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Exclusive Video Interview: From's Pegah Ghafoori

Pegah GhafooriIn season two, the MGM+ thriller From is amping up the terror, and right now there’s probably nobody more terrified than Fatima (Pegah Ghafoori). Newcomers are stretching the community’s resources, people are dying almost every night, her fiancée Ellis (Corteon Moore) was accidentally stabbed, and oh yeah, Fatima thinks she might be pregnant. The only thing scarier than living in the town would be bringing a child into this world, but thus far no one has ever had a baby, and it’s not clear if it’s even possible to get pregnant.

In a video chat with SciFi Vision, actress Pegah Ghafoori (Hello Au Revoir) shared her thoughts on where Fatima is mentally and emotionally coming into episode 207 (“Belly of the Beast”).  

“I think in the back of her mind, there's still a shoe to drop,” Ghafoori suggested. “Whether that is the town going ‘JK, you're actually not pregnant, but I'm so glad you got your hopes up,’ or it's that she is pregnant and it's a gift from the town.

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Exclusive Video Interview: From Cast Members on the Mysteries of Season 2

FromFrom, which airs on MGM, takes place in a town that traps anyone who arrives. The residents struggle daily to survive the nightmares of the town, including the terrifying creatures that come out to hunt at night. Season two has brought with it a group of new residents from a bus that arrived from Grand Rapids, but also a bunch of new horrors as truths and origins of the town start to come to light.

In last week’s episode, Ellis (Corteon Moore) was accidentally stabbed and needed a blood transfusion from his father, the sheriff (Harold Perrineau). Having contracted some kind of strange disease from a man he met in the previous episode, Sheriff Boyd was reluctant to let Kristi (Chloe Van Landschoot), the town doctor, use his blood. However, in a surprising turn, he transferred his blood into one of the creatures (Jamie McGuire), which seemed to actually kill it, perhaps giving them a fighting chance against the them for once.

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Exclusive Video Interviews: Cast of Primo, Now Streaming on Amazon Freevee

PrimoFriday, the new comedy Primo premiered on Amazon Freevee. The coming-of-age story is inspired by the life of creator and executive producer Shea Serrano and follows Rafa Gonzales (Ignacio Diaz-Silverio), a teen growing up and going to high school in in San Antonio, who lives with his single mother, Drea (Christina Vidal), and his five overbearing uncles, Jay (Jonathan Medina), Rollie (Johnny Rey Diaz), Mondo (Efrain Villa), Ryan (Carlos Santos), and Mike (Henri Esteve). The series also stars Stakiah Lynn Washington as Rafa’s love interest, Mya, and Nigel Siwabessy and Martin Martinez as his friends Harris and Miguel.

Recently, cast members Diaz-Silverio, Washington, Medina, Diaz, Villia, Siwabessy, and Martinez talked to SciFi Vision about working on their new series.

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Video Interview: Sylvester Stallone & Family on Their New Reality Series, Premiering Today

The Family StalloneToday, the new reality series The Family Stallone premieres on Paramount Plus. The series stars the three-time Academy Award Nominee Sylvester Stallone and his wife and three daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. The series offers an inside look at the famous family for the first time.

SciFi Vision recently spoke to the Stallone family about creating the reality series. In the premiere episode, Sistine plays a prank on her father with the help of her family. SciFi Vision was curious about the best prank someone in the family played.

“I would say there's so many incredible pranks coming in the later episodes,” Stallone teased. “I think the one they pulled on me was the cruelest one of all. I don't know how I could top that one, except like, ‘Hey, come visit me. I'm in a funeral home,’ and I like pop up. Like, ‘Fooled you!’ I mean, how do you top that? But the best pranks are yet to come in the other episodes.” 

A reality show can get pretty personal, so SciFi Vision also questioned if that was something they ever worried about. For Scarlet, the youngest of the three daughters, it was at first. “I feel like a lot of information, how we’ve told our feelings, and stuff like that, I feel like was kind of outside my comfort zone at first,” she admitted to the site. “But then at the same time, you're, you have to think that you're speaking to a bunch of, you're talking to a bunch of people that can also relate to you as well. So you're not alone. So at first, it was scary, but then you get used to it and realize that it's normal problems.”

