Wynonna Earp - Gone as a Girl Can Get Review

Wynonna Earp - "Gone as a Girl Can Get" - In a World Without Wynonna Earp

Wynonna EarpPreviously on Wynonna Earp, Gretta (Rachael Ancheril) made a wish that made both Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc (Tim Rozon) disappear form the world, which also made Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) not remember any of it, or for that matter that she even had a sister.

The new episode sets up a high level of an excitement that is pure action and full of adrenaline right from the start.

Episode 2.11of Wynonna Earp begins with a big battle scene when Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) shoots at revenants and leads the way for her and Waverly as they both try to get into the barn.

Wynonna EarpI love seeing Katherine holding a gun. It immediately makes me feel safe; she controls the situation.

The barn suddenly blows up, and then it goes back to how it happened.

Doc Holliday is back in the well, calling for help, when his friend Steve (Reamonn Joshee) comes to rescue him. He asks Doc if he found his ring. Doc really doesn't give a damn about that ring at the moment. Stevie mentions Doc slashed eight of their men since he's been looking for it. He needs to find Wynonna.

Wynonna Earp can't stop making us laugh, when Doc says for somebody to "put a lid on that thing," as the well is his worst nightmare.

The next scene takes place where it used to be the homestead, but is now called "Holliday Haus." Doc now has a whole army. He's the boss! Doc suddenly hears gunfire and checks to see what it all is about.

Doc enters the barn and sees Rosita (Tamara Duarte). He tells her that Wynonna has been taken, and she slaps him, possibly out of jealousy. She asks who Wynonna is, and Doc tells her she is from a different world and that Gretta cast a spell. Doc does not even know himself if she still exists. Rosita assures him he is hallucinating and maybe snorting some of own product.

He notices she is shackled and sets her free. She was chained up by him for six months now.

He asks her if she knows Waverly or Dolls (Shamier Anderson), and she confirms she knows them both, only Waverly isn’t an Earp, but is Waverly Gibson. He tells her he needs to talk to Dolls.

Back at Black Badge, Dolls interrogates the Widow, Mercedes (Dani Kind), who is inside a glass cage. He asks her what she was doing in Purgatory and why she's destroying consecrated ground. He has been witness to a multitude of creatures lately; maybe she knows something about it and what they are searching for.

Mercedes gives him a hint that he should be the one searching, for someone, and it’s a woman. Dolls thinks she is talking about her sister, Beth (Meghan Heffern), but she is talking about Wynonna.

When I was watching Dani, it was hard not to be impressed by her scenes in the episode. It brings up so many thoughts and feelings about this crazy woman. It was a massive scene and a really creepy one.

Doc shows up at Black Badge looking for Dolls. Dolls knows Doc is a serial killer; he isn’t taking any chances and takes out his gun. Doc is there to try to refresh Dolls memory about Wynonna. She was in the office working with Dolls, and now she is missing, and something happened to her. Doc came prepared with dynamite under his jacket, so if Dolls shoots him the whole place will burn. Nicole hits him from behind and he collapses.

Dolls tells Jeremy (Varun Saranga) to put him inside with Mercedes, and "May the best bitch will win!"

At the station, we move to Nicole Haught, who is now sheriff, after Nedley (Greg Lawson) was killed by the Widows. She is working on cases of dogs that went missing in Purgatory. She is looking at a photo of Nedley, sharing that she is doing her best, but she also misses him so much.

Nicole looks at the time and sees it's almost noon, and Waverly is about to come bring her lunch as she always does. She straightens her hair and puts some lipstick on, getting ready to see her; she seems excited.

There's a slow motion moment as Waverly walks into the room, and Nicole has a big smile smeared on her face. It’s a great way to show what true love looks like. Katherine Barrell's eyes were glowing.

Nicole will say whatever comes to mind now, because she is under her spell. She is in love with Waverly.

Waverly came to change her last name. She and Nicole talk about the fact that Waverly is about to get married. Nicole fills the papers in with her information. Nicole knows Waverly was born on September 8th. She tells Nicole that her real last name is actually Earp, not Gibson, and she was raised by a woman named Gus Gibson (Natascha Girgis), who borrowed the name Earp.

Waverly notices Nicole's wedding ring, and she seems confused as to why she is still wearing it.

