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Exclusive: Josh Holloway Talks Colony and What's Next in Season 2

Josh HollowaySet in the future, Colony focuses on a family living in an occupied Los Angeles, where for those who don't collaborate, there is harsh punishment. When the father, Will (Josh Holloway), is offered a job working for the occupational government, he reluctantly accepts it, believing it may help them find their son, who they were separated from during the initial invasion. However, his wife, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), has been secretly working for the Resistance.

Everything culminates in the season finale, in which the Los Angeles bloc is placed on lockdown after the Resistance takes one of the hosts of the occupation hostage.

Holloway, who is probably best known for his role as Sawyer on Lost, recently talked to Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about his work
on the series and what may be in store for season two.

SCIFI VISION: What was it about the character or the script that originally attracted you to the part and made you decide you had to do it?

Josh HollowayJOSH HOLLOWAY: Big story telling drew me in, I love the patient unfolding of a story, and there’re no wasted characters; each one unlocks a door to a whole other world.

Was there a character or person that particularly inspired your portrayal of Will, or did everything come from the script for you? Was there anything specific you brought/added to him yourself?

I relate to Will because I am a husband and father as well. I would do anything to protect my children, and that connection is what I bring to the role. It helps me raise the stakes and ask myself ‘what would I do in this situation?’

How much of the plot was given to you when you first started? Did you know the twists of where it was going from the beginning or did you discover that as you went?

Part of the fun working with Executive Producer Carlton Cuse, who created Lost, is that there is mystery surrounding the storyline. Carlton and I developed a rapport and trust working together on Lost. I actually prefer not knowing certain aspects of the outcome of my character, so that as an actor I can be more in the moment. Colony is that version of big storytelling and patient unfolding that Carlton is so well-known for, and we have this shorthand of working together for so many years.

Josh HollowayCan you talk about your character's struggle with choosing to collaborate and also dealing with Katie and the Resistance, because obviously a great part of it isn't black and white?

Will and Katie have been through a lot together in their marriage. They’ve lost a child during The Arrival and their mutual goal is to find him by whatever means necessary. In the series, Will was living undercover as a mechanic, but once the Occupation discovers that he was a former intelligence officer, Will can’t hide anymore and must do what it takes to find his son, even if that means working for the enemy that is oppressing him.

Will is so focused on his mission that he doesn’t see the signs that Katie has committed to finding him her own way. Even though they love each other very much, they begin to harbor secrets and their trust erodes slowly. This will have a big impact on their relationship and they will be forced to make big decisions. The twists and turns of their journey are just beginning to unfold.

Would you choose collaboration or the Resistance if you were Will?

Josh HollowayThat would be a very tough choice, but I’d probably have to side with what Will does on Colony. Above all my family is most important to me, so I’d use my background and what I know how to do best as a means to keep them safe.

What has been your favorite scene or moment you filmed?

The argument scene with Will and Katie. It was challenging, but I like how it turned out.

Can you talk about filming that scene in 1.09 with Sarah Wayne Callies?

That scene was a very emotional moment to film, because both Sarah and I can both relate as parents to the bond you have with your children. The heightened situation our characters Will and Katie are in, and how their relationship is strained with a missing child, is a tough to imagine.

Can you talk about working with Carl Weathers?

Carl has been a pleasure to work with. Working with someone with his wealth of experience is a treat. He’s the best scene partner a guy could ask for.

Can you compare/contrast Will to Sawyer and maybe how you approached them differently?

Josh Holloway at NYCC 2015Will and Sawyer are very different characters. Sawyer was a con man and Will encapsulates the picture of an upstanding family man. Sawyer kind of lived in the darkness and was reluctantly pulled to the light, whereas Will was a patriot, a good guy - now he’s being forced to collaborate and it’s not 100 percent what he believes in. They are definitely both me, in a sense, and I’m playing them at very different phases of my life.

Do you know anything about where the show is headed for season two, something you could tease? Also do you know if we will get to see the invaders any time soon (i.e. out of the suit)?

I am really looking forward to going back into production. In season two, knowing creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal, I think you will see more of the RAPS from what was revealed in the season finale. And of course, there will be more pieces of the puzzle revealed about the whereabouts of our son Charlie and the other Colonies. There will be more unfolding in Will and Katie’s relationship, delving into what they do now that Will knows Katie is part of the Resistance. Stay tuned in 2017!

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