Exclusive: Summer Bishil Season Two Interview Part Two

Summer BishilTonight, episode seven of season two of The Magicians premiered on Syfy. In the episode the characters worked together to rob a bank in order to help Julia (Stella Maeve). Star Summer Bishil, who plays Margo, talked to SciFi Vision earlier in the season in an exclusive interview about the episode and more.

**Interview contains spoilers for 2.07**

SCIFI VISION: Can you talk about how Margo's journey and her motivations have changed from season one to this season, going from being a student to a queen? Because she goes through major changes there.

Summer BishilSUMMER BISHIL: Yeah, there is a massive evolution for Margo this year, and I was so excited about it. I liked what I did in season one; I liked how they introduced my character, but I was glad to learn more about her this year.

And one of the things that I like about Margo so much, is so often you audition for roles, especially as a woman, for victims or people who might second-guess their decisions, and not necessarily governmental positions; that doesn’t happen that often. And what I liked about it, is you realize, and I realize, that Margo has a political mind and a political streak. She’s really smart, and she can make decisions, and she doesn’t second-guess herself. I think she takes her role as High Queen very seriously, but she also makes mistakes along the way.

Yeah, back in Fillory she's declared war on Loria! [laughs]

Yeah, that might be a mistake! [laughs]

If you, Summer, could give advice to Margo as High Queen, what would you tell her?

Stick to your instincts, but sleep on it.

Can you talk a little bit about the costumes this season? I mean, you’ve got some beautiful dresses you wear once you get into the castle.

I did, yeah. Our costume designer is amazing. You know, they hand-made and designed all of that, from their own minds. Every day it was like a dream! I was actually planning a wedding at the time, and I felt like “I don’t even need a wedding dress. I already get to live out all my gown dreams!” I loved everything that I wore. It was all so beautiful.

Well, I guess congratulations, then!


Margo has complicated relationships with many of the characters. Can you talk about that and what you think of those her relationships?

They’re really complicated, yeah. I mean, it’s funny, you really learn a lot about how the other actors view their relationships with your character and their character. And when people go off-script, when there’s improv before a take or after a take, a lot of it doesn’t make it into the cut.

But what I saw this year, in those moments, was that I think a lot of people underestimate Margo. I think a lot of people think that she is not as smart as she is, not a compassionate person, and not capable of caring.

Summer BishilAnd it’s not true, and I think Eliot knows all the nuances that Margo has and appreciates those nuances, and understands her, and that’s why she sort of sticks with him. I don’t think she has close relationships with the other characters in the show, because they don’t really understand her.

What’s your favorite scene from this season?

My favorite scene that I did or somebody else did?

That you did.

It was a scene towards the end of this season. It’s the finale episode, episode thirteen, where Margo really comes to fruition in a really satisfying way.

I really enjoyed the whole bank heist in episode seven, and I know you were a big part of that. So I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that and also about Margo being the one that was kind of the head of the operation?

It’s one of my favorite episodes of the season, and it was such an ambitious episode on script, in writing. It was a lot of days, a lot of long days. Any episode with that much going on and as many players all in one room is always a challenge. And seeing it, I’m so excited about it. I don’t think it could have turned out better.

Filming it was interesting, because for me, it was Margo getting to go back to Brakebills and getting some of that swagger, lightness, and buoyancy that she had in season one. So I really thought about that when I was doing episode seven. I really wanted her to be as “Margo” from season one as possible.

And I remember when I was talking through the bank heist; all of the other characters that would then go do this and pull it off, because Margo’s the getaway driver. I was having a little trouble with that long monologue, because even though it looked as though it could have been edited together, I had to do it in one go, without stopping. And it was a lot of dialogue.

So, I remember Stella, who plays Julia, pulled me aside and was like, “Just have fun with it. What if this is her element, and she’s swagging out?” [laughs] She’s like, “Just be you! Forget that you’ve been a queen in this magical world making you reach decisions for a while and just have fun for a moment.” And that’s what I did, and I’m so glad, because it is one of the few moments where you do see Margo lighter and buoyant, like I said, from the earlier season.

Is there something that you would really like to see happen for your character? It could be from the books, or just in general, if there was somewhere you’d like to see Margo go?

I would like to see Margo be a villain for a second. [laughs] I think she should just go rogue for a full season. [laughs]

Summer BishilIs there anyone who you’d like to get more screen time with?

I always love working with all of them so much. But specifically - and it’s not just because were best friends - I did a scene with Stella Maeve back in episode three, and it was so satisfying for both of us. It was so much fun to work with her, and I felt like there was a lot there to explore, and it was just a really satisfying day on set when I worked with her. I would love to do more scenes with Julia.

Is there any kind of tease that you can give about episode eight?

Episode eight is a big episode. I would say it’s an emotional, tasking episode, and I would say that Margo is forced to step up and be a leader who cares not only about herself and Eliot.

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