The Magicians Episode Clips: Divine Elimination - 2.03 - 2/08/17

The Magicians MultimediaThe Magicians Episode Clips - 2/08/17
2.03 - "Divine Elimination"

In tonight’s episode of THE MAGICIANS, the group returned from Brakebills with a spell powerful enough to kill The Beast, only to find themselves waylaid by an ancient curse. Julia (Stella Maeve), meanwhile, conspires with The Beast to lure Reynard (Mackenzie Astin) into a trap. Below are three episode clips from the second season episode of The Magicians, "Divine Elimination," airing 2/08/17, after the jump.

**SPOILER ALERT: These clips contain spoilers from tonight's episode**

The Magicians - Divine Elimination - Killing the Beast

The Magicians - Divine Elimination - Alice Niffin's Out

The Magicians - Divine Elimination - Aftermath

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