DVD Review: Bitten: The Complete Second Season - Out Today on DVD

Bitten: The Complete Second SeasonBitten was originally advertised as being a series about werewolves, but in the second season the series expands with the introduction of witches to the mix.

The show picks up where season one left off. Elena (Laura Vandervoort) had found Philip (Paul Greene)’s severed head in her bed and now wants revenge. Meanwhile Alpha Jeremy (Greg Bryk) had discovered that James William (James McGowan) was actually his father, Malcolm, who kidnapped werewolf Logan (Michael Xavier)’s human and pregnant girlfriend Rachel (Genelle Williams).

At the start of the second season, the need to find Malcolm only intensifies when the Council of International Alphas comes to Stonehaven and vows to force Jeremy down as Alpha of North America if he does not take care of and kill Malcolm.

Bitten: The Complete Second SeasonWhen they get to Malcolm, Rachel is nowhere to be found, and Malcolm is terrified of something evil coming that killed the other mutts he was with.

Soon the witches Ruth (Tammy Isbell) and Paige (Tommie-Amber Pirie) Winterbourne show up, wanting to take Malcolm to give him to the other evil force in exchange for the safe return of another young witch, Savannah (Kiara Glasco), who has yet to come into her powers.

The Stonehaven wolves soon discover that this other force is a male witch by the name of Aleister (Sean Rogerson) , and Malcolm is nothing compared to what they are about to face. The wolves and witches must join forces to stop witch genocide and bring their loved ones back.

When I originally started watching Bitten, which is based on the Women of the Otherworld book series by Kelley Armstrong, it was advertised as a television series about werewolves. Apparently the novels actually focus on other supernatural beings as well. When I learned that season two would be about witches as well, I wasn’t sure what to think, as that wasn’t what I signed up for when I started watching. However, while the addition of the witches changed the series on a whole, it only raised the bar for the show.

The characters of the witches were given rich backstories and were integrated well into the series. It brought another element to the show that really worked.

Another change this season was the tone, as the series felt much darker. The shift helped to raise the stakes.

I also enjoyed the storyline this season with Nick (Steve Lund) meeting his mother, and his relationship with Paige.

The relationship of Elena and Clay (Greyston Holt) was of course again a main story point, and it stayed fresh even without Philip getting in the way.

If you were a fan of the original season of the series, this new chapter is sure to delight. If you haven’t seen the series before, you can jump in with season two and understand what is going on; however, I suggest watching season one first.

Special Features:

BittenBehind-the-Scenes Featurette - This seven minute feature is with the cast and crew talking about the season. Topics include discussions about honoring the books as well as keeping the series grounded in reality. The actors also talk about how their characters have changed this season. They talk about the addition of the witches this year as well as the the shift to a much darker tone. They also touch on special effects and stunts. It's a well-rounded feature that hits most major areas of production.

Deleted and Extended Scenes - This massive set of scenes is almost 20 minutes. There are multiple extended and deleted scenes for episodes 1-6 and 9. Some of them are ones that were interesting but probably cut for time. Some scenes include Clay talking to Elena about his family, an extended scene of Aleister controlling Savannah, some extra sequences of Elena's hallucinations, and many more. Usually a DVD set has a few extra scenes, and I really enjoyed that they included so many in this set.

Stunt Choreography - This feature is around 13 minutes and is made up of fight scenes that play while in the corner the tests with the stunt performers are shown, so you can compare it to the final version. There are fight sequences from episodes 1, 6, 8, 9, and 10. While this is interesting to see, I would have preferred to hear the stunt coordinator, John Stead, or the actors talk about performing the stunts.

Bitten New York Comic Con Panel - This feature is over 40 minutes and shows the panel moderated by Eric Johnson. Panel members include J.B. Sugar, Daegan Fryklind, Michael Xavier, Steven Lund, Greyston Holt, Jeremy, and Laura Vandervoort.

Gag Reel - This sure feature is filled with both bloopers and the actors fooling around. It's a good selection.

Gentling Video - This is apparently supposed to be the video that Aleister showed when brainwashing Savannah and possibly others. It is a fairly graphic video with quick moving scenes of blood and such. Part of it was used previously for a promotional video for the show about "the Undoing."

Innerspace: After Bite - This feature is almost 24 minutes and is the official after show for the season finale. The actors who play the werewolves and the witches, as well as J.B. Sugar and Daegan Fryklind, are all interviewed on the show in a casual format. There are also scenes played overlaid with set secrets - small behind-the-scene tidbits. There is also a tease that Cain (Noah Danby) could still be alive.


Season two is only available on DVD and not Blu-ray. This in itself is very annoying as the show was shot in HD, and I really don't understand the decision, but I digress. There are three DVDs in the set, with four episodes on each of the first two discs and the remaining two episodes as well as the bonus features on the last disc. There is also a cardboard slip cover that the clamshell case fits in from the side, on which the red is sort of metallic. All of the episodes with descriptions are on the inside insert. While it is behind the DVDs rather than in a booklet or something, having a list of episode titles is still better than not.

All in all, this is a good DVD set to own, if you are willing to put up with standard definition video.

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