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Exclusive: Brittany Curran Talks The Magicians

Brittany CurranWednesday Syfy airs the season two finale of The Magicians. Recently, in order to save the life of Eliot (Hale Appleman), Margo (Summer Bishil) made a deal with the fairies that they could have the child of his and his wife Fen, played by Brittany Curran, without consulting them. Because of this, the fairies kidnapped Fen and her unborn child and took her to their realm, and Margo went after them.

Recently, Curran talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about Fenn's feelings towards Eliot and Margo, her time working on the show, rehearsing with Appleman, and more.

Brittany CurranHow did you get involved in the show?

BRITTANY CURRAN: Actually around this time this year, maybe a little later, I was working on another film, also a science fiction film, The Man from Earth: Holocene. And I got this call to come leave for the producers and the director of The Magicians, and it happened to be one of my only days off on this other science fiction film.

So I went to the studio, and I auditioned for them. I did my scene, and it's funny, because they had sent me three scenes and summaries, and I didn't see the third scene while I was preparing, which has never happened to me before. So I performed the first two scenes; it went great. I realized I didn't even know there was a third scene. And I just told them, "I screwed up. I literally have never done this in my sixteen year career until right this second." [laughs]

And they were so nice. So I just ran in to the lobby and went over that last scene, which of course was the most emotional one and like three minutes. So I came back, and I memorized it and figured out the character, and it went awesome. And I was so lucky that it worked out like that.

And I think a week later they called me and offered me the role, and then I was on the plane to Vancouver.

This seems like a really fun cast. What was it like joining a cast that was already in full swing at that point?

It was honestly really, really cool. I was lucky, because sometimes casts get so close, and they know each other, and then a new person comes in, and you kind of feel like an outsider, but that didn't happen at all.

One of the first nights I was in Vancouver, I went to a cast dinner at this Italian restaurant in Yaletown, and I sat down, and immediately some of the cast came over and introduced themselves, and they were so nice.

And then Hale came in - we had like this private room in the back - and I looked up, and I obviously knew what he looked like, so across the dinner table I just yelled, "My Husband!," and he said, "My wife!" And it was just all beautiful from there. [laughs]

And Jade invited me and Hale to go hiking one weekend at the Capilano Suspension Bridge outside of Vancouver.

And we just from there on out would go on little adventures over the weekends. They were just so welcoming and so nice.

Brittany CurranCould you talk a bit about working with Hale? I would think it might be hard not laughing most of the time during his scenes.

[laughs] I love working with Hale. He and I both are fans of rehearsing, so leading up to each episode, I'll usually go over to his apartment and we will just rehearse, talk about our characters, and kind of just talk it out together, which is hugely useful for me as an actor.

And it's funny, because that also gives us the time - like when he's particularly funny, like there was this one line, I think in the second episode we ever had, where he just said the funniest thing. I think it was about milk or goat's milk or something, and we couldn't stop laughing when we were rehearsing in his apartment. Just every single take we we're just cracking up, but by the time we got to set, fortunately we stopped laughing.

But yeah, I really love working with Hale. It really helps when you have an onscreen love interest like a husband, even though we have a complicated relationship on the show, it helps if you actually really connect with that person, and Hale and I really do.

And he's so helpful. I remember there was this one day that I had this scene, and I was just beating myself up over it afterwards, because I didn't feel like it was good enough. And I got back to my hotel room, and because we wrapped really late, it was literally three in the morning. [laughs]

I texted poor Hale, just freaking out. I was like, "Are you sure it was good enough?" And he was so sweet, and he saw it at like four in the morning, and he was talking me down from my freak out and was telling me, "No, it was great," and this and that. He was just so supportive. And I'm normally not that neurotic about my scenes, just that one day. [laughs]

Even in the first season when you first meet Eliot, how do you think Fen felt about her arranged marriage, because she agreed to it and didn't seem upset. She obviously liked Eliot, but still could have not be happy. What do you think she was thinking?

I think coming from Fillory, it's obviously a different culture and kind of a different background than our world as we know it. So I actually think she was okay with it, and I think part of that is because her whole life she's known that this is her destiny per se. Like she's always known she's was going to marry the high king.

And for Fen, her first love has always been Fillory. Everything she's done has been for the love and for the good of Fillory. So she saw this like her fate, her destiny, in becoming a part of Fillory's history and Fillory's greatness. I know [we hear the words] arranged marriage, and we think, 'Oh God no,' but for Fen, I think it was actually part of her duty.

Brittany CurranAnd of course she meets him, and he's young, and he's handsome, and that just adds to the joy of it.

