Exclusive: Isaiah Mustafa Wolfs Out on Shadowhunters

Isaiah MustafaTonight, Shadowhunters returns to Freeform with all-new episodes for the second half of season two. The series follows humans born with angelic blood called Shadowhunters who protect the world from demons. Some of the humans with part demon blood, however, are on their side, such as former Shadowhunter-turned-werewolf Luke Garroway, played by Isaiah Mustafa.

At the end of the first half of the season, Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) wanted to use the Soul Sword to kill all Downworlders. To stop him, many of the Downworlders, including Raphael (David Castro), Meliorn (Jade Hassouné), and Luke's pack, believed it could be prevented by killing Clary (Katherine McNamara), who could activate the Soul Sword for Valentine with her special angelic blood by him forcing her to touch it. Luke, of course, wanted to protect Clary and stopped them, wanting to find another way. The Shadowhunters believed that Jace (Dominic Sherwood) could destroy the Soul Sword by touching it, as he was part demon; however, in the end, Jace touching the sword was what caused it to activate, killing many Downworlders, as Valentine had lied: Jace was part angel.

Mustafa recently talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about his character and what's to come in the second half of season two.

SCIFI VISION: After the events in the mid season finale, a lot of the Downworlders are dead, including some of the wolves. The pack did not agree with Luke's decision in the first place dealing with what happened. Can you talk about how that’s going to affect everything with Luke?

Isaiah MustafaISAIAH MUSTAFA: This season the stakes are raised a little bit, because he has to work together with the rest of the Downworlders to try to bring them together, even though he lost a lot of them at his last effort to do that. So you’re going to see him having to try to convince them to listen to him once more.

And then, you’ve also got this situation going on with the Shadowhunters. He knows what the Clave can do when they get upset or when they want what they want, so they have to work within their confines.

Continuing with that, I want you to talk about how he balances between who he puts first, because he is a Downworlder, but he's also a Shadowhunter, and I know that creates a lot of problems. How does he deal with making those decisions on a day-to-day basis?

He does have a lot to balance. He’s like a strong, working person, almost like a single dad, [laughs] except he has a lot of 'children,' with Maia (Alisha Wainwright) and Clary, and he’s got his whole pack to deal with. And I think he feels some responsibility for the rest of the Downworld also, because he feels that because he was a Shadowhunter at one point in time, that he’s the best liaison, and he’s the best person to kind of bridge the gap and fill the hole that’s there, of how the Clave is thinking, what they want, and what direction they’re headed in. So he feels this tremendous weight of responsibility this season.

And with this new partner coming in, that adds another aspect that he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with, because now he has to try to keep everything away from her, for no other reason than to just keep her out of it and keep her safe.

He’s just juggling a lot of stuff, but I feel like Luke is at his best when he does that, when he’s constantly juggling things and staying active in this organized confusion of the Shadow World.

Is there anything you can tell me about his new partner?

I can tell you this much; she’s definitely a go-getter. She’s relentless. She’s a constant thorn in Luke’s side. She wants to know everything, and he’s just doing his best to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt in the Shadow World, but she's making it really, really hard for him. Like, I mean extremely difficult. She's non-stop.

Isaiah MustafaGoing back again to the events that happened in the last episode, Luke has also angered others besides the wolves. How much has what happened affected his relationship with Downworlders like Meliorn and Raphael? Can those relationships be mended?

It’s really funny, because I never felt that his relationship with Raphael was ever [laughs] the best relationship.

But I feel like Meliorn, even though he's a Seelie and kind of has this “nature first” attitude, and you feel like he’s going to be an ally, he’s definitely loyal to the queen. He supposedly can’t lie, so he’s kind of brutally honest with Luke, whereas Raphael is kind of now softened a little bit and is a little nicer to Luke - I think only because of Simon, and he genuinely sees that Luke is just doing in a sense what he is doing. He’s trying to protect his own people.

But you’re going to get these cool dynamics between all the Downworlders. It really takes a turn this season, and you get to really see all these relationships develop, and you get to see these little nuances that you may not have seen before. Which I love that opportunity, because it just kind of gives a little more color to the whole Downworlder situation.

I’m not sure who to choose specifically to ask about, but I keep getting questions on Twitter for you, and everyone’s like, “Does he have scenes with this person?” “Does he have scenes with this person?” [laughs] So rather than choose one person, is there somebody this season who usually you wouldn’t have scenes with that you do that’s surprising, or just someone who you think everybody would want to hear about?

Let me see, who do I have scenes with? I have scenes with Jace; I have scenes with Clary. I don't have any personal scenes with Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia); I don't think Luke and Isabelle really interact that often. Let's see: Alec (Matthew Daddario), yes; Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.), yes; Simon (Alberto Rosende), always. [laughs]

There’s definitely something that goes on between Luke and Valentine. They have some words together.

Isaiah MustafaBut I don’t know if there’s anyone where the confrontation was like, “ooh, they’ve never had a conversation before” or “they’ve never interacted before.”

I can tell you who I’d like to interact with, who would be nice. Definitely Emeraude; she’s such a great person. I would love to interact with her and see if Luke and Izzy could somehow band together and go on a mission or something like that eventually one day. That would be kind of fun. That is such a weird dynamic, but it would be interesting.

And also, maybe the Iron Sisters, because there’s some history there.

Speaking of the Iron Sisters, is there going to be any more this season dealing with Luke's sister Cleophas (Lisa Berry)?

There are definitely some clues dropped and some information dropped about his sister. There’s some stuff going on.

So you will get a little more history of Luke’s past, which I always think is fascinating, because besides Jocelyn (Maxim Roy), Maryse (Nicola Correia-Damude), or Robert (Pauline Nune), he’s the closest one who has ties to Valentine.

So by learning about Luke’s history, you get a little bit of the whole Clave and Shadowhunter history also. It’s a really fascinating, rich area that we only kind of touch on every so often, because the show’s about the new generation.

Can you talk a bit about playing Luke as a wolf ? I know it's not all practical effects; I know a lot of it’s digital, but can you talk a bit about that transformation?

It’s only used so often, but it’s really fun to do. I don’t get an opportunity to really “wolf” out that often, but when I do, it’s super cool, because it just gives you an opportunity to get really visceral with the character, to get kind of like down and dirty, and to try to figure out what it would be like to transform into this [thing], to go from being on two legs, to breaking down onto four, and getting up on these hind legs. It must be an extremely painful process, but werewolves do it in like within a split second. So that pain must be excruciating for like a split second. It’s really fun to think about and work with. There are a couple opportunities to do it this season. You don’t see it that often, but you’ll get a little taste of it this season.

Isaiah MustafaAre there any - not meaning necessarily as a wolf - but any action or fight scenes coming up that you can tease about?

Yeah, there’s a big one coming up somewhere around episode - I think around 17, 18, 19, somewhere in there. There are some crazy fight scenes going on, a lot of action. It gets action-heavy in those scenes, and the stunt crew, they really went after it. I mean really went after it.

And they really taught us a lot of stuff, and I can honestly say that I may be one of the only Downworlders that does his own stunts. Except if that stunt is dancing and doing some weird magical thing, because Magnus, aka, Harry Shum Jr., doesn’t need a stunt double to do anything. [laughs]

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