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The Magicians First Look: The Girl Who Told Time - 2.10 - 3/29/17

The Magicians MultimediaThe Magicians First Look - 3/29/17
2.10 - "The Girl Who Told Time"

A haunting vision moves Quentin to help Julia recover her shade. Penny and Kady search for an overdue library book for The Order, but find an unusual front for magic in the process. In Fillory, Margo tries to hide the deal she made with the Fairies and Eliot’s wedding plans get kicked up a notch. Featuring guest star Marlee Matlin. Below is a first look from the second season episode of The Magicians, "The Girl Who Told Time," airing 3/29/17, after the jump.

The Magicians - The Girl Who Told Time - First Look

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