Cosplay Melee - War Games - 1.04 - Post Mortem

Cosplay MeleeIn tonight's episode of Cosplay Melee, "War Games," four contestants worked to build the best costume to win the ten thousand dollar prize.

Yvette Nicole Brown explained that the theme of the episode was the realm of video games. They had to build a character who would fit as a hero in their favorite game from the genre of games set in a dystopian future, embroiled in a war for humanity.

The four contestants were Josh, who often spends eighteen hours a day on cosplay and wanted to prove himself, Becky, a costume designer from New York City, Steven, a full time prop maker from St. Louis, and Cait, who works at a boutique and is known for her down to the wire cosplay.

Cosplay Melee - (l-r) Becka, Josh, Cait, and StevenIn round one, the contestants were tasked with creating a signature weapon that was integrated into an exoskeleton.

Cait chose to create a character from Overwatch named Embria, a dystopian badass sassy pyromania, who carries a flame thrower attached to her bracer with tubing into an oxygen tank on her back.

Steven decided to create a guardian from Destiny named Sarus Krusor, a necromancer with the ability to revive his teammates and enslave the dead. He chose to make a gauntlet blaster, made of a shoulder piece with a plasma chamber with hoses that feed into a gauntlet.

Becka chose the game Star Trek Online. Her character, One, the creator and destroyer of life, uses a weapon called "The Genesis," which funnels the knowledge of the universe straight into an orb which funnels it into her vertebrae.

Cosplay MeleeJosh created a character from Fallout: a vigilante named Siege, who was reprogrammed by the army and is a synth who carries "The Anihilator 14": a plasma thrower with a tubing system that links a fourteen way cluster missile bay.

After creating the weapons, the judges, including Brown, LeeAnna Vamp, and Christian Beckman, chose Josh as the winner and eliminated Cait, who's weapon didn't fit into the universe she chose quite as well as the others and also didn't seem to be integrated into an exoskeleton.

For the second round the contestants were given one of three bundles of LED lights, with Josh as the winner choosing first.

After completing their costumes, the three contestants did their makeup and suited up to walk the runway to be judged.

Cosplay MeleeThe judges liked all the costumes, but thought Josh's could have used more lights, Steven left his one leg somewhat empty, and Becka's didn't look quite as clean and finished as the others.

After discussing, Steven was declared the winner.


I enjoyed tonight's episode of Cosplay Melee. Video games was a fun theme, and the contestants all seemed into it.

The addition of lights to add to the costume was a great idea and really added to the authenticity of the futuristic costumes and weapons.

I was really impressed with the finished products, especially Steven's.

You can check out photos from the episode in the gallery, which will be updated with costume photos as soon as they are available (likely tomorrow).

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