Helix - M. Domestica - 2.06 Post Mortem

HelixFollowing the review is a roundup of questions and answers, as well as a detailed recap of the episode.

I quite enjoyed this week's episode of Helix, there was quite a lot going on. It was great not only to see more of Balleseros, but also to see him and Julia in the present (or near past). It's great to now also know that Julia has not gone over to the dark side. It's unclear if Balleseros is completely on her side, but that's not unexpected with him.

The pieces are starting to connect. We now finally know the reason for NARVIK - to thin the herd so the world will sustain life for just the "essential" people that Ilaria chooses. Obviously, not all the members are on board. This also leads viewers to believe that NARVIK C could potentially be the disease that ended up killing off many of the immortals.

The new storyline with Mademoiselle Durant also seems connected, as she mentioned the rogue immortal that is working on something that can stop Ilaria - obviously leading viewers to believe this immortal to be Brother Michael, which is probably why Balleseros sent Peter to the island (this is assuming these scenes took place before Peter arrived). It doesn't, however, sound like this person though is necessarily doing it to help humanity.

The other parts I really enjoyed in the episode were with Sister Amy. I love that she's not putting up with her father's crap and is taking charge to find a way off the island. Even if she's obviously going about it the wrong way, it's fun to see someone go behind his back and continue to screw up his plans. With so much chaos though, who knows what will happen.

However, the whole having sex with his daughters thing is a bit much for me. That is so not a good birthday present. Then again, no one can ever say Helix isn't creepy.

I also like that Landry, as much as he still follows Amy around like a puppy, seemed to grow some brain cells in the episode. He seems to now realize she is playing him. Now he just needs to grow a backbone.

I was not surprised that Peter sold out Sarah and less surprised that Michael left him in the oubliette. The creepy mycotic girl that talked to Peter was a nice touch too, even though as usual with Helix, what came out of her mouth made no sense, though that's part of what made it creepy.

I was surprised that Michael is letting the CDC help them a bit more in this episode, but let's be honest - he's only doing it to help himself.

Questions, Clues, and Information:

The fungus is from pollen that came from apple blossoms, but although the apples show signs of said fungus, they don't have the mycotoxins.

Character Development:

Julia Walker and Sergio Balleseros:
Julia was working for Ilaria, but it seems only insofar as to try to stop them from committing genocide. It's also a good bet that what she learned from Durant is what sent her (and therefore through Balleseros, Peter) to the island.

Also, if she is on the "good side," it's possible that Balleseros, and therefore technically Peter could also be. Though I tend to think that those two are on whatever side benefits them at the time.

There are also others that believe as Julia does.

Brother Michael:
Michael is not only the father of Agnes, but Anne and Amy as well. Amy is also Anne's daughter. He will raise a daughter and when they turn twenty they bear his child. According to Anne, he thinks that by continuing the cycle of reproduction through him in such a way, that he can breed out the moral parts of himself and create an immortal child. The fact that Sarah is carrying one is obviously something he is going to continue to try to find out about.

It's implied that he is the rogue immortal that is working on something that could stop Ilaria. It's not clear what this really means, other than if this is the case, it's likely connected to him trying to have an immortal child. Will he unlock the immortal gene?

Kyle Sommer:
Kyle has been outed as spying on Alan, though we still don't know who he works for. He obviously still wants to help save people.


HelixIn the present in Paris, there is a meeting between the heads of Ilaria. Meanwhile Julia is having sex with Alan, but we realize after she calls him by that name, that it is actually Balleseros, who doesn't seem too upset by the slip-up. His cell phone rings. Ilaria has rescheduled the meeting without telling her.

Julia arrives at the meeting, and when she is chastised for being late, she says no one told her, and the one woman, Wallenberg, just says it must have been a mistake.

The group wants to move forward with NARVIK C - humanity is going off course and they want to make the planet stable. They had hoped nature would take care of it, but the overpopulation, drastic climate changes, and diminishing resources have forced their hands. They want to make seventeen coordinated strikes to reduce the world population by 75 percent within three month. They will still be able to administer the cure to any essential people, which will be a short list.

