Advance Review: Killjoys - The Explosive Season Finale Will Leave You Wanting More

KilljoysTonight Syfy airs it's season one finale of Killjoys. The series follows three bounty hunters, John (Aaron Ashmore), D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane), and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), across the Quad as they track down warrants. Killjoys are nonpartisan and hold allegiance to no government, only the company.

All season the Quad has been on the verge of war and there are those that are part of the resistance against the company. Tonight things come to a head when some deaths on Leith cause a chain of events that may greatly affect Westerley and force the killjoys to finally have to choose a side. Could this be what Khlyen (Rob Stewart) meant was coming?

KilljoysMeanwhile, the team tries to help a friend that's been caught in the middle while also searching for the truth about Khylen and Level 6, which puts one of the trio in danger.

I greatly enjoyed this episode. It was a fantastic end to what's been an awesome season long journey, finally answering some big questions but also bringing up quite a bit of new ones. The episode really brings a lot of the politics in the Quad to the forefront and gives you a better understanding of the company and those at the top.

The interaction between the three main characters is terrific; as always they have great chemistry. The other characters also got some more screen time this episode as well, and viewers got to know more about Khlyen, and through him, subsequently Dutch.

The episode is tense and doesn't stop. I can't wait to see what's in store for the characters next.

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