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Exclusive: Hello Tomorrow’s Alison Pill

Alison PillTomorrow, the season finale of Hello Tomorrow premieres on Apple TV Plus. The series, which is set in a retro-future world follows a group of traveling salesmen who sell lunar time shares, led by Jack Billings (Billy Crudup), who dreams of a brighter tomorrow. He tells desperate customers looking for a way to change their lives what they want to hear, even if it’s not always entirely true. Doing so may inspire others but threatens to leave him lost in his fantasy. 

Alison Pill plays the role of consumer Myrtle Mayburn, who’s life is upended by Jack, but possibly for the better. The actress recently spoke with SciFi Vision about working on the series and more.

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Exclusive Video Interview: Martin Gero on Quantum Leap’s High-Stakes Season Finale

Martin GeroTonight, on the season finale of Quantum Leap, Ben (Raymond Lee) leaps to a dark future to get some words of wisdom from Ian (Mason Alexander Park) before the next leap takes him close to home. As the team faces off with Leaper X (Walter Perez), can Ben save the love of his life (Caitlin Bassett) without jeopardizing everyone’s present and future? 

Last week, the showrunner of the series, Martin Gero, spoke with SciFi Vision about some of the choices made this season, as well as the upcoming season finale and what fans can expect.

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Exclusive: Star Trek: Picard's Brent Spiner on Playing Data in All His Forms

***The following contains spoilers for 3.07***

Brent SpinerOn the most recent episode of Star Trek: Picard, which aired yesterday on Paramount Plus, some time has passed since the capture of William Riker (Jonathan Frakes). We see yet another familiar face, this time from Voyager, in the form of Tuvok (Tim Russ) as the crew of the Titan finds just how deep the Changeling takeover of the Federation goes.

Geordi (LeVar Burton) suggests that Data (Brent Spiner) may be able to help them make a plan to defeat the Changelings. However, things do not go as planned as Data is not the only consciousness inside his mind. His brother Lore (also Spiner) is also present and has no plans of helping the crew of the Titan. By the end of the episode, Data finally manages to break through and take control of his body back.

SciFi Vision recently had the pleasure of speaking with Spiner, who has been a part of the Star Trek Universe for over 30 years.

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Exclusive Video Interview: Ride Stars Jake Foy, Sara Garcia, & Tyler Jacob Moore

RideHallmark Channel’s new original primetime series, Ride, premieres tonight. The western series follows the matriarch of the small-town ranching family the McMurrays (Nancy Travis) and her sons and daughter in-law (Tiera Skovbye) as they struggle to keep the ranch afloat after a tragic accident.

Recently SciFi Vision spoke with cast members Jake Foy, who plays singer and bullfighter Tuff McMurray, Sara Garcia, who plays Valeria Galindo, a one-time runaway who has become a part of the family, and Tyler Jacob Moore, who plays Gus Booker, who is interested in investing in the ranch and also is one of the love interests of the lead, Missy McMurray (Skovbye). The three talked about working on the series, including what attracted them to the series,  their favorite scenes, ranching, what they learned from working on the show, and more.

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Video Interview: Rabbit Hole's Charles Dance & Meta Golding on the Importance of Trust & More

Rabbit HoleThe first two of eight episodes of Rabbit Hole premiere today on Paramount Plus. The series follows John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland), a master of deception who works in the world of corporate espionage. Suddenly his world is upended when he is framed for murder by forces who can influence the masses. The series also stars Charles Dance as Ben Wilson and Meta Golding as Hailey Winton, both of who recently spoke with the press about their work on the series. 

In a show where nothing is what it seems, trust becomes very important between characters. “I think that that's one of the big themes of the show, who and what can you trust?” Golding told SciFi Vision. “Who can you trust on a big scale? Our government, our data, or cell phones? Then, who can you trust on a personal level? I mean, our two characters start off pretty much hating each other, but then we kind of need to survive…It's that constant thing that we're constantly playing with, like who [and] what do you trust? What is real? Because even if you think about it, it takes a long time to get to know someone, let alone people who are used to always manipulating situations or words. We're all excellent liars in the show. Then, we kind of band together. So, it makes for interesting dynamics.”

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Exclusive Video Interview: The Ark’s Samantha Glassner on Kelly's Agenda

Samantha GlassnerIn last night’s all-new episode of The Ark, the crew discover that William Trust (Paul Leonard Murray) and his wife (Mercedes De La Cruz) are on board Ark One. Although it’s unclear where his loyalties lie, he must help the crew members deal with the FTL drive. Meanwhile it becomes clear that Kelly (Samantha Glassner), who last week secretly kept a gun, has an agenda. She’s starts sidling up to Angus (Ryan Adams), to the dismay of Alicia (Stacey Reed), while subtly trying to stop them from getting more information about Ark 15 and why they attacked.

