Exclusive: Melanie Scrofano Returns for Season 2 of Wynonna Earp Tonight on Syfy

Melanie ScrofanoTonight season two of Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy with all-new episodes. Based on the comic book series of the same name created by Beau Smith, the series follows Wyatt Earp's heir, Wynonna, played by Melanie Scrofano, who has inherited his demon-killing gun and is cursed to battle demons and send them back to Hell. Now working as a special agent in the Black Badge Division, this season she must work to rescue her boss, Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson), with the help of her sister, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), her sister's girlfriend Officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell), and the infamous Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), as well as battle other supernatural creatures that are now able to enter the Ghost River Triangle.

Scrofano recently talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about what's to come in season two.

SCIFI VISION: When we start the season, obviously Wynonna’s been through a lot: she just killed her sister Willa. Can you talk about how she’s dealing with that and the kind of place she’s at emotionally when we first see her at the start of the season?

Melanie ScrofanoMELANIE SCROFANO: So this season, season two, starts like six minutes after the ending of season one. So there’s no time for her to really process what she’s done and what’s happened. We hit the ground running. I think that Wynonna cannot slow down, because if she does, she’ll have time to think, and she cannot think.

But I think, as the episodes progress, the silent moments come in, and she really realizes what’s happening, and also what she has to face, because now, not only do they have revenants, but they have the whole mystery world of demonic forces that they have to face. And she doesn’t have Dolls to help her. So it’s really going to test her leadership and what it means to be a leader.

She obviously puts everything on the line to try and save Dolls from Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond); she even lets her sister go into danger this time with her. Can you kind of talk about how it’s important for her to go save him, and also, why she’s willing to sacrifice everything, even if that means giving Waverley more space, because she kind of has to at this point?

I think Waverley has proven herself a lot to Wynonna. I think especially at the end of season one, she’s proven, obviously, how smart she is, how capable she is, and that she can be a huge help in the cause. And I also think that Wynonna’s smart enough to know that she can’t outsmart Waverley. If Waverley sets her mind to something, she’s just going to figure out a way to do it. So it’s safer to just let her do it, but be aware.

It’s sort of like when parents let their kids drink [laughs] alcohol, but they’re like “but you have to do it in my house,” you know what I mean? Because that way, she can keep an eye on her.

And I also think she has this love for Dolls, and she’s not willing or able to let him go; there’s a lot of determination because of guilt, and also because of selfish reasons. She feels like she needs his leadership, because she doesn’t feel like a leader. So she feels that the only way to keep fighting is to get Dolls back, which isn’t necessarily true.

Melanie ScrofanoJumping off on that, you mentioned her love for Dolls. She had kissed him last season, but thought Doc was gone. Are we going to see more of her kind of walking the line between both of them again, obviously assuming Dolls will eventually get better? Are we going to see anything between Doc and Wynonna again? Is she going to choose one over the other?

I don’t think choosing between them is important enough for her right now, given everything she’s going through. I think she has bigger fish to fry then to choose between men, but that doesn’t mean that she loses her feelings for them.

Fair enough. Can you talk a bit about working with Rachel Skarsten, and how her character kind of fits in at the beginning of the season?

Yeah, Rachel is a great foe to Wynonna. Just, the way that Doc even reacts to her, [laughs] it makes Wynonna just want to send this bitch away. But also, she’s almost creating another love triangle, [laughs] where Wynonna’s like, “get away from the boys,” and more importantly, “don’t make me question how good I am at my job,” because she’s such a powerhouse.

Melanie ScrofanoBut having Rachel come to our set was just a huge blessing. As soon as I found out she was playing Eliza, I was just like, “oh my gosh, fans are going to go crazy,” because she has such a huge fan base, and also, she’s such a beautiful actress. She’s obviously a beautiful woman, but she’s such a beautiful person. I got to know her on the set, and she’s got just a beautiful depth, and I think she was perfect to play Eliza because of that depth. There’s just so much more to her than meets the eye, as a person, and I think she gave that to Eliza, so you have more questions than answers by the end of the episode.

There is a creature coming up [in episode two] that sort of has its own arc it seems like. Is there anything you can tease about it in regards to what we’re going to see this season, and how it plays into the story?

I don’t know if this is so vague that it’s the most boring, pointless thing to say, [laughs] but essentially, that ‘being,’ or whatever, that ‘entity,’ is going to be what forces Wynonna to make some very difficult choices that will involve sacrifices for the other characters, and it’s going to mean a lot of tension in the group.

This season there is a lot of gross goo [laughs] that you’re covered with quite a few times. Can you talk about working with those kinds of practical, nasty effects and things?

Melanie ScrofanoOk, let me just say that where we shot that was an abandoned something or other. I think it was a school. And it was -40, maybe, and so it was really fun putting the goo on, for the first four seconds. Most of it is K-Y Jelly and sugar; it’s hilarious and sexy, and Dom and I were crying from laughter. But then, by two takes, it was so cold, and we had frozen, [laughs] and we couldn’t bend our arms, and it was no longer funny, and we were in horrible moods.

And then, by the time we finished shooting it, we were just angry, and we went to our trailers, and the heaters in our trailers - well, I don’t know about hers, but in my trailer, the heater didn’t work, and the hot water didn’t work. So I took a cold shower in -40 degree weather to get sugar and K-Y Jelly off. I just suggest you try it just once in your life, just to see what it’s like. [laughs] It is ridiculous, and I never want to do it again.

I wouldn’t either, although I don’t know that it would feel much better in hot weather. [laughs]

Not that’s true. Oh my God, the flies.

Is there any other demons or evil entities this season that you’re allowed to talk about?

I’m just going to say that the goo has some fun this season. I love the goo. [laughs]

[laughs] Except being covered in it, right?

It takes turns that you’re not necessarily expecting.

When I first talked to you, I think it was in the first conference call you did for Syfy, you talked about the challenge of being a title character and having not really had that weight on you before, and I know you were kind of worried about that at that point. Can you tell me a bit about what you’ve learned since then and how you’ve evolved, and kind of how you feel now looking back at that over a season ago?

Melanie ScrofanoNothing has changed much, to be honest. [laughs] I’d love to say I’ve evolved. I’m just as scared now. I feel like the more characters we have on the show, the more I sort of question if what I’m doing is any good. Just because you’re surrounded by interesting people and loveable characters, I think you always just sort of question your value and what you’re offering. But I also think that that’s ok; I think that if I didn’t question it and worry about it, then it would mean that I didn’t care, and I definitely do.

Do you have a favorite line of Wynonna’s? She has some great ones.

I know, there are some great ones this season that I can’t say.

That’s okay. How about from last season then?

I just keep saying the same one, but there’s so many that I love. The one that I always go back to is, “I never blow jobs without a please first.” [laughs] It cracked me up when I read it, and it cracked me up when I said it.

Can you talk any about some of the action, the fight scenes, this season? If it’s too spoilery, then maybe even just the experience?

Yeah, and again you’ll see as you see more [episodes] about why I can’t really get too specific, so it’ll be another boring answer, but essentially, this season gets very personal, and so the fighting is very personal. It’s very hand-to-hand; there’s a distance that you create when you use a weapon, and Wynonna just really wants to get in there this season. I think it’s a form of therapy, almost, [laughs] when she uses her hands. So a lot of Wynonna’s fights are with her hands.

But there are also fights with other characters that are pretty epic and outstanding. So it’s nice; I think a lot of characters get to shine with some really great fight scenes this season.

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