Julia is upset; she tells them that they promised to suspend working on the NARVIK virus until she had time to be able to research develop nonlethal alternatives. Wallenberg says that they only promised they would stop testing on humans. Julia admits it could take 50-100 years for her to find an answer. Wallenberg says that things like the pollution, famine, and drought won't wait, and it's about their survival, but Julia thinks it's genocide. The man tells her that she has barely lived a single lifetime. They have been harassed, persecuted, and tortured across the world. She didn't have to see her loved ones burnt at the stake.

They take a vote and all are in favor of moving forward except Julia.

Back on the island, Sister Agnes's photo is now on Brother Michael's wall. He tells Sister Anne that she just collapsed, and she says that it's better she didn't suffer. She tells him she's upset too; Agnes was her mother, and he interjects she was his daughter. Anne says that she is not falling apart because she is with him and knows he's going to take care of everything, because he prevails. He creepily tells her that of all his daughters, she's always been his favorite, just like he told Agnes last week before he broke her neck. He hugs her.

Sarah wakes up and gets out of bed. She goes into the lab and finds Alan handcuffed. It's obvious she's still in pain. Alan tells her as Kyle enters that he's a mole. Apparently Alan is the CDC's most unwanted. Sarah tells Kyle that she still trusts Alan, more than she does him. She says she has been watching him and he doesn't know enough of the medical stuff to be able to get them out of this. They bicker, and Kyle says that they need to find Peter, but no one has seen him. Alan suggests that maybe Peter knew something about him.

They continue to argue and then talk about how in the honey there is pollen that has three sides and distinctive furrows and should be able to lead them back to the source if they can match it up, however there are tons of trees and flowering plants on the island.

Alan realizes by the three sides that it is M. Domestica - the common apple. They are confused why everyone isn't sick from the apples and will have to get pollen samples to compare. Alan wants to go with Kyle to help, but Kyle tells him that he's done trusting anyone with the last name of Farragut.

Amy questions her mother that Agnes had a stroke and doesn't think Michael would even know what one looks like. She thinks Anne is blind and knows that she expects her not to question or doubt, just to be his humble servant like she herself is.

She tells Anne about talking to Agnes the night before, and that she was on her way to accuse him of knowing he wasn't the only immortal, that Sarah also is, and questions that as soon as she found out she suddenly died. Anne refuses to believe Michael is to blame and says that she better accept it before she leaves the room; they owe him everything. Amy says that maybe it's time for him to pay.

Anne tells her daughter that her 20th birthday is coming, and she will do her duty like she herself did, and Agnes did, and all the mothers before them did. Amy does not want to and comments that all the women on the wall are his precious daughters and lovers and says they should be ashamed. Amy didn't ask for what happened. Anne just tells her that she should be grateful, that his gift honors them all, and that she will give him a daughter - her line will remain unbroken.

Michael talks to Peter from above the oubliette. He tells him to step into the light so he can see his eyes. He obviously has normal eyes, but Michael knows there are ways to hide them and asks if he was sent by Ilaria. Peter plays dumb. Michael says he is going to introduce a catalyst that will jumpstart his consideration of his questions, and he dumps rats down into the hole. He tells Peter that he wouldn't sleep - the rats haven't fed in a few days. He chains the grate.

Amy lies on her bed crying, trying to get what she wants from Landry again. She is upset about the "planting" ritual and tells him what her father will do and that it's barbaric. Landry says he is a great man and that she should be honored. He doesn't know what she wants him to do and says that Michael made them all "free." She tells him to think of that when her father is forcing himself on her. She admits that she has prayed ever since the disease came that it would get worse rather than better, and it would get so bad that it would take away his power and she would be able to run away. She tells Landry that she doesn't want her father to be the father of her child; she wants it to be someone special. She then takes his hand and moves it to her belly and then to her breast. She says if only someone would make sure he couldn't do those horrible things to her, and then she looks to the honey.

At Sister Agnes's memorial, Brother Michael gives the eulogy. He talks about Agnes being a gifted scientist, and that her miraculous abilities gave them the sweetest of all of their garden's bounty. Everything sweet on the island was made by her creation. The hybrid Chester blackberry, that like the lives she's taught them to lead, survives the worse conditions. They will do her honor by partaking of her greatest gift she created.

During this, Landry prepares the bowls of blackberries for all the people, taking out honey and putting it in some of the bowls. He then gives the bowls to some others to help him distribute it. He gives Amy a berry from his own bowl and nods at her so she knows she is getting one from the uninfected batch, as does her mother.