But of course once they do get married, Eliot really develops over the second season. I think at first Fen is worried, because he's kind of obsessed with making champagne and about all this aesthetic stuff that she doesn't think matters at all to the good of Fillory. So I think she gets worried and is a little bummed out about it, but then she sees that he really grows and really does love Fillory.

And then crazy stuff starts happening, but from the beginning of their relationship I think she is happy about it.

Can you talk about filming the musical episode, "Lesser Evils," because that was great.

I was back in LA the week or so before, training with this vocal coach, who was amazing. And then just every single day for hours I was just singing the song over and over again.

I loved that day; it was so much fun. And we all had "One Day More" stuck in our heads for like the next two weeks. And anytime anyone mentions "One day More" it just goes into my head again.

I loved that episode so much. [laughs] It was great. We had a day where we went into the throne room when we weren't filming, and we were there with this choreographer, Paul [Becker], and all these incredible dancers and choreographers, and we just spent the whole day rehearsing the whole dance - it's kind of a dance, but it's more like a choreographed movement, I guess. So we just spend the whole day in sweat pants singing and dancing, and that was so much fun.

And then we recorded it with all of our voices, but we prerecorded it in a recording studio, and that was cool, because I got to hear everybody sing for the first time. I had no idea how they'd sound. And I had never sung professionally. I sang here and there myself, but not professionally, and so I really surprised myself when I got in that day, and I was like, "Oh, hey, cool. I'm good. I can do this." [laughs]

More recently, after what Margo did to Fen, which was horrible, even though she did it to try to save Eliot, obviously, when she said to Fen, "You have to do anything," she didn't explain that it would entail giving up her baby. Do you think that she'll be able to forgive Margo?

Brittany CurranYou know, personally, I'm not one hundred percent sure.

It's funny. A part of me wants to say that Fen could forgive Margo, because, you know, Margo's a ruler, and she has to make hard decisions, and, you know, sometimes the most courageous decisions are the hardest ones to make, and they hurt people.

But at the same time, other than Fillory, now Fen cares most about her baby and about Eliot. So now Margo's messing with a really, really, like ultimate important thing in Fen's life. I'm not sure. Fen's going to be pissed for a long time. Fen's also mad, because even though Eliot tries to find her in the fairy realm, I think he could have tried a little harder. Like your baby and your wife are in another realm! [laughs]

So I don't know, but I really loved how Fen and Margo started to bond as the season went on, and I love Summer in real life, so I wanted us to have these bonding moments, but now shit's gone down. [laughs]

Can you talk a bit about Fen's wardrobe and maybe even the sets. You've got some gorgeous gowns, and it's beautiful there.

Oh my God, yes. It's such a dream come true. I never really grew up totally; I've always been obsessed with princesses and Disney princesses. Actually, when I got offered the role, I ran into where I was with my friends, and I was like, "I'm going to be a princess!" And that's how I told them. [laughs]

But yeah, the wardrobe's amazing. Magali [Guidasci], our costume designer, is so brilliant. I mean every single piece of my wardrobe, and Eliot's and Margo's, all starts from just spools of fabric.

So sometimes I'll go into the wardrobe room, and she'll just have this fabric out and kind of lay it around my body to see the shape and form. And then I'll come back less than a week later, and it's this gorgeous dress. But even then, she'll put the dress on me, and then they'll readjust things, and it's still only pinned, and they'll like unpin it, and then all of a sudden five seconds later it's like a different dress. It's just so incredible.

And one of the things I love about Magali's design, is how, especially in the beginning of season two, Eliot and Margo's wardrobe is coordinated, but as the season goes on, Eliot ends up coordinating with my wardrobe a little bit more. So it's like the wardrobe tells a story in and of itself.

And when I'm alone on set, I just twirl around in empty hallways and pretend I'm really a princess! [laughs]

Brittany CurranAnd the sets are incredible too. The first day that I walked into the throne room, I couldn't believe that I was about to spend the next five months of my life working there. It's just so magical. As you can see, I just dork out so hard over being on this show. [laughs]

Can you describe Fen in three words?

I would definitely say loyal. Fen is loyal, empathetic, and ambitious. I think that comes out more as it goes on.

Do you have any other projects besides The Magicians that you want to promote?

I have the movie I mentioned earlier, The Man from Earth: Holocene, which is the second one, which is science fiction. I'm one of the leads in that, and that comes out later this year. And I also did this horror film called Captured, and I'm this punk rock singer in it, and I think that comes out this year too.

**UPDATE: Be sure to check out what Appleman had to say about the finale in the new interview with four members of the cast.**

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