Advance Review: Containment - Predictable but Compelling

ContainmentTomorrow CW premieres its new mid-season drama, Containment. The series follows what happens after a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta. A quarantine cordon is quickly erected, keeping the sick and potentially infected separated from the rest of the city until a cure can be found.

On the outside is officer Lex Carnahan (David Gyasi), who becomes the face of hope after he is recruited by Dr. Sabine Lommers (Claudia Black), who is coordinating the efforts of the government and CDC. Lex's job becomes complicated when he realizes that his girlfriend Jana (Christian Moses) is stuck inside, as well as his friend and fellow officer Jake (Chris Wood), and he must follow Lommers harsh rule of no one in, no one out, no matter what. Also another problem that he faces is journalist Leo (Trevor St. John), who begins a hunt to find out the full truth of what is really happening inside the quarantine zone.

Meanwhile also stuck inside the quarantined area is elementary school teacher Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) and her class of students, including her son, as well as pregnant teen Teresa (Hannah Mangan Lawrence), who is separated from her boyfriend.

Lastly is Dr. Victor Cannerts (George Young), who is at ground zero trying to find the cure.

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While those inside the cordon fight to survive and stay safe, outside, Lex struggles to keep the peace on the streets and keep people calm as things only continue to get worse.

Going into Containment, I wasn't sure what to expect, as there have been a lot of shows lately dealing with epidemics and such. I was hoping for something fresh and exciting, and I wasn't disappointed. While not completely fresh, as the plot has been done to death, parts of it are predictable, and many of the characters are cliche, I still found the script well written and the character dynamics enjoyable.

Almost immediately, the show gives off a sense of urgency as they race to trace the origin of and stop the spread of the contagious disease. It felt very 'edge of your seat' to me, and that continues through the episodes as the characters pull you in.

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The characters are really easy to care for. Although there is an ensemble cast, you really feel for each of them and their circumstances, and the series does a great job of making you feel like you are right there with them. The cast was also chosen really well, as I would be hard pressed to single out someone, even a minor character, that didn't really work.

Standouts include Gyasi, who in my opinion will really connect with the audience in his struggle to follow what needs to be done as he also feels the need to help those on the inside.

I also greatly enjoyed Moses and Wood and their onscreen chemistry.

Overall, even if a bit predictable, I very much enjoyed the new series so far and found myself craving more at the end of each episode.

Be sure to tune into the premiere of Containment tomorrow on the CW.

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