Kyle is getting a sample from the pollen on an apple blossom as he hears people screaming. Everyone is attacking each other, except for one man that is infected like they are but just stands there and watches.

Anne suddenly runs out with some others. Kyle tells her that they need to quarantine everyone, even get a new room if they have to, or they will all have psychotic breaks. They need to use whatever force necessary to get them quarantined so they don't hurt themselves or others. They agree to help.

Back in Paris, Julia talks to Balleseros who realizes she didn't get what she was promised. She tells him about the seventeen cities and that it's happening. He says it really is the end of the world, but she says they still have a week, give or take. Balleseros says that he has seen a lot of death in his time and caused a fair share of it, but it's nothing compared to the scope of what Ilaria is planning.

HelixJulia tells him she is going to call the CDC, but Balleseros isn't sure if that is the best option. Who knows how long it will take to coordinate a response. She says that is the only option unless he has a better idea. He says that she knows what Ilaria does to traders. She's not asking him to be a part of it, but he knows he will be guilty by association. She tells him he can go to an Ilaria safe house, but he knows it will not matter.

Julia gives him a "souvenir" from Arctic BioSystems. She opens a suitcase to a storage tube and says that it's best served chilled. It's a single dose of the NARVIK cure, and he needs to keep it safe. It's about to become the most valuable substance on earth.

Back on the island, Kyle tells Sarah about the outbreak and she wants to leave to help, but he and Alan know that she is really too weak and will pop her stitches. There's some more back and forth between them.

Both Kyle and Alan are in the makeshift infirmary, so Kyle obviously released him. In the room people are violent and having seizures. Kyle wants to give them diazepam as a sedative, which they only have twenty doses of, but Anne doesn't want them to have western medicine as it's not a "positive step to being."

Alan tells her that they are suffering, but she says that what he calls suffering is what they see as a difficult but necessary path.

KYLE: Lady, I don't give a blue damn what kind of kale smoothies you've been drinking, but in a few hours these people are going to be pulling out of their restraints and no amount of "being" is going to keep them from ripping out your throat.

Michael comes in and Alan of course is angry. He tells Alan not to let their unfinished business get in the way. He tells Anne that Kyle is right, it's the CDC's job to make sure their people get help. Kyle says that the sedatives will provide a degree of relief for the next six hours. Anne questions what they will do after. Michael suggests Sominus. It's a hybrid of valerian skullcap and motherwort that Agnes had been making. It's a sedative that can be administered in tea.

Amy comes to see Olivia, Soren's mother, who has been locked in a room as punishment. She gives her some of the berries and tells Olivia that the CDC doctors are locking everyone up. Amy puts suggestions in her head and says that she wishes someone would just make them go away. She leaves and leaves the door open a crack, which Olivia leaves through once Amy is gone.

Back in the infirmary people have calmed down, but Kyle is worried about what will happen when the injections wear off.

They talk to try to figure out how people got sick, and Anne reveals that they were all together at the memorial service where they all ate the hybrid berries that Agnes created, but she didn't get sick. That is where they will start.

Peter tries to climb up the side of the pit. He finally makes it to the grate when an infected young woman shows up. She tells him that it's the black hole; no light can escape, clearly infected and delusional. Peter tells her that he knows she is in pain, but he can help. She just says that pain is fleeting and it goes in the hole and once there never escapes. The things they want gone go in the hole and can't escape. Peter keeps asking for help, but she pries his fingers from the grate and he falls. A rat comes right at him.

The team is working on testing the pollen while Olivia grabs some people that pass. They talked together and gather weapons.

Meanwhile, the team decides that the fungus looks the same as that in Soren's blood, but not all bowls of berries were infected, so it couldn't have been accidentally exposed. Alan theorizes that someone probably spiked only some of them and they need to know who had access.

Michael returns to talk to Peter at the grate again. He tells him about the outbreak and that he knows he wants to help his friends, but he has to help him first. He says he knows about Sarah and not to pretend that he doesn't know about her or himself being immortal. Peter protests that he really doesn't know how she became that way as he wasn't there when it happened; he was sick out of his mind and not a part of it. Michael just says maybe he needs more time to think about the answers and he will come back to talk to him again - in a year or two. Peter admits that he does know who made her immortal, and if he lets him out he will tell him. Michael says to give him something he can use to contemplate his release. Peter says that he knows about her baby, who she thinks is immortal too; she was pregnant when she became immortal. Michael thanks Peter, saying they will be great friends, but leaves him there as he continues screaming for him to let him out. Michael tells Landry to bring Sarah and the restraints to him.

Landry has told Amy about the immortal child. He thinks it might be the way to make the rest of them like Michael. She tells him that he doesn't understand. The moment she was born without the silver eyes she was only good to him to give him another daughter. He will keep doing this generation after generation, because every time he does this, the mortal part gets weaker and the immortal part gets stronger. It's why it had to be his daughters; he thinks that eventually he will have a child like himself.

Landry tells Amy that he has done a lot of bad things for her, but he's worried he might get caught - Michael has been having Anne ask questions about how people got sick. Amy says she wouldn't let him suffer and questions that he thinks so little of her - of them. He says that she keeps saying there is no "us." She says that it is either the two of them or him and Michael; he can't have both. Only if he makes a decision then he will know if there is an "us."

Back in Paris, Julia comes home and the woman from the Ilaria meeting, Wallenberg, has let herself in and is waiting for her. Julia says she has no time for games, but the woman pours a drink and says that that is a pity, because she spent the balance of 100 years making the perfect coq au vin, and the secret is skimming the impurities from the source - much like what Ilaria is trying to accomplish. She tells her that her plan to inform the CDC will fail. Julia questions that Balleseros told her, but she says he didn't, that she heard her protest and saw her pull files from the databanks and it was just arithmetic. She tells Julia not to beat herself up and gives her a business card. She says that it's their last chance. It turns out she doesn't want to spend an eternity in the company of the same silver eyed dullards any more than she does. She also doesn't like the idea of exterminating humanity, and she's not the only one. On the card is the name of a woman - Mademoiselle Durant.

Michael comes into the locker room with Landry and makes everyone stay as he has Landry search the locker. He pulls out a jacket which is Anne's. In the pocket is a jar of honey. Michael is upset and doesn't understand why Anne would do it. She denies it; she doesn't know how it got there. He just tells Landry to bring her. Amy defends Anne to him, saying that it's ridiculous to think her mother brought it into the abbey, why would she? Michael is going to find out. When they leave it's obvious that Amy is happy the blame has been placed elsewhere.

In Paris, Julia sits down on a bench next to a woman and starts talking to her, thinking she is Mademoiselle Durant. The woman says some stuff in French and eventually blows her off and walks away. A young girl walking a dog comes up and says that the woman was rude. She takes off her sun glasses, revealing her silver eyes, and sits down next to Julia, saying she never could get used to the contacts. She tells a surprised Julia that she knows the immortals come in all sizes.

Durant says she hears that Julia met the Scythe. It's because of people like him that there are people like her and Wallenberg. They know you can't change the system from within - a young person's mistake. She has hope for Julia. She tells her that there is another renegade immortal, not one of them, but someone who has been working on something very promising - a project that might prevent Ilaria from ending the human race. She has much to learn and it begins here. Durant gives her a pendant with a tree symbol on the front. The scene changes and shows a wall with a picture on the wall of the abbey with the same symbol. It's the room where they were keeping the sick.

HelixOlivia and the others arrive, and she tells them to cut the bonds and save their brothers and sisters. Alan and Kyle try to stop them, but eventually Alan knows they can't win and tells Kyle to let them take the sick for now. He's seen before frightened people blaming their doctors for their disease, and they have hurt and killed. He tells him to go back to the lab and Sarah, and Kyle leaves.

As Alan stands there, Landry comes up behind him and puts something over his mouth. His eyes start moving horizontally; he has given him Amy's Seraphim's Breath.

Kyle returns to the lab and Sarah and says he doesn't know why Alan is taking so long. She tells him that Alan knows what he's doing.

Sarah says there must be something wrong with the lab equipment, because it doesn't make sense. The apple-pollen samples they gathered all tested positive for the fungus, except the mycotoxins were only in the honey. The honey makes people mycotic, but the apples do not.

Alan comes in. He tells Kyle that they are conducting a room by room search and he needs his help. Kyle reluctantly agrees and leaves.

Alan walks up behind Sarah, his eyes moving, obviously unaware of what he is really doing, and lifts her, choking her.

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