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Exclusive: Star Trek: Picard’s Todd Stashwick on How It’s Now About Survival

***The following interview contains spoilers for 3.05***

Todd StashwickOn the most recent episode of Star Trek: Picard, which was released today on Paramount Plus, paranoia over the Changlings continue as a Bajoran crewman from Picard (Patrick Stewart)’s past, (Michelle Forbes) boards the ship and he faces a court martial by Starfleet. He must decide if she can be trusted, and how far the Changling infiltration goes.

By the end of the episode, it’s quite clear that if they are going to make it out of their situation, that captain of the Titan, Liam Shaw, played by 12 Monkey’s Todd Stashwick, is going to have to trust and work with Picard and Riker (Jonathan Frakes) moving forward as they are on the run from Starfleet. “By the time we hit the end of episode 305, it's survival, and he is smart enough to know he needs all hands on deck, and he needs their experience,” the actor told SciFi Vision during a recent interview. “He needs their counsel; he needs their advice…I think going forward when he suddenly realizes that they are fugitives and they collectively have their backs against the wall, because they just witnessed how compromised Starfleet is, he's no dummy. He's going to need all of the advice and counsel that can be given.” 

Stashwick was a fan of Star Trek long before getting a part on Picard. “In many ways, I've been pretending to be a captain since I was six,” he quipped, also speaking of how the writers on the series know how to write specifically for him after working with them for four seasons on 12 Monkeys. “I was very fortunate to have the writing support of Terry Matalas, Sean Tretta, Chris Monfette, Oliver Grigsby, 12 Monkeys writers. So, stepping into the role and saying the words felt like I had been speaking like this forever, because those guys know how to play my instrument, if you will…They had been writing in Shaw's voice prior to me actually even hitting a moment on the soundstage, which doesn't usually happen. Often…[writers] will create a part, then they cast an actor, and then they get to know that actor and start kind of tailoring the words to them and to their strengths as a performer. This was the inverse of that. They already kind of knew how to write to my voice before I ever showed up.”

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Exclusive Video Interview: Quantum Leap’s Nanrisa Lee Heads to the Imaging Chamber

Nanrisa LeeIn tonight’s all-new episode of Quantum Leap, “Ben Song for the Defense,” when Ben (Raymond Lee) leaps into a public defender and needs help keeping an innocent teen out of prison for a murder he didn’t commit, it’s Jenn (Nanrisa Lee), not Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who helps him from the imaging chamber because of her legal expertise.

Earlier today, Lee spoke with SciFi Vision about filming the episode and and this surprising turn. The actress herself was surprised only a few episodes prior when she found out she would be assisting Ben on the leap. “They gave me a little bit of a heads up a couple episodes prior, but just in a really sort of vague like, ‘what do you think,’ way, and it was more centered around the credentials as to why I would go in. So, I thought, ‘Yeah, it's probably going to happen,’ but I didn't know in what capacity and then when I got the script…It was just really exciting. I think Romy Lore who wrote the episode did just such a great job, especially since we’d never met before, just sort of finding Jen's humor and her isms and really helping to build that dynamic between Jen and Ben, because you've not seen that before.” 

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Exclusive: Magnum P.I.'s Amy Hill

Amy HillMagnum P.I. has gone through many changes throughout the years, including a new station! However, one thing that remains consistent is the presence of actress Amy Hill, who plays Kumu on the show. Her role has been iconic since day one and she shows no signs of slowing down!

Kumu was in and out doing a lot of crazy stuff, fun, fun stuff, and some really meaningful things,” she said in a recent SciFi Vision interview. “There are a lot of little surprises that come along in the season.”

While she could not give anything away at the risk of revealing spoilers, Hill did say that playing Kumu has been nothing short of amazing. One of her favorite things was shooting the Uzi, which even led to her creating her own cartoon character in honor of the moment. It was something incredibly special for her and a moment that she will never forget.

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Exclusive Video Interview: School Spirits’ Macpherson, Ventura, Pichardo, & Wedell

Written by Jamie Ruby
Interview by Suzanne Lanoue

School SpiritsCreated by Nate and Megan Trinrud, School Spirits premieres today on Paramount Plus. The series follows Peyton List as teen Maddie, who finds herself stuck in the afterlife at her high school along with other students in limbo. Determined to discover the truth and solve the mystery of her disappearance, she observes her friends and discovers that she wasn’t as close to some of them as she thought and they may have secrets they are hiding.

The series also stars Spencer Macpherson, as her boyfriend, Xavier, Kristian Ventura and Kiara Pichardo as Maddie’s friends, Simon and Nicole, and Rainbow Wedell as classmate and cheerleader, Claire.

Flores, Pichardo, Macpherson, and Wedell recently spoke with SciFi Vision about working on the new series, now available to stream.

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