Advance Preview: The Magicians - The Rattening

The MagiciansTonight Syfy airs an all-new episode of The Magicians, "The Rattening." In the episode, Julia (Stella Maeve) and Quentin (Jason Ralph) make a deal with an Ancient One to travel to the underworld to search for her Shade. Meanwhile Eliot deals with more problems that arise in Fillory, while Margo tries to find a way to fix her deal with the fairies. Also, Penny finds a new ally who could help in his and Kady (Jade Tailor)'s quest for the book on how to kill a god.

**Slight spoilers if you haven't seen the official previews**

The MagiciansI really enjoyed Quentin and Julia's trip to the underworld. I loved the way they represented the place in such an unexpected way. Their meeting with the dragon was of course also memorable and fun.

The ensuing shenanigans in Fillory are, as usual, hilarious, and Eliot dealing with them of course is as well. I also was happy to see Margo step up and try to fix things with the fairies.

The MagiciansOn the other side of things, Penny was great in his interactions with the librarian this week, and he and Kady had some cute moments. Also, there was a reveal dealing with Renard (Mackenzie Astin) which really surprised me.

As usual, I loved the episode, and I can't wait to see what's next as the season draws closer to the end.

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