The Dark Knight Rises: Yes

Dark Knight RisesYes. There's the answer that you're looking for. Go see it. If you liked the previous movies in the Dark Knight Trilogy you'll enjoy this, if you haven't seen them, it's still a good movie. Oh, you wanted more than that? Alright, I can elaborate a little, but I'll warn you now, anyone who hasn't already seen Dark Knight Rises yet may want to wait to read the rest of this review. I will stick by my policy of giving no spoilers, but a clever/perceptive reader may be able to infer one from my comments. You have been warned.

Bane PosterStill here? Very well, I shall continue. If you were not aware, Dark Knight Rises is the last in a trilogy of Batman movies starring Christian Bale, and directed by Christopher Nolan. They have both gone on record that neither would do another Batman movie together. Essentially, the next Batman movies will not be done in the same continuity or likely, style as these past three. As such, Nolan and Bale went into this movie with the intent to end a story.

Dark Knight Rises is a good movie. Its characters are dynamic, it can move you at times, and provide child-like excitement in others. It is also a good ending to a trilogy. Story elements that you may not have realized that had been building to this point come full circle; the major characters we've been following over the years receive a satisfying conclusion; Nolan gives nods to past events, and we're even given a surprise cameo from a character from the Batman universe that no one expected.

A lot of people were concerned with how Bane and Catwoman would be portrayed (particularly the former). Both did well. Bane was intimidating and intelligent, if hard to understand at times, while Miss Selina Kyle was the sultry, jewel thief with a heart of at least silver. However, I'd probably give the breakthrough performance to Joseph-Gordon Levitt for his original character of Officer Blake. We may only have known him for one movie, but by the end of the film, you come to believe in him as his own hero.

Alas, for me, this ending was not flawless. Don't misunderstand me, I am not displeased with any part in the movie, everything was done well. That being said, I am disappointed in one event in the ending. Nolan came so close to doing what no one else before him could, change the status-quo of an iconic super hero with finality. As I said, though, it is a damn enjoyable movie, and I can't blame him for what I'm sure he was pressured to do. I'll just pretend two scenes out of the end of the movie, and call the Trilogy a must own.

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