Shadowhunters - Episodic Photos - Beati Bellicosi - 3.13 - 3/11/19

Shadowhunters MultimediaShadowhunters - 3.13 - Beati Bellicosi - 3/11/19

Jordan and the Praetor try to track down Heidi, while the Shadowhunters try to locate Jonathan. Meanwhile, Luke looks to Maryse for help and Isabelle gets a possible lead on information on what is really going on in the Clave prisons.

Episodic photos from the third season episode of Shadowhunters, "Beati Bellicosi," airing 3/11/19, after the jump.

Shadowhunters Episodic Photos - 3/11/19
3.13 - "Beati Bellicosi"


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