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Video Interview: Circuit Breakers' Cole Keriazakos & Maz Jobrani

Circuit BreakersToday, the half-hour futuristic anthology series Circuit Breakers premieres on Apple TV+. The series tackles issues through a sci-fi lens in a way that kids can relate to. Often, the use of the technology leads to chaos.

In the fourth episode entitled “Entangled,” during a school presentation, Principal Young (Maz Jobrani) and student Seth (Cole Keriazakos) accidentally switch bodies.

To promote the series, Jobrani and Kerizakos talked to the press during a recent roundtable. The two talked to SciFi Vision about what each of their characters taught them about themselves. For the elder of the two, it was about his love of being on set. “I've been touring a lot as a stand up, and that's kept me busy,” Jobrani told the site, adding that he wants to be involved in quality projects, which he considers Circuit Breakers.

Keriazakos, on the otherhand, talked about the collaborative process of working on the series. “It was just a combination of the perfect actors, the perfect cast, the perfect crew, and the perfect producers,” the actor told the site. “I love the director, too. I feel like everyone worked together really well to create this amazing show.”

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Exclusive Video Interviews: Cast & EP Talk Season 3 of Mythic Quest

Mythic QuestThis new season of Mythic Quest promises to be one for the books. Premiering today on Apple TV +, fans can expect to see lots of different pairings forming, all of which will have an impact on the season as a whole.

“There are so many fun pairings in this season in particular,” Ashly Burch revealed. “Jesse [Ennis] and I and Charlotte, who plays Poppy, have a really fun storyline that I'm excited for people to see where we go to brunch.”

Naomi Ekperigin and Danny Pudi agree when it comes to their own characters of Carol and Brad. “Season three of Mythical Quest is wild,” Ekperigin told SciFi Vision “Characters are forming new alliances. Somehow Carol decides to hang out with Brad, which she should never do.”

While the season was fun for the cast, filming still came with some challenges. “The biggest challenge was kind of a weird challenge that we just put on ourselves, because we started shooting things really quickly,” Ennis said. “We know our characters. We know the tone of the show; we know how we shoot the show. So, what would usually take seven days started to take three or four days, and then it was almost like we wanted to beat our record. So, it wasn't like anyone was sitting in the corner being like, ‘Guys we have to make our day so that we shoot a three-day episode,’ but…there was just this momentum and this rhythm with which we were shooting that was really fun, and challenging and we got ahead of ourselves.”

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Exclusive Video Interviews: EP & Cast on The Calling, Now Streaming on Peacock

The CallingThe new series, The Calling, premieres today on Peacock. The series, which comes from creator David E. Kelley, was adapted from the Avraham Avraham novels by D.A. Mishani and follows NYPD Detective Avraham Avraham (Jeff Wilbusch) who is guided by his spirituality and has a way of connecting with others that allows him to see things that others may miss.

SciFi Vision spoke with the cast and executive producer, Matthew Tinker, Kelley’s producing partner, recently, to promote the series.

Although the series is an adaptation, there were certain things that had to be changed, according to Tinker, such as placing the series in Brooklyn. “[T]here's the saying of write what you know,” the producer told SciFi Vision. “So, the books take place in Tel Aviv. That's not a place I've lived; it’s not a place David [Kelley]'s lived. I think to tell this as authentically as possible, we found an actor who was very much Avraham and could authentically portray Avraham in Jeff, but in setting it, we needed to be able to write about a place that we were familiar with…We have tons of different perspectives and voices on the show in the writers room and the producers and the various directors we've had that it should feel like a melting pot of perspectives and voices, but at the end of the day, to kick things off, both David and I looked at Brooklyn and felt like this is the place where we can tell this story authentically and efficiently.”

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Exclusive Video Interview: Showrunner Simon Barry Discusses Season 2 of Netflix's Warrior Nun

Warrior NunAfter over two years of waiting by fans, today marks the anticipated return of Warrior Nun to Netflix. SciFi Vision spoke with showrunner Simon Barry earlier in the week about what fans can expect.

Season one of Warrior Nun revolved around trying to free Adriel (William Miller). They’ve now discovered that Adriel was not an angel as they had believed, and this season focuses on Ava (Alba Baptista) and the other nuns of the Order of the Cruciform Sword defeating him. “We really wanted to have Ava be given an adversary that was worthy of her and worthy of the situation that she finds herself in and is embracing as a character,” Barry told SciFi Vision, “because Ava in season one kind of got over this situation she found herself accidentally in and decided that this was a life of purpose and a life that would have meaning. She found love and companionship with her sisters, and so now she has someone to fight for. It wasn't just about her anymore and being selfish. It was about her being selfless. So, we needed season two to really be the expression of that, and in doing so, we needed to give her something that she could conceivably give everything up for if she had to, because that's ultimately what the hero does.”

