Advance Review: Haven - Enter Sandman

HavenTonight Syfy premieres an all-new episode of Haven, "Enter Sandman," directed by star Lucas Bryant.

In the episode, Henry (Rossif Sutherland), "the Sandman," has decided that he wants Audrey (Emily Rose), so he puts her to sleep like the others, bringing her into his subconscious to live out his fantasies and become his wife. If she accepts, she's his forever.

Meanwhile, Duke (Eric Balfour) sees a familiar face who he hopes will remember Haven.

HavenI really enjoyed this week's episode of Haven. The stakes were high and the episode moved by quickly. The threat felt real as the team continued to run out of time to save Audrey.

Sutherland was very creepy as the Sandman, and it was also great to see Kris Lemche again.

It was also fun to see a another different Audrey. Rose excelled in playing completely out of character once again. Her scenes with Laura Mennell were also heartfelt.

HavenI also thought that the way that Audrey losing her identity, and Seth, his memory, were juxtaposed worked out well.

Bryant's directorial debut was worth the wait; he did an excellent job laying out the episode.

The episode may be light on mythology and a mystery of the week, but it's a great edition to the season.

Also, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Lucas Bryant talking about directing tonight's episode of Haven.

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