Exclusive: Tom Ellis Talks Season Four of Lucifer and What Fans Can Expect

Tom EllisAlthough the drama series Lucifer was cancelled by FOX after three seasons, it was later picked up by Netflix. Today, all ten episodes of the fourth season drops on the streaming service.

The series, which is based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg from the comic book series The Sandman, stars Tom Ellis, as the devil, Lucifer Morningstar, who has abandoned Hell for Los Angeles and now works as a consultant at the LAPD alongside Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), as well as runs the nightclub Lux.

At the end of season three Chloe saw Lucifer’s true face, his “devil face,” and Lucifer awaited her reaction.

Star Ellis recently talked to SciFi Vision about what season four brings, how his relationship with Chloe will change now that she knows the truth, the new character of Eve (Inbar Lavi), and more.

SCIFI VISION: Can you talk about how the dynamic changes between Lucifer and Chloe now that she knows who he is?

Tom EllisTOM ELLIS: There is a huge sort of dynamic shift, really, that starts with the knowledge that she knows, and then it really sort of takes a big left turn when Lucifer finds out that Chloe’s actually betrayed him.

That rocks his world, because more than anything, I think he wants the detective to accept him for who he is, warts and all, basically. And now that she knows, it’s important to him that she accepts it, because I think his biggest fear is that she’s in fear of him.

So, that’s where Lucifer begins, but that just gets sideswiped when he finds out that she betrayed him, and he can’t get his head around it at all. So that betrayal kind of lives at the heart of their relationship now. And even though they still have this kind of magnetic attraction that keeps bringing them together, and they can’t not be with each other, so much stuff has happened now, and there’s for the first time, mistrust on both sides.

Obviously, what’s happening may cloud some of it, but there are a lot of Chloe/Lucifer shippers out there, can you tease any of those kinds of moments this season?

Well, I mean, just because they’re going through this experience doesn’t mean that we don’t have our Deckerstar (Chloe/Lucifer) moments. I mean, there’s probably some of the most tender moments that we’ve had between Lucifer and Chloe in some respects, and some really truthful moments that really hurt. So, yeah, there will be stuff there for sure. Fans won’t be disappointed in that department.

Can you talk about playing the dichotomy of the character, especially this season, dealing with which part of him is his true self? Can you talk about his struggle with that and playing that part of him?

It’s weird. I mean, I think I’ve always tried to approach the character as having this Lucifer facade and this kind of way of presenting [himself] that he puts on. He has an emotional sort of spine that runs down the middle of it, but he’s just decided to switch it off.

And, to me, the show’s been about slowly tapping back into that. I think this season is probably his most vulnerable season that we’ve had so far in many ways.

And I think it feels right and appropriate to play those moments. I don’t find them difficult, because I’ve [laughs] sort of been on this journey with Lucifer as well, so I kind of emotionally feel it for him. I always think that’s important about a character when you’re playing something like this. You have to find a way to sympathize with the character, whatever it is that you’re playing, because if you don’t, no one else will.

Obviously, a lot of the times he’s trying to change for the better, it is because of Chloe, but as an audience we know he’s the devil. Do you think he can he stay on that path, or do you think no matter what he’s fated to go back to his eviler side?

I think his struggle is like, “Who’s in charge here?” and is he resigned to the fact that he and Chloe somehow are brought together by Dad. He has to accept that.

Tom EllisYou know, I think one of his biggest struggles this season, is that when he killed Pierce (Tom Welling), he had this kind of monster that was reignited inside of him. And when Eve comes along and Lucifer’s decided Chloe can’t accept him for who he is, he really starts to kind of go in that direction of, “Am I a monster? Can I help it? Is it inside of me? Is it something I have no choice over?”

And we tie it into this notion that we went into last season of self-realization. You know, if Lucifer is a monster, then what kind of monster is he? [laughs] How does that manifest itself? So, it goes pretty dark.

Can you talk more about the addition of Eve this season? Obviously, they have history together. Can you talk about their relationship, how it will affect his partnership with Chloe, and also how she changes him?

[laughs] Well, Eve was Lucifer’s first, and you never forget your first, but I don't think he ever expected to see Eve again once she and Adam hooked up and went off to Heaven. So, you know, she’s someone who has been and gone in his life.

And then when Lucifer is at his lowest end with the detective and everything that’s happening and the fact that she can’t accept him, Eve comes along from nowhere.

And at the end of the episode it’s revealed that she’s there because she wants Lucifer back. She’s bored with Adam. She’s bored about life up in Heaven; it’s so boring, and she wants to be the party girl she used to be with Lucifer. And subsequently, she wants Lucifer to be the Lucifer she remembers, and the Lucifer she remembers is a very different Lucifer to the one he’s trying to prove himself to be now. So, she kind of adds fuel to the fire of Lucifer’s monstrous side, let’s say that.

I just want to say as well, Inbar Lavi came in this season, and she’s absolutely brilliant as Eve. She’s just so much fun to watch, and it’s a really great character, because you don’t know whether to like her or not. And Inbar’s just fantastic, so props to her.

With so much going on that he’s dealing with, one of things I really enjoy is the conversations Lucifer has with Linda (Rachel Harris) and his therapy sessions. Can you talk about filming those scenes with her and talk about how much Linda affects him going forward this season?

The joke with Linda thus far has been that she sort of tries to point out the obvious, and Lucifer does everything but, and then he eventually gets to where she was pointing in the first place. [laughs]

There’s a lot of that going on with Lucifer this season to start with, where he has these kind of huge moments of denial in these therapy sessions and doesn’t get an awful lot from them, but I think the hard kind of nut starts to crack as and things really start to weigh on Lucifer. We have some more honest therapy sessions than I think we’ve had, and we see a different side of Lucifer in them.

I love filming those scenes, because one, I love Rachel to pieces, and she’s like my therapist offset as well [laughs], but also, it’s often sort of self-contained, because that set is over in a different part of the Warner Brothers studio. It’s often like a day, or a morning, or an afternoon put aside just when [we go do our] scenes. So, it’s always a different sort of vibe and feeling and calmness and stuff, and it’s just really great fun to do. It’s just the purest form of acting I suppose; two actors just talking to each other.

Can you talk about the makeup and special effects and just kind of the process you go through with Lucifer’s “devil face?”

Tom EllisWell, it’s all pretty much visual effects now. So, when we’re shootings a sequence like the scene when I show Chloe the face in the penthouse and say, “Can you accept me?” in episode three, I shoot the scene as me, and then when it comes around to coverage on my face for the devil bits, [laughs] I have kind of like black tracking dots all over my face. I look like I’ve got measles, like black measles basically. And then I wear a bald cap, so I look like Uncle Festor with black measles. I look ridiculous and have to do the scene pretending that I don’t look ridiculous, and that I look like what you guys see [laughs] and try not to laugh at my ridiculous face. That’s basically how it manifests itself.

I mean, I have to say, the special effects have come along enormously since we even first started shooting the show, technology-wise. So, this season is the biggest season we’ve done in terms of special effects. It’s also the first season where we really see Lucifer talking as the devil, which is a whole kind of step forward technology-wise from what we were doing before.

And it must be better than hours of makeup application.

Indeed. I mean, there was an episode where I do have some actual prosthetic makeup, and that does take a long time for small amounts of screen time. So, in a perfect world, you’d have these big elaborate costumes and stuff, but with the speed at which we shoot, we have to kind of do [what we can].

Can you talk about joining the Netflix family this season, and has it changed anything production-wise or in some other way, or does it still feel the same?

It hasn’t changed the day-to-day production at all, because it’s still Warner Brothers making the show for Netflix. We still have the same studio and the same team and crew around us. It was slightly scaled down; we didn’t have as many writers as we had before, because we didn’t have as many episodes, but from the production point of view it was the same.

I think it feels different now that the show is coming out soon. It feels like not only did the fans kind of resuscitate the show, but then Netflix has really kind of taken it on, and they really want to push the show. That doesn’t often happen when you’re in season four of a show really. In some respects, it’s like a new beginning for all of us. So, it’s season four, but it feels like season one.

How do you think people are going to accept the change? It will be different now, because the whole season will be dropped all at once. Do you think it will affect viewership and if so, how? Is it a good thing?

Personally, I’m excited about it. I mean, the show grew outside the FOX domain quite quickly. It was on the streaming services in most of the world outside of the states, so a lot of people have watched it like that anyway, and our fan base has grown because of that. It was a big part of the “Save Lucifer” thing, that people started watching it everywhere and really kind of spoke up about it.

So, from my point of view, I’m excited now, because I think everyone’s caught up around the world pretty much. So, now everyone’s going to watch season four at the same time, globally, and that to me is really exciting, because it was always in kind of in drips and drabs when we first went out, and I just kind of feel like that’s how people watch TV these days.

Tom EllisSo, I’m interested for it to drop; I’m interested for what people have to say on social media, because I’m sure people will. And I hope people enjoy it, because honestly, I’m really proud of this season, not only the way in the way in which it came around, but I really just feel it is the best season we’ve done.

I was also wondering, it's been four seasons, but thinking back to when you first started working on Lucifer, obviously with this role, when creating the character, you had quite lot of backstory readily available to dig through, pretty much all of religious history. But is there any character, or maybe villain, or something that you thought about when you were first creating the character?

No, I mean, not really. [laughs]

[laughs] It’s okay.

Although, that makes me think, you know someone I’m fascinated about and someone I’d like to maybe do something about at some point is the author Rohl Dahl. I read a couple of his old biographies when I was a kid and I read all his books as well. And I just found something about him fascinating, and it might have been the fact that he went to the same school as my dad, but for some reason there was some kind of fascination there. So, maybe at some point I’ll do something about that.

Lastly, to wrap it up, is there anything you can tease that fans can be looking forward to?

I think the fans have got so much to look forward to this season that I think it’s going to be the darkest most emotional season of Lucifer that we’ve seen so far.

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