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Exclusive Video Interview: Stars of The Tower 2: Death Message, Whelan, Sharif, & Akingbola

The TowerToday, The Tower returned to Britbox with an all-new season entitled The Tower: Death Message, which is based on the second novel in Kate London’s best-selling series. In the new season, rookie Police Constable Lizzie Adama (Tahirah Sharif) returns to duty, where she ends up in the middle of a domestic dispute with a family with a young daughter that she will fight to protect. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins (Gemma Whelan) has been transferred to Homicide, but it’s not what she expects when she not only finds that Detective Sergeant Steve Bradshaw (Jimmy Akingbola) has beat her to the division, but she is immediately saddled with a cold case of a missing schoolgirl. Collins, however, works hard to shed light on the investigation where others failed. Unexpectedly, she and Adama cross paths once again and are forced to work together.

Recently, the three stars of the series talked to SciFi Vision about the new season, including how the events at the tower are still affecting their characters, what’s to come in season two, and more.

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Exclusive: Kim Dickens on her Return to Fear the Walking Dead & Playing a Darker Madison

***The following contains spoilers for 8.01.***

Kim DickensTonight, Fear the Walking Dead returned to AMC for its eighth and final season. The episode takes place after a seven-year time jump. When Madison (Kim Dickens) realizes Mo (Zoey Merchant) is still on the island under the control of PADRE, she makes it her mission to reunite her with Morgan (Lennie James), whether he agrees they should be together or not.

Earlier in the month, SciFi Vision spoke with Dickens about the finale season, including Madison’s reasons for her actions, if she will keep fighting, whether she can move on, what a reunion with Colman Domingo’s Strand might look like, and more.

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Fear the Walking Dead Cast Members Elfman, Evangelista, & David are Surprised by Their Characters' Resilience

Fear the Walking DeadTonight, the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead premieres on AMC. After Madison (Kim Dickens) and Morgan (Lennie James)’s attempted rescue of Baby Mo didn’t go as planned, they and the other characters are brought to the island and living under the rules of PADRE.

Recently, cast members Jenna Elfman, who plays June, Christine Evangelista, who plays Sherry, and Karen David, who plays Grace, talked to the press about the upcoming final season, where SciFi Vision asked about how their characters’ journeys surprised them through the series. For all three of them, it was the characters’ reactions to the pain and hardships they’d faced.

“For me, I think I was most surprised at the courage that would burst out of her,” Elfman told the site, “this bravery and wild courage from so many moments, that she would spring forward out of all of this pain into very strong swings of integrity and courage, or even lashing out at different times…I think it was always like a good corollary to the pain when you lose a child and what that does to you, and the efforts at not being a victim, the thrust [of] trying to pull yourself outward and be more dangerous to your environment than your environment has imploded you into your own health. So, those sort of push and pulls from the pain and back into the world always stimulated and surprised me, and I was always pleasantly surprised.”

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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials Trailer - Titles Revealed!

Doctor Who MultimediaDoctor Who Trailer - November 2023
Doctor Who 2023 Titles Revealed!

60th Anniversary Specials Trailer

Doctor Who returns later this year for its 60th anniversary with three special episodes ❤️❤️➕🔷

Special Three: THE GIGGLE 

According to the official site, Russell T Davies, Showrunner said: “The titles are just the beginning of the Doctor’s biggest adventure yet.  Autumn is coming, with three hours of danger, Donna and disaster about to be unleashed!”

Below is a trailer from the 60th Anniversary specialls of Doctor Who. Doctor Who will return later this year to BBC America. Check it out.

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Exclusive Video Interview: Knights of the Zodiac’s Madison Iseman

Madison IsemanBased on the international anime sensation, Knights of the Zodiac brings the story of Saint Seiya to the big screen. Seiya (Mackenyu) makes his money in fight rings while searching for his sister that was taken as a child. His life suddenly changes when during a fight he accidentally accesses mystical powers he never knew about. Seiya is destined to protect the goddess Athena who has been reincarnated into a girl named Sienna (Madison Iseman) and help save the world, but only if he can face his past and pass his training to become a Knight of the Zodiac.

Star Iseman recently spoke with SciFi Vision about working on the series, connecting with the character, costumes, working with costars Sean Bean and Famke Janssen, and much more.

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Exclusive Video Interview: Silo’s Tim Robbins

Tim RobbinsBased on the novels by Hugh Howey, the dystopian drama Silo takes place in the future, where the last ten thousand people live deep underground in a silo, protecting them from the outside world, which is toxic and deadly. Inside, the community lives by a set of rules. No one knows when or why the silo was created, and no one questions it. The story centers around Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), an engineer who makes it her mission to find out the truth about the silo, regardless of the consequences, which could be deadly.

The series also stars Tim Robbins as the mysterious head of IT, Bernard, whose agenda is unclear.

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