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It's That Time Again

If you follow SciFi Vision on twitter, you may have noticed that lately we have had an increase in interviews and such. SciFi Vision has been steadily expanding as our opportunities continue to increase. What you may not know is that up until recently, almost all of what you see on this site has been put up by yours truly (regardless of who it's written by), and most interviews (almost all the Syfy ones anyway) are generally done by me. Thankfully the staff and contributors continue to grow and the help I have gotten has been immeasurable.

With growth comes change and over the next couple weeks I will be once again changing some of the layout of the site. I love the design but it's becoming a bit overcrowded and will become more so as we start to cover more and more.

This is also to make room for our new contributor/partner site that we are excited to have on board: John Keegan/Critical Myth, who will be posting reviews of all your favorite shows (more are coming). That does not mean, however, that we aren't still happy to take review submissions for the site! The more the merrier!

As the site expands, so must the staff. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the site: from posting news and press releases, to transcribing, to yes at times even doing interviews. There's only so much one girl can handle! As the site continues to cover more genres besides science fiction, we are especially looking for people who are interested in those other areas. If you are interested in any position here at SciFi Vision, please use the form, found by the hiring box on the left. If you have a site and are interested in becoming an affiliate, please let us know that as well.

And of course if you are reading this and are part of one of the shows that we cover and would like to be featured on the site, we'd love to have you. We also will be soon be accepting items for review (ie besides network screeners).

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to see the new and improved SciFi Vision.

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