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Cosplay Melee Exclusive Clip: War Games - 1.04 - 4/11/17

Cosplay Melee MultimediaCosplay Melee Exclusive Clip - 4/11/17
1.04 - "War Games"

The world’s most innovative cosplayers go head to head each week in Syfy’s new transformation competition series COSPLAY MELEE – an epic showdown of creativity, eye popping costumes and one of a kind characters. The hour-long battle is hosted by actress and self-described “super fan girl” Yvette Nicole Brown. In tonight's episode, the cosplayers must take inspiration from video games to create a character set in futuristic warfare. Below is an exclusive clip from the first season episode of Cosplay Melee, "War Games," airing 4/11/17, after the jump.

Cosplay Melee - War Games - Exclusive Clip

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