Waverly thinks of marriage as a fresh start for her life. She seems unsure about what she really wants, and if it’s the right thing for her. She metaphorically says it's like running off of a cliff, and it's terrifying. Nicole says back that if it's right you don’t think about the cliff, because you’re sure when you reach the edge you'll fly.

They look each other in the eyes and it feels just like magic. I think that was the moment when Waverly felt her feelings for Nicole changing in that reality. We all know how Nicole feels about her.

Officer Lonnie (Chris Casson) interrupts them, saying that people usually die when they jump off of a cliff.

Wynonna EarpMeanwhile, Doc and Widow Mercedes are now inside the cage together. Doc is screaming for help, calling for Dolls and Nicole. Mercedes giggles, knowing no one will hear him or save him.

She is tries to freeze him to death, but is out of poison because of them taking it in the original timeline. Doc knew that Dolls wouldn't put him in there with her and let her kill him.

Waverly and Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon) are in the streets of Purgatory. Perry wants to get a kiss on the mouth, but Waverly turns her face to the side, so he gets her cheek. She doesn't seem like she in love with this guy.

They are talking about leaving town; he says that it will be hard for him, when she says the opposite. She can't wait to finish her history degree and travel the world. He mentions that this is the third time they've planned the wedding. She says to him that "something always seems to be missing," and he answering her, "closure."

He reveals that he was looking into her Dad's and Willa (Natalie Krill)'s murders, and because he didn’t want to get her hopes about it, he didn’t share it with her until now. She isn’t happy about him invading her privacy.

He tells her that the murderer that killed her family is back in Purgatory, and he wants to see her. What are the odds two weeks before her wedding day?

Waverly visits the main who killed her family in a padded room at St. Jude's. It's Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund).

She says her name as she walks into the cell and corrects her last name from Gibson to Earp. Bobo turns around and tells her that she is his angel.

Bobo came back but everything is changed now. Waverly says that he was the one that made her an orphan when he killed her family. He tells her that her sister was the one who killed their father and Willa.

According to Bobo, Waverly needs to ask him not why he came back to Purgatory, but why now. Her father is dead, but if he came back it means the heir is gone. She has no idea what he's talking about. Bobo says it's Wynonna, her sister, but Waverly remembers only one sister.

He realizes it is a spell. He tries to get her to realize she needs to find her sister. Waverly wants to leave, but he promises to tell her whatever she wants to know. She asks about the night when her father was killed, and why she was the only one who survived. He answers her that no one would hurt the baby; that was his law, because she is his angel. His last words to Waverly are "Fly, fly away and make Wynonna missing no more."

I loved everything about this scene. Michael was really powerful. He makes Waverly interested, but has to tell her the truth to get her attention.

Somewhere outside Purgatory, Beth is trying to bring her demon husband Clootie back to life using the third seal. Nothing is working, and after throwing the ring to try to break it, she realizes she needs two people to make it work.

At Shorty's, in the basement, Waverly is searching for memories or files, anything about her history. She doesn't believe there's an Earp curse. She finds a white dress and a photo of her and her big sister Wynonna.

Back at Black Badge, Beth shows up to save her sister breaks the container where Doc and Mercedes are locked in by freezing it. Mercedes sarcastically tells Beth that what she did was adorable.

Doc takes a gun out of the safe box and shoots at them, but it doesn't work. Frustrated, he asks, "Just once can I get some bullets that work?!"

Wynonna EarpJeremy is watching from the side, trying not to get killed, and when the Widows leave, he points a gun at Doc, telling him to put his gun down. Jeremy doesn't know how Doc knew the code for the safe box. Doc tells him that is may sound crazy, but they are living in an alternate reality, and he asks him if he remembers when he came to work in Purgatory. Jeremy tries to remember, but he can't.

Doc tells him they know each other. Jeremy is a comic book fan that wants to be a hero, and Doc needs a good man to help him make it right. Doc puts his hat on Jeremy's head and calls him a hero, which convinces him.

Doc is about to go to Shorty's to look for Dolls, and Jeremy asks him if they can go out for a drink together maybe. It wasn’t the right time to say something like that. Doc takes back his hat.

Back at Shorty's, Waverly stands in front of a mirror, sorry for hating her mother for leaving town. She gets it now that this place wasn't for her.

She hears something and goes upstairs holding a shotgun, threatening to harm whoever it is. Doc is shocked seen Waverly, but she is scared seeing Doc Holliday, the criminal, and she begs him not to kill her, because she is getting married.

Dolls shows up and tell Doc to keep his hands up. Doc says Jeremy told Dolls where he was, but Dolls says he committed treason. Doc doesn't want a fight, and he tries to tell Dolls that the demons tore the town apart, and they both are on the same team.

During a gun fight, Doc mentions Dolls is a good man, but that he has "semi-reptilian tendencies" which he shouldn't know about. Dolls says he crossed the line.

Doc needs to keep looking for Wynonna, and Dolls doesn't leave him any choice but to shoot him, so he does. Doc is surprised to discover that he didn't he didn't have his body armor on to protect him. He says he will heal and promises him that he will make it right.

Waverly shoots Doc in the back, and he falls into her arms. His last words to her are that the only way to save them from all this is to find the witch and destroy the trophy to save Wynonna and the baby, and put an end to the spell. He calls her “Baby Girl” affectionately, which he says to Waverly all the time. It seems to spark a memory.

Doc and Dolls’s friendship has had an impact on the show, and their death was really hard for me to watch.

In Nicole's car, Waverly cries and thanks Nicole for come and get her. She shares with Nicole her feeling about Doc's death, even though he was insane and is the reason why Purgatory looks like shit.

Waverly asks Nicole if she ever met someone that right away meant something to her. Nicole for sure knows how it feels. She shares what his last words to her were before he died.

Waverly need to find an "Iron Witch." Nicole tells her that the town is like "supernatural central." Waverly thinks Nicole is really brave for saying something like that out loud. She asks Nicole if she can get her to the Iron Witch, if it won't be illegal. Nicole says it will be, but she can blow off work and they can just "pass by." Waverly questions that she would do that for her, and Nicole saying that she would a lot of things to her. Freudian slip. Waverly corrects her - for her. Nicole confirms that too.    

Jeremy finds Dolls at the side of the road dying. He tries to stop the bleeding, but Dolls tells him it's too late. All he needs to do is complete the mission. Dolls was happy before he died knowing he was the one that killed Doc Holliday, but he admits he felt empty, like he was his friend. His last word is “Wynonna,” like he was remembered her before he died.

Waverly and Nicole find the Iron Witch, Gretta, and she tells them that the world is under a spell, like in the Narnia story. She says that her life is shit, and her sister is still dead. Nicole remembers her sister was Mattie Perley.

The witch remembers that she wished that Wynonna was gone, and wishes are literal, so she was erased from the universe. People touched by the demonic remember the truth, as well as Doc, because he touched the trophy.

She has been working on a reversal spell and lifts the glamour for a few seconds by chanting.

While it’s lifted, Waverly remembers she gave the trophy to Gretta and that she tricked her. She remembers Wynonna, and both she and Nicole remember how wonderful, caring, and strong she is. Waverly remembers she betrayed her because she loves Nicole, and she says that out loud.

The spell returns, but the memories of the memories stay with them. Waverly realizes why Doc was looking the trophy, so he could break the spell. Gretta tells them that enough fire can break anything, but that the problem is the trophy is located at revenant ground zero. They won't make it past the front gate.

Back in the cell, Waverly and Bobo talk, and he keeps telling her she is his angel. She asks him to help her get to the Earp homestead. Bobo tells her she is too young to be the heir yet and doesn't know what the risks are. Waverly aggressively grabs him and says that it's crawling with revenants, just like him.

Dominique was brilliant in this scene, and I really loved the dynamic work between them as each one of them tries convincing the other.

Wynonna EarpThe next scene is when Bobo and Waverly walk out from the prison.

Damn it was hot! When Bobo leads the way, he takes whatever he wants, by just saying. "I like your boots; I want your boots."

Moving forward to Rosita and Jeremy, she is pointing her gun at him, asking about Dolls. He tells her that both Dolls and Doc are dead. Jeremy asks her the same things Doc was asking him. He also tells her Black Badge lied to them. She doesn’t remember certain things either like how she ended up working for them. All the pieces are of their puzzle are connected, and they understand Doc was right.

Somewhere in Purgatory, Beth and Mercedes are trying together to bring back their husband, holding hands trying to raise him from the dead, chanting the spell, "Show of yourself and come to reclaim, all that was lost you shall once more regain." Mercedes is weak. They know the spell that made Wynonna disappear has holes in it. Mercedes realizes something and tells Beth that someone moved their husband’s body; he is no longer there.

It was so awesome to watch Dani and Meghan acting during the season; everything about it is just magnificent and instinctual.

Next we follow Bobo, Waverly, and Nicole looking for a way to bring back Wynonna, standing not far from the revenants and Doc Holliday's zone. Bobo says that bringing back the heir will be a "tap, tap, tap a nail in my coffin." Nicole's responds in the funniest and coolest way: "What is this, slam poetry night?"

Bobo tells Waverly and Nicole to dig under the hamster's grave and remove the talisman which is neutralizing the ground. Then it will be reactivated and blow the revenants off the land. They both try hard to open the grave, but it all freezing cold. Bobo tells them to move faster and he leaves.

At "Holliday Naus," Steve welcomes Bobo as a hero to everyone. One of the revenant sees Nicole and Waverly and wants to know what the hell they are doing. Nicole shoots at him.

They need to get that trophy, which means they need to go to the barn. In all the chaos of people fighting, Nicole leads the way for her and Waverly, shooting at everyone. Waverly turns to her and says, "You're so cool, Haught."

Nicole and Waverly get safety inside barn. Nicole holds a gun on Rosita, and she tells them not to shoot, because the whole place is rigged to blow up.

Nicole demands some answers, like what is with all the drugs, and who are they really. Jeremy tells Sheriff Haught that they believe that Black Badge has gone rogue.

Waverly says that they have to find a big trophy hidden somewhere there. Rosita is anxious that they are under surveillance by Black Badge.

As they all search for the trophy, Waverly gets a call from Perry. She tells him she is occupied and that raspberry ice cream sounds great, and also she thinks she is gay; she will call him later. During the call Nicole tries to hurry her up, so when she says that she might be gay, Nicole's face is glowing and she is smiling.

Outside the barn Bobo is approached by the Widows, who are not happy with him.
Inside the barn Rosita, Nicole, and Jeremy are watching what's happening outside, when to Jeremy surprise, he calls the sisters Widows. He has no idea how he knew who they are.

Rosita is prepped to leave and fight as she tells them where the trophy located. Jeremy and Nicole can't stop Rosita from leaving, and watch as she is killed.

Waverly finds the trophy.

Outside, the revenants are gathering and are ready to break in. Nicole is worried they may not make it. Waverly tells Nicole they need to die; that is what will break the spell. Waverly remembers that the Iron Witch said that if they destroy the trophy with fire, then the spell will be broken and Wynonna will return, so they need to blow up the trophy with the explosivies. Jeremy is the smartest guy but has no idea what they are talking about.

Waverly says that dying is their only chance of living, and asks, "Who's in?" Nicole says, "Where you go, I go," similar to their reality from the beginning of the season, when Nicole said, "As long as you want me, I will be by your side." It’s a closure to their developing relationship. They both are doing it for Wynonna. They stamp the moment with a long kiss, possibly their last.

The three hit the detonator and the barn blows up.

The three are still alive and likely in their own reality. Nicole apologizes, and Waverly kisses her.

Nicole is the most caring woman, and it makes sense people relate to her. She makes the people she loves and cares about her first priority.

Jeremy says they need to find out if everyone is back. Nicole is sure that Bobo is back. Waverly tells her that they can't know if the spell was truly reversed until they find Wynonna.

Somewhere in Purgatory, Mercedes and Beth have Bobo tied up. He feels the spell is gone. He tells them of the time he searched for the Stone Witch's sons’ bones. His dug and dug, and he found Clootie's coffin.

They try to force him to tell them where he is. Bobo has been through hell and things that they can't even imagine. He won't go back to hell again, and Clootie has the power to stop it. They can't promise him anything, but they're good at convincing. They need to know they can trust him.

Wynonna EarpHe takes the ring from and holds the third seal in his hand and breaks it. Beth says she can feel her husband's returning. She is happier than ever.

The last part of the episode focuses on Wynonna. She is back. She sees Bobo with the Widows. She says that she is a sucker for a reunion and starts to go after them, but finds the third seal is broken.

Suddenly it seems like she might be in labor.

What will happen next and are those Clootie's eyes that are shown in the end of the episode? What will happen now that the third seal was broken and Wynona is in labor? The next episode might reveal the answers to some of these questions. Also, Waverly and Nicole have a lot to talk about: Nicole's wife, Waverly's kissing Rosita, and what's next. There are only two episodes left this season.

Wynonna Earp airs every Friday on Syfy.

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