DVD Review: Broadchurch: The Complete Second Season - A Gripping Mystery That Keeps You Guessing

BroadchurchSeason two of BBC America's award-winning mystery drama series Broadchurch picks up right where the first season finale left off: Detective Ellie Miller (Olivia Colemans)'s husband Joe (Matthew Gravelle) has been arrested after confessing to the murder of local boy Danny Latimer (Oskar McNamara). Miller and the town struggle to accept that fact and move past it as they face the trial that will continue to tear everyone apart.

Rather than a new mystery, the second season delves into the original murder case of the two girls that Detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant) couldn't solve, that was only touched upon in season one, when a key witness returns to Broadchurch seeking Hardy's help.

The new whodunnit, created by Chris Chibnall, is just as thrilling and gripping as season one and really pulls you into the investigation. The script is beautifully written and performed brilliantly. Tennant and Coleman especially fit their roles perfectly. It's fun to watch the two detectives banter back and forth. Andre Buchan and Jodie Whittaker as Mark and Beth Latimer and Charlotte Beaumont as their daughter Chloe are very believable as the grieving family. Arthur Darvill also returns as Reverend Paul Coates and is excellent in the role.

BroadchurchThere were also other great new cast members this season. I especially enjoyed the additions of James D'Arcy as Lee Ashworth and Eve Myles as Claire Ripley. I was constantly changing my opinion as to whether or not I should be suspecting either or both of them.

Chibnall is very good at creating full developed characters; each and every one is interesting in their own way.

As with season one, I was on the edge of my seat through the whole season. I actually ended up watching all eight episodes in one day, because I couldn't quit without knowing the murderer. While the court case wasn't quite as interesting as the murder investigation, I still had to know the results. I also appreciated the fact that the season two storyline focused on solving the original case, as opposed to bringing in a new one.

I was surprised by the resolution of the guilty parties and what actually happened, and I was very satisfied with the way the storyline with Joe Miller was wrapped up.

I can't wait for season three to see what Hardy and Miller are up to next and where the investigations will take them.

If you are looking for a fantastic murder mystery that will keep you riveted and wanting more, I definitely recommend you check out Broadchurch. Season two can be understood without watching the first season, but both stories are so enjoyable that I highly recommend starting with season one; it's well worth it.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes & Extended Scenes - There are quite a few deleted and extended scenes from episodes 3-8. The feature is over thirty minutes. Most of them are quite good and would have fit well; they were probably removed for time. A few examples include a court scene talking about forensic evidence, Miller yelling at her sister for committing perjury, and Beth finding out that Reverend Coates visited Joe in prison. This is one of the best set of deleted and extended scenes I have seen in a while.

The Making of Broadchurch - This feature is around fifteen minutes. The cast and crew talk first about filming locations, such as the beach, and how the locations are spread throughout southwest England, but make up a small community on screen.

Chibnall, as well as the actors talk about the different characters, the chemistry between Hardy and Miller, and more.

The actors also talk about not knowing a lot of the plot beforehand and waiting to find out, as well as how the audience will keep questioning who is responsible in season two.

Success and Series 2 - This feature is under six minutes. The cast and crew talk about not expecting the popularity of the first season. They also talk about how it's about what it really would be like to go through such an ordeal, rather than it being just a regular procedural. Other points touch on the exceptional writing and acting, as well as people being surprised by the ending.

BroadchurchThey talk about how season two measures up and keeps the momentum going. They also discuss where the characters are at in season two, recapping a bit of season one.

The Latimers - This is a short feature with Whittaker and Buchan talking about the characters' relationships with each other, as well as with Miller. Colman also comments about she and Whittaker being friends in real life.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman: The Success of Series 1 - The two talk about being surprised by the popularity and joke about Tennant not knowing the killer.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman: on Writer Chris Chibnall - The actors talk about Chibnall's writing, being pulled in, and loving the scripts. They also comment on pieces of season one that come back around in season two, as well as how all of the characters are rich and fully realized.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman: West Bay in Dorset - The two actors talk on location about filming at the beach. There is some joking around in this feature as well.

Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker: At the Latimer's House - On location they talk about filming so much in the house and about things like the prop photos of them around the house.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman: On Series 2 - Both actors talk about where their characters start in season two, as well as the relationship between Hardy and Miller. They also talk about working together and playing games between scenes.

Jodie Whittaker/Beth Latimer - The actress talks about how the town of Broadchurch is the main character, and they are just a part. She also talks about Beth's grief and the way she treats people because of it.

Andrew Buchan/Mark Latimer - The actor talks about how all of the characters are under the microscope. He also talks about Chibnall's scripts and him weaving intricate details.

Eve Myles/Claire Ripley - The actress talks about her character and summarizes what's going on. She also talks about knowing and becoming friends with Tennant because of Doctor Who and Torchwood. She also praises Chibnall, producer Richard Stokes, and the rest of the cast.

BroadchurchCharlotte Rampling/Jocelyn Knight - The actress watched the first two episodes dubbed in French before she agreed to the part. She talks about her character and discovering her backstory. She also talks a bit about the filming locations, including Jocelyn's home.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste/Sharon Bishop QC - The actress talks about talking to Chibnall about the role and being sent the first season to watch. She also talks about her character and playing her, as well as her character's relationship with Jocelyn.

Writer & Executive Producer Chris Chibnall Interview - The producer talks on location about West Bay and wanting to film something there. He talks about wanting the show to be emotionally true in being in those circumstances. He also touches on the score and the surprise of popularity with the series, as well as keeping secrets. He also talks about his approach to not being on set so he can watch what's been filmed more as a viewer to know if it's working or not. Some of it is repeat from the "making of" feature.

Producer Richard Stokes on David Tennant and Olivia Colman - The producer talks about the two characters and their chemistry. He also talks about Tennant's subtle performance and what Colman brings with her raw talent.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman Promoting Broadchurch Series 2 - This is a cute feature of the two actors doing quick promotional spots for different networks and different countries. They joke around in between, and they even promote the show in French.


The DVD set contains three discs (not two as the press release previously stated). There are three episodes on the first two discs and two on the final disc, which also contains the bonus features. The DVDs are in the normal clamshell plastic case, covered by a cardboard slipcase. The series was not made available commercially on Blu-ray in the United States; however, it is available in digital HD on all major digital platforms.

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