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The World is Dark and Broken - The Walking Dead 11x22, Faith - Review

The Walking Dead“[The Walking Dead] ends with a really definitive conclusion for both the series and then each individual character.”
--Scott Gimple, interview with Entertainment Weekly, 25 October 2022

With only two episodes to go before the end of the series, it feels like The Walking Dead is somersaulting so unevenly through the convoluted Commonwealth plot that the show has little chance of sticking the landing. The season as a whole has been, at times, bewildering in its narrative choices, with dead ends (Leah’s arc) and sudden drop-offs (Oceanside) that frustrate any viewer who has been tuned in for more than one season.

“Faith” has as its focus Negan’s redemption arc. Ostensibly, the episode deals with questions around our faith in each other, our faith in the world, and our faith in ourselves. Maggie doubts her decision to bring Hershel Jnr into the world; Pamela fights to retain the support of the disillusioned Commonwealth citizens; and Mercer reveals a realignment of his loyalties. But, undoubtedly, the primary purpose of 11x22 is to move Negan’s story forward, towards his upcoming spinoff with Maggie.

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Circuit Breakers Exclusive Sneak Peek: "Copycat" - 1.02 - 11/11/22

Circuit Breakers MultimediaCircuit Breakers Video Clip - My Birthday at the Fair - Premieres 11/11/22
1.02 - "Copycat"

Friday the new series Circuit Breakers premieres on Apple TV+. SciFi Vision was given an exclusive sneak peek clip from episode two, entitled, “Copycat” that you won’t see anywhere else!

About the episode:

Aspiring dancer Jesse can’t balance his priorities, so a friend builds his robotic duplicate. But things take a turn when Jesse loses control of his double.

Watch below, and be sure to catch the episode Friday on Apple TV+!

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Exclusive: Medina Senghore Talks The Walking Dead 11.22

***The following contains spoilers for 11.22***

Medina SenghoreIn tonight’s all-new episode of The Walking Dead, at the prison camp at the Commonwealth, the warden (Michael Weaver) threatens Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to get him to tell him who is trying to start a revolt among the prisoners. Not willing to give up Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and the others, Negan offers himself up to protect his wife, Annie (Medina Senghore). However, not wanting Negan to become a martyr, the warden grabs his wife and plans to shoot her as well. Thankfully, however, the other prisoners stand up to him as Daryl (Norman Reedus) sneaks in and stabs him in time.

Earlier in the week, Senghore spoke with SciFi Vision about her character and tonight’s episode. Read the full transcript below!

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Exclusive Video Interview: Kosar Ali Costars in Starz' Dangerous Liaisons Prequel Series

Kosar AliWith its new series, Dangerous Liaisons, Starz takes on a well-known story from a fresh new angle. 

The show, which premieres tonight, was inspired by the 1782 novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a tale of seduction, secrets, and revenge among the French aristocracy. The original story centers on the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont, cruel ex-lovers who concoct a scheme to ruin other people’s lives and destroy themselves in the process. The novel has been adapted dozens of times including two recent feature films: 1988’s Oscar-winning Dangerous Liaisons and 1999’s Cruel Intentions.

The new show is not a remake or an adaption so much as it is a prequel, imagining how happy couple Camille and Pascal (Australian actors Alice Englert and Nicholas Denton) become vengeful social climbers determined to get what they want. Pascal is obsessed with reclaiming the title and fortune his stepmother stole from him, while Camille seeks power in a man’s world.

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Exclusive Inteview: Shantaram’s Sujaya Dasgupta

Sujaya DasguptaShantaram is back and better than ever! There are a lot of incredible moments, especially for Kavita, played by Sujaya Dasgupta. Last week, we saw her begin to make her mark as a journalist, which is something that was a long time coming. It not only has an impact on her career, but on her as a person.

“It's the first time we properly see Kavita, who's my character, and how she plays in this whole series and the start of her journey in this whole show,” Dasgupta told SciFi Vision. “She kind of lands with a big kind of blast. She's really hungry for a story and very eager to make her mark as a journalist.”

She went on to say that Kavita will continue to dig around for more as the season goes on, all while she tries to prove herself in the world of journalism. “I'm really excited to see where she can go,” she added, although she admits that there are several places the writers can take the character, especially since we only saw glimpses of her in the books.

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Exclusive Video Interview: Stars Ramirez & Long Tease Season 4 of Manifest

***The following interview contains slight spoilers***

ManifestTomorrow, Netflix releases the first half of season four of the fan favorite Manifest. The series follows passengers of Flight 828 who not only returned home to find that five years had passed, but started receiving visions of the future called callings.

One of the ones left behind during those five years to pick up the pieces and try to move on was Jared Vasquez (J.R. Ramirez), fiancé of Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), who was on the flight. This season, which picks up two years after the events of season three, he really balances the duty of his job at the NYPD with helping Michaela and the other 828 passengers. “He's put his job on the line for Michaela over and over and over again; this woman will always have a piece of his heart,” Ramirez told SciFi Vision during a recent interview. “He's tried to move on countless times…Over the two years, I feel like there's been a sense of maybe reflection that he's taken to work on himself and grow up and just accept what he has and what this life looks like with or without her. There's a sense of kind of calmness that you see that you'll see now…within the mix of all the other stuff. Helping figure out the Death Date and being there for Ben (Josh Dallas) and the family trying to find baby Eden, obviously he’s a very integral part to all that with his detective work.”

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