Spotlight: Midnight, Texas Set Visit - Bernardo Saracino on Playing Chuy

Bernardo SaracinoIn NBC's Midnight, Texas, the town is a haven to all sorts of supernatural creatures. On the series, Bernardo Saracino plays the part of Chuy, who's an angel, as well as Joe (Jason Lewis)'s husband.

At the beginning of the year, during a press day for the series, journalists, including SciFi Vision, talked to Saracino about his character and working on the show.

Bernardo SaracinoWe've been hearing a lot about how this is a family experience in one way another. do you feel that that's been part of your experience with the cast and crew?

Yeah, it's been crazy. I think the way we bonded as a group has been kind of surreal for me and kind of new, because every single person has something amazing to offer. I honestly feel like a family.

So, now, shooting the last episode, I'm kind of depressed, because we're almost done. It's like, "Where are we all going to go?!" It's like being home for Christmas and you all have to go your own ways again. So, it's been a great experience.

Are you from here?

I actually was born and raised here, and I've been in LA for about six years. I'm from New Mexico, so it's cool to come home and work.

Does it change your whole look at it, seeing it through the eyes of being through this series like a normal person, or did it always look weird to you?

Bernardo SaracinoI actually was able to see it prettier and more beautifully, the whole state now as almost like a tourist. I've come back and everything here is kind of amazing, like the light and the geography, the people. Obviously when you're from some place, you forget to notice the little intricacies, but when you leave and come back - then I was able to see it like, "Oh wow, this place kind of rocks." But of course, when you're younger and you're leaving, no matter where you're from, you want to get out, but then you come back as an adult and you like it.

Everyone in Midnight seems to be hiding or running from something. Can you talk about what Chuy is hiding or running from?

I think it's universal in that, each character, we're all running or hiding from something as individuals. What I love about the show, and where I'm able to relate to Chuy, is everybody's hiding from something more internal than external. I think it's kind of the human condition. So, I think how I resonated with Chuy, whether he's hiding or if he's running or if he's just in love, is what he's more doing is seeking something inside of himself, as opposed to hiding from something externally, which I think is kind of what most human beings are doing. It takes work to get to that point.

Bernardo SaracinoWhat I love about Chuy, is I think that it's important to go through that with him, and still as each episode goes, as we get to know him better, we'll realize what he is running from, what he is hiding from, what hasn't been explored internally yet. I love our writers, because they've done that and allowed us to see that progress every episode.

Is there kind of a yin yang with Chuy and Joe?

There's a huge yin yang with Chuy and Joe. I mean, Joe's a tattoo artist; Chuy's a manicurist by profession, and I would want to say if they were, Chuy's very Zen. I think he meditates a lot. I think he spends a lot of time internally focusing on love, focusing on goodness. So does Joe. In their relationship, Joe is a little bit more of a hothead than Chuy is.

Joe seems to be more of the anchor.

I think the nature of Chuy's character, is he's forced to stay grounded simply by who he is and his past experiences. Joe can lose his cool much easier than Chuy can. The nature of who Chuy is, he can't afford to lose his cool.

Bernardo SaracinoMonica [Breen] was talking about how in some ways the world of the show is sort of a model and archetype of the real world. Do you feel that to be the case in the way each character kind of represents certain qualities of the world?

Definitely. That goes back to the question about family, I think each character brings a different quality and a different essence, not only to the world, but almost like human nature, human capacity, because I can see different parts of myself as a person in each character. And when they come together, it kind of creates the world.

And I think as viewers, and as myself as a audience member, watching the show as it unfolds, I definitely think they add a different level with each character, and they do all come together to create a fully formed society. And you can see all the archetypes of almost like a hero's journey. They're all in there.

What did you find you brought from your own past experiences as an actor and a person?

I think as an actor, you definitely have to be able to first of all like your character and fall in love with them. I think for myself, Chuy has to force himself to be grounded, so I have to go places I see myself.

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