Exclusive: Melissa O'Neil Returns to Dark Matter To Kick Some More Ass

Melissa O'NeilTonight Syfy's hit series returned for season three with all-new episodes. When we last left the Raza crew in the season finale, Four/Ryo [Alex Mallari Jr.] had stolen the Blink Drive and blown up the space station with some of the crew still onboard. His second in command, Misaki [Ellen Wong], killed Nix [Melanie Liburd] without his knowledge. Season three picks up moments after the station has exploded.

Melissa O'Neil, who stars as Two, recently talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about what's to come this season on Dark Matter.

SCIFI VISION: When we start the season, Two thinks Four killed Nyx. He didn’t, but she doesn’t know that yet, and he did betray them regardless. They are always trying to stay on the side of good and to be these new people, but she is ready to say “I am going to kill Ryo; I’m going to go after him.” Can you talk about the fact that she’s chosen to go after him and also, is it because of Nyx's death, or because of his betrayal in general, or everything?

Melissa O'NeilMELISSA O’NEIL: I think it’s a combo of all of those parts. But I think the second she finds out that Nyx is gone, and it’s on the heels of the station exploding, knowing that it’s not Four anymore, it’s difficult when someone with the face of your friend betrays you. It’s hard to create a divorce of those ideas in your mind.

And she finds out that Nyx has died after the mission has gone totally awry. The station has exploded, once again at the hands of one of the decisions she’s made, tens of thousands of people have died, and she’s responsible. And on top of everything, when she left the bridge of the ship, when she left the Raza, she left Nyx kind of in charge to hold down the fort with the Android [Zoie Palmer], and she died because of that.

So I think her vengeance is definitely an expression of the guilt she feels. And she can’t kill herself, at least I think that’s not something that she really capable of, so I think the next person she looks to and holds responsible for those actions is Four, but it’s Ryo.

If things had happened differently than they do in the first two episodes, do you think she would have gone through with it in the end? Would she have killed him if she had the chance?

You’re asking a hypothetical question that doesn’t ever happen in the story. I think a good case study for that would be exactly what happened with Jace Corso [Marc Bendavid] and One...It was awful that he had the face of her dear friend, but at the end of the day it wasn’t him anymore; it wasn’t One. So despite her reconciling that in a silent moment, this person looks like my friend and my old teammate, she’s not an idiot, and she knows that that person needed to be disposed of, and so she did what she had to do in the moment to protect the people she loved.

In the premiere, there's a scene where we really see the trust between Two and Six [Roger Cross], as she's willing to risk her life for him. Can you talk a bit about how their friendship and trust has grown and where they stand right now.

Melissa O'Neil
I think that the relationship we see between Two and Six at the top of the third season very much echoes what we've seen from them from the last two seasons. I mean, I've always thought of Two and Six as like the Mama and Papa kind of energy on the ship. They've always been the two that have been, in my mind, quite level headed, despite having very different feelings about things.

Often times, actually, they have polarizing opinions about what the crew should do, specifically when it comes to mining colonies and their involvement with communities that have nothing to do with them.

They've always been very leveled headed and respectful when they speak to each other and when they present their ideas to each other. I think, because of that, they both defer to each other. They go to each other to hear what they think, in order to have a sober second opinion, to see what they should do, and I think we continue to see that throughout this season a little bit when certain characters make choices that lead them down different paths.

I love the scenes that I get to do with Roger. It's always fun. It's always a mouthful, [laughs] and I like it when we're able to explore a battle of the minds kind of thing.

Now you made me wonder, you said you view the two of you as the mother and the father of the group, and obviously Five [Jodelle Ferland] is more like the child, but I'm curious, how you view Three [Anthony Lemke]? Is he like the crazy uncle? [laughs]

Yep! [laughs] That's exactly what someone [else] said. So yeah, absolutely.

Is Two going to have a love interest this season?

Yes, but not in the way people would expect. I think, largely, Two has been dealing with some leadership issues this season, I would say. And by issues I don't mean difficulty with people following her lead, but I mean difficulty with stepping up to that plate because of how awry every decisions she has made have gone. It's consistently, [laughs] no pun intended, blown up in her face.

Melissa O'NeilSo I think that's one of the bigger themes she wrestles with this season, and she always kind of had the weight of the world on her shoulders. So I don't know if there's room for that for Two...We'll probably see a little bit of that, but I wouldn't say that it's a huge thread through season three, no.

Last season we had some new members of the crew, but they are gone. Are we going to get some new cast members that will maybe add to the Raza crew again?

We definitely see some new faces, and they bring a different energy. Whether they join the crew or not [I can't say], but the universe the crew is living in allows them a way to fit into the stories and interact with them, and they bring something new.

I think that in season three we've got quite a bit of levity. A couple of the new characters really represent that shift in tone. You know, the first two season were a bit more dark a bit more dramatic, and while we still have those tones in the third season, I think that the writers have allowed themselves a bit of room to play a little bit.

And I haven't seen the episodes; we always see them for the first time with the audience, but I think that they're really going to go over well. And I think the writers also found that they enjoyed writing it, and they're pretty good at it.

Melissa O'NeilThere were times where we had a couple of scripts that I couldn't stop laughing, like I was laughing just at the words on the page, before I could even hear other people saying it. So I think it will be refreshing for people to see a bit more of a well-rounded series as far as tone goes for a show. You know, we've still got the darkness; we've still got the drama. We've got the fighting; we've got the action, but we've also got a little bit of comedy thrown in there, and we've got some cast members that really excel in those genres with regards to integrating that element with their characters. So I think fans are really going to dig this season.

Will we get anything this season about Two’s role in giving the Android emotions back before she lost her memories?

Was it Two?

Okay, well they implied it was, will we get anything about that storyline?

Yes, you will. I think that’s going to be a massive storyline. I think that’s going to be a huge fan favorite kind of storyline. With Zoie’s own fandom, I would hate to be the bringer of spoilers on that front. So sufficed to say that we are going to learn a lot about that character and the origin story of the Android, and I think people are going to really love it.

Will we get any more on Two’s backstory, particularly more on Rebecca before she became Portia? We had some scenes before, but are they going to go back into that at all?

Yes, definitely in some sense. I will tease that the origin stories for both of those characters (Two and Android) are definitely linked. We will explore it a little bit, but not as in depth as we have done so far, which as you represented wasn’t even that much. It will be less than that but definitely we’ll touch on it.

Are there any cool stunts that you did this season that you can talk about?

Melissa O'NeilYeah. It's a little bit later in the season, but we have a huge, huge, epic fight between two of our main crew members. Sufficed to say, I get to wield a couple of swords this season, and it was a blast. There are not as many fights as the last two seasons that we've seen, because we're packing in a lot of stuff this season, but there was definitely a few really fun stunt things.

And I just actually got back from Thailand training with this old Thai martial arts called Krabi-krabong, and it was so much fun, and hopefully if we get a season four, we get to do even more fighting, because I think we have a blast on our show anytime we're doing fights.

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