitch!”

During the battle, Wynonna asks Jeremy when the last time he last saw Doc was.

Meanwhile on the stripper bus, Doc is trying to escape. Rozon gives us a witty line as he tries to get himself out of the handcuffs. “I am John Henry Holliday the greatest gunslinger that ever lived. I will not get ate while tied to a stripper pole.”

He eventually gets himself off and uncuffed right before Contessa comes back, and he starts choking her. He pauses, realizing she is who he thought. She does not want to hurt him, but tells him to stay there and goes back outside. Of couse he does not listen and goes after her.

Wynonna EarpShe says she knows he's not going to shoot her, thinking he's doesn’t have it in him anymore. Doc shoots in the air twice to prove her wrong.

Before she runs off, she confesses that she did come back for him when Wyatt left him to die.

Back at the Gardner house the team manage to kill all the vampires well, almost all. There’s one left who comes to get Jeremy, but Doc comes out of nowhere and kills him.

Wynonna is happy to see Doc is back and safe. I think they are going to be just fine since they both smile, and Doc seems to like Wynonna’s dress. When two people love and care about each other, it is hard to stay away.

Dolls finds one last vampire, and there’s another comedic moment when Wynonna tells him, “You should have stayed in Sweden, Abba.” Apparently he is from Hungary, so she says, “Hungary for a di-” Yeah, she meant a dick.

Wynonna is all about making fun out of the scary or crazy moments as one of the ways she chooses to deal with the situation, with humor. It is so liberating to see it. It makes me love this show even more, because it’s not just a sci-fi action and drama series. It creates another level of enjoyment with the comedy.
Wynonna asks the vampire about Bulshar. He is familiar with the Earp curse. The only information he willing to give is that Bulshar is back to finish what he started over a century ago. What does that mean? Is he back to kill the Earps? We will see about that.

Wynonna, for the very first time, I think, doesn’t send him to Hell, but leaves him alive to send a message to Bulshar that she is coming for him.

The vampire goes back to who is possibly Bulshar empty handed. He tells the man Wynonna saw at the bar about what happened with Wyatt’s heir getting in the way. He says there are other ways to serve Bulshar, and the other man shoves something in his mouth.
Back at his bar, Doc and Wynonna finally sit and talk. They raise a glass to their victory against the vampires, to the fact that they are alive, and most importantly to their bond, and what keeps them together in this journey. They also raise a glass to Alice their baby girl.

It was such an emotional moment between them that the kiss afterwards got me thinking that of course it would have happened. Team Wynonna and Doc are back, and it’s so good to have you back Mister Holliday.

Later at the bar, the team are eating together and talking about what happened with the vampires. Jeremy guesses Dolls didn’t get affected by them because he is a dragon. Wynonna assumes she didn’t get affected because Peacemaker protected her.

Wynonna EarpDolls reminds Wynonna that she needs to talk to Waverly about something when she drives her home, so she can’t drink anymore.
Switching back to the Pussy Willows, Dolls has come to see Nicole back at the murder scene. Dolls knows that in this kind of cases there are no survivors, unfortunately.

Nicole tells Dolls that she thinks that there might be a Cult of Bulshar survivor: her. 

Wynonna drives Waverly back to the homestead and she tries to guess what Wynonna wants to talk to her about. After a few guesses Wynonna tells her it’s about their mother. She gives her a visitor pass for the prison so Waverley can go and see her.

Moments later, Wynonna loses control over the steering wheel and the truck flips. That was actually one of the most beautiful car accident I've ever seen. The view of the accident was almost dreamy.

Suddenly after the beautiful pastoral music and view, we see Waverly screaming for someone to save Wynonna as she is dragged away from the vehicle. We don't know who is pulling her away. What is going to happen to her? is it Bulshar? Is Waverly going to survive? Who's going to tell Nicole? I could keep on going with the unsolved questions about what's waiting for us in the next episode.

After such a good opening for the season we are going to get more and more excited as the season continues. Keep following Wynonna Earp to see what’s next for her. All this and more, later in the season.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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