Exclusive Helix Video Clips - "Plan B" - 2.11 - 3/27/15

Helix Exclusive MultimediaExclusive Helix Sneak Peeks - 3/27/15
2.10 - "Plan B"

An all new episode of Helix premieres Friday night on Syfy. Below are two clips exclusive to SciFi Vision. In the first we learn what Peter is planning, and in the second, Julia and Sarah start the process of Amy's immortality.

Plan B - Exclusive Sneak Peek 1
Peter tells Dr. Kyle a lie that Alan is behind everything and needs to be stopped/ taken care of. Dr. Kyle agrees to do the job and Peter lets Kyle free.

Plan B - Exclusive Sneak Peek 2
Amy is about to go under surgery with Dr. Jordan and Julia to insert the baby. As she is put under, Julia stops Dr. Jordan from slitting Amy